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Saturday, August 16th, 2014 – CBC Headlines News –

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Saturday, 16 August, 2014.  -( 49°F / 9°C & clear @ 7:30 am near Ithaca, NY, USA )-

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“Lead Stories”

Smoke and fireworks, strange figure

Obama’s ‘cautious’ response to Michael Brown death, Ferguson under scrutiny   {  }

Texas Governor Rick Perry indicted for abuse of power   { The governor tried to bully a prosecutor into quitting. }

Protestors storm store police say Michael Brown robbed   { I heard one person in a news clip say that a person in a video of someone stealing cigars and intimidating the store clerk before walking out with a handful of stolen cigars never was proven to be Michael Brown. }

Alberta man charged in deaths of parents, sister   {  }

‘Exclusive’- CBSA immigration arrests during spot checks stir controversy   { CBSA = Canada Border Services Agency. One person who wasn’t happy about police doing a ‘spot check’ demanding identity papers from ‘suspicious looking’ -minority- people and arresting suspected illegally working ‘foreigners’ worried that if the police get away with this they might escalate and demand ever more intrusive documentation from random people in random spots, ‘just because they can’. A First Nations young woman claims she’s been stopped and interrogated under suspicion that she might be a prostitute because she was walking alone while looking like a First Nations woman. “What are they going to do? Arrest unemployed women or demand proof of employment before they’ll allow anyone to walk anywhere because they think she just might be a prostitute and didn’t offer them freebies?” }

-New- Couple charged with kidnapping Amish sisters intended harm: police  { A couple in northern New York were arrested and charged with intending to physically harm or sexually abuse two Amish sisters after abducting them from a roadside farm stand (7:11 am EDT) }

‘Updated – Airstrikes on militants at Iraq dam after ISIS ‘massacre’ kills 80   { I heard that Yazidis said that ISIS killed more like 100 and kidnapped women and children, haven’t confirmed that yet. }




Steve McQueen Ferrari auctioned off by Ontario’s RM Auctions   {  }

Sea otter caught on camera in rare sighting in B.C.’s Georgia Strait   {  }

Son surprises mom with dream car, the internet approves   {  }

Downtown Abbey’s anachronistic water bottle becomes internet sensation   {  }



“Most Viewed”

Internet outages, slowness spike expected with ‘512K’   {   ‘512,000 internet destinations’ = a milestone- Here- in their words, “When the number of destinations on the internet surpasses 512,000, users will experience overall internet slowness if they rely on an internet service provider that uses older, affected routers.”  An alternate headline points to the same story:  “Internet outages spike as network gets too big for some routers” *Sounds like somebody’s trying to open the argument that internet providers should be allowed to fleece their customers or throttle their services down to a crawl on anyone who can’t afford top dollar for services that are not driving any providers to the poor house  }

Newfoundland’s Stephanie Branton is Playboy’s Miss September   { -Um- When a well respected news service publishes a story like this I wonder if they’re either remarkably open minded and believe that we should all celebrate a good looking young woman posing naked for Playboy Magazine, or was this a really slow news day in Newfoundland? }

New- Lac-Mégantic report to be retiring TSB chair’s final act   { Lac-Mégantic was the site of the horrendous explosion and fire when a rail road train, left unattended -due to laws regarding the length of time engineers could work without rest (and the railroad not willing to pay a second shift to ride along, rested, and take over when the first shift needed a break-) had its brakes fail and rolled down hill into a small town where it exploded and burned and killed 47 people last year. }

Girl Power: Vancouver, U.S. girls representing at Little League World Series   {  }

Alien probe: Report details 25 years of UFO sightings in Canada   { Quick, somebody call the crew at Coast to Coast am, does this look like a major media outlet is admitting that there might be ET’s flying around, waiting for an invitation to land and say hello? }

CP Rail ‘Bullying’ Vancouver by ripping up community gardens, mayor says   { *Yup, I think I called it bullying, yesterday.* }

photo of cluster boxes

‘Totally irresponsible’ of Canada Post to request doctor’s note for home delivery: CMA   {  CMA = Canadian Medical Association. They’re claiming that sending old and infirm citizens to doctors’ offices for notes to excuse them from walking past the mail boxes they’ve been getting their mail at all their lives in favor of cluster boxes like the ones in the photo – that may be at the end of a long road -or who knows how far away- will expose those aged and infirm, medically compromised people, to needless expense and probably expose them to  contagious germs from sick people in those doctors’ waiting rooms.    *My opinion coming up*: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to be everything that G.W. Bush tried to be. Harper’s a Conservative who wants to un-fund everything and funnel all government money into his and other corrupt/greedy pockets. I’ve said way too often here that federal, state, (provincial) & local governments have been lying since the 1940’s about where their money comes from, how much of it they have and where it goes. More than two thirds of local, state/provincial, and federal governments’ money comes in through ‘other than tax monies’- But they keep on claiming that the only money they get is through taxes. Go read through  <— Link. “Government’s True Wealth Exposed”   They could stop collecting taxes now and provide more and better services than they do. “Austerity Programs” are pure and utter B.S. I can’t wait to see what happens when we hit that magic level when enough people cry out to force the puppets we’ve ‘elected’ to office to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  }




Goldfish dumped by B.C. pet owners become invasive species   { Oh no- I can see it now, “Invasion of the Gold Fish From Hell” rated PG, soon to be at a theatre near you. }

Ebola and the economics of fear: Don Pittis   { *So, whattaya think? Do you suppose there are vapid stories about Ebola every night on t.v. ,and everywhere else, because big Pharma is making money on something here? Or maybe planning on making big money on some magic new cure that people don’t need, but might be able to be frightened into believing they just might need?}

TFSA penalties, StatsCan’s big mstake, and Jibo’s debut: BUSINESS WEEK WRAP   { TFSA = Tax Free Savings Account. People get penalized when they withdraw money from one of those before retiring. Statistics Canada reported that only 200 new jobs were added to the economy last July, then withdrew that number and came back saying there were actually 42,000 new jobs – most of them part time- And I don’t think we should trust these numbers anyway, Nobody’s given out real unemployment numbers in as long as I can remember- it’s b.s. again. If they say 7% unemployment- the real numbers are probably more like 24% because they don’t count people who have given up or can’t collect unemployment comp because they’ve been unemployed too long. }

Toronto-based Figure-1 wants ‘Instagram for doctors’ to go global   { Figure -1 is a Social photo sharing app that doctors, medical students, and other medical professionals use to share photos and x-rays etc. whether to get second opinions or help with diagnoses-  }

Oilsands investments at risk from low crude prices, report finds   { Oilsands investments are at risk because Oil companies are dishonest manipulative ice-holes who have squashed and buried any competing technological advances that could show people that we don’t need their stinkin fuel. And they are totally devastating the ‘oilsands’ region and killing the whole eco-system out there. }

Watch a swarm of 1,024 robots move together to form shapes    { They’ve taught nanobots to swarm, betcha this comes back to bite them. }

Warcraft to memorialize Robin Williams in game   {  }

HBO’s Game of Thrones comes to Vancouver   { This is the last stop on the Exhibits’ World Tour- it ends on or before September 1st. You too can sit on the iron throne- or gawk at dresses worn by characters in what is becoming my favorite television experience in the last couple years-  Can’t wait for the return of “Heroes” with a reportedly whole new cast of characters- Next year? If we survive this one? }

Dartmouth art gallery celebrates The Simpsons   { This Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  }

Amazon ‘stomping on its own feet’ in Disney, Hachette e-commerce spats   { More like shooting themselves in the foot? Yes, Stephen King and 900 other authors are angry with Amazon’s heavy handed dealings with publishers to force prices down so they can undersell other ‘outlets’. Should I put up a “Boycott Amazon” button? }

The Beatles’ landmark White Album turned into art installation    {  }

Bird flu virus scientist stayed mum for a month on accident, CDC probe finds   {  }



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

More Power outages on the way, says NB Power   { Jesse Ventura lives ‘off the grid’ in Mexico. He told us in an interview last week or the week before that he had no outages at all, no down time with his off the grid system, then had to come to Minnesota for some legal issues and suffered several outages in his ‘high end’ neighborhood while there. This smells like a conspiracy, doesn’t it?  }

First Nation chiefs ask court to block forestry agreements   { The Conservative Premier of New Brunswick is spouting ‘we need the jobs’ and that line of b.s. and signing over rights to big corporations to cut down previously protected areas of ‘Crown’ forests. Lackeys say they replant, opponents say they have killed off the diversity and important wild life species never come back. }

NB Liquor reverses new microbrewery rules   {  }

Windsor Energy lawsuit against N.B. government linked to election   { The president of Calgary based Windsor Energy said that the timing of this $105 Million lawsuit was absolutely political to get even with a Member of the Legislature’s claim that Windsor Energy violated the law when it did seismic testing in 2011 in New Brunswick. Windsor Energy wants to point the finger at politicians and scream “They’re incompetent!” * I saw no mention of Frakking in this story, but the more I hear about frakking the more dangerous I believe that practice is, and if CEOs of Energy companies are going to use heavy handed tactics to try to blackmail governments into allowing them to FRAK at will, I think we need to take these energy companies down, with extreme prejudice. (my opinion)  }

“Latest Newfoundland & Labrador News Headlines”

My Guitar: Chris Kirby’s connection to the blues   {  }

Gone Again looks at women and the culture of working away   {  }

Lewis Kearney overwhelmed by food donations from ‘angels on earth’   {  }

Labrador family struggles, as brother awaits permanent housing   {  }



{  Ack! it’s 10:42 am- I was distracted several times, but this is taking a lot more time than it used to- Is the news that much more interesting? Am I becoming more diligent? Is my mind turning to mush and my brain evaporating out through me ears? Tune in tomorrow, folks, and see if there’s a notice here that men in white coats came and carried me away in a straight jacket- or something equally boring- ———djo——— }