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Psychic Warnings ?

Saturday, August 9th, 2014
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Friday, August 8, 2014.

Somebody whose ‘psychic impressions’ / ‘messages’ I can’t dismiss has received a much stronger than usual impression that ‘something major’ is about to transpire on August 23rd.

Something similar to 9-11-2001, but on a much larger scale.

She saw herself sitting on our sofa, crying her eyes out in compete shock and horror – watching or listening to news reports

London, England – New York City – Ottawa, Canada – & possibly other major western cities had all been ‘hit’ by something, she couldn’t tell whether it was a ‘Natural’ or ‘man-made’ disaster, but no communication at all could come out of these cities.

She said we were okay where we are, but lots of our relatives were in the danger zones and we had no idea whether they were alive or dead.

She said, in her scrambled state, all she could do was hug our dog and wonder whether we should try to go get take out Chinese or Chicken in a bucket.

I didn’t have time to ask her whether part of the problem was that we had lost power and services (electricity? internet? telephone?) or not.

Um, she could be off by a year or more. This could be happening in a parallel dimension- there could be absolutely nothing we can do to avoid this-

Or we can ‘Pray our bums off’ for Angelic / Spiritual Help to avoid this. & Prayers won’t hurt any-



Saturday, August 9, 2014 – CBC News Headlines –

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Saturday, 09 August, 2014.  -( 70°F / 21°C & Clear @ 10:45 am in Ithaca, NY, USA )-

{ Again, these are not links. If you want to read these stories or watch the video -if there is video- go to CBC dot CA/news. —Thanks. ———djo——— }


Lead Stories

-Developing- Ontario man has Ebola-like symptoms on returning from Nigeria

-Developing- 3 bodies found in rubble after strike on Gaza mosque

-Developing- Milos Raonic ousted in Rogers Cup quarter-finals

-Developing- Us bombards ISIS targets, drops aid to Yazidis in N. Iraq

-Breaking- Obama not giving ‘particular timetable’ on strikes on ISIS

How much government accommodation can you expect because of religion or a disability?

Franklin search: Jim Balsillie, warship all part of largest effort yet to find lost ships




10 wacky backyard inventions from China

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gets a “creepy” new makeover    { Oddly enough, ‘creepy’ is a word I heard myself saying quite a bit in the past week, and I wondered why I suddenly picked that word to describe a multitude of things. }

Thousands of people are watching a fish play Pokemon right now   { Now, this is creepy. }



“Most Viewed”

Stephen Carter, former Redford adviser, believes Albertans ‘won’t be fooled again’

{ Plus several other stories listed above in ‘lead stories’ section }




Ambulance delay slammed after B.C. Skidegate band First Nation councillor dies of heart attack

GAZA conflict: Rockets, airstrikes after Gaza war truce collapses

Supermoon Sunday will be biggest moon of 2014   { And I know several people who are looking forward to giving their new telescopes a workout this weekend. }

James Brady death ruled a homicide, 33 years after Washington shooting   { James Brady died this last Monday at the age of 73. His family said he died from a series of health issues. I can’t tell from this article whether the medical examiner believes the health issues resulted from the gunshot wound to the head 33 years ago- or was there something new involved that has been ruled a homicide? John Hinkley Jr, the shooter who tried to assassinate President Ron Reagan a few short months into Reagan’s presidency, has been described as a victim of MK-Ultra mind-washing / mind-control conditioning, and was found not guilty by reason of insanity back in 1981. -Maybe prosecutors back then were afraid he might blab something on the witness stand that would point the finger back to the brain washing?- Also, Ron Reagan’s eventual Alzheimer’s Disease has been described as a result of his being exposed to mycoplasma released in illegal C.I.A. ‘experiments’ in the 70’s in the U.S.A. One reporter said the mycoplasma is an opportunistic bacteria that will attack a person’s most vulnerable organs. And Reagan might never have been infected if he hadn’t been shot in this attack. Alleged C.I.A.  mycoplasma releases occurred in several places around the U.S.A., including very public spaces such as Times Square in New York City, and, the one case that reporters found particularly appalling, was supposed to have happened when agents supposedly released mycoplasma into the air conditioning / ventilation system of a Texas middle school. }

Indonesian girl swept away in 2004 tsunami found alive   { The girl, now 15 years old, was swept away as a 4 year old, and with her brother, hung on to a floating board for quite some time. The then 4 year old girl remembers talking to her brother and then remembers nothing until after she realized that she’d been rescued, but believed her brother was still floating around on the board somewhere. One elderly member of the family who acted as the girl’s foster family, the foster grand mother, has been taken into the home of the girl’s biological family. }

Hundreds of Iraqi women reportedly held captive by ISIS militants

Hawaii largely dodges impact of storm Iselle while awaiting Hurricane Julio   { It was reported on Coast to Coast am before tropical storm Iselle hit, that there were massive power outages all over the first island in the Hawaiian chain to be ‘targeted’ by the storm. }

Canadian dollar tumbles with huge miss in jobs data expectations    { This ‘tumble’ wasn’t that huge, the ‘looney’ dropped to a value of 91.15 cents in terms of the U$ dollar. Economist expected 20,000 new jobs to be created and only counted 200. }

Unemployment dips to 7%, most new jobs are part time   { I haven’t trusted unemployment numbers reported by mainstream media since I learned that these numbers have been ‘fudged’ by the reporting agencies within the government all along. If they report that 7% are unemployed, they mean 7% of the workforce is collecting unemployment. Those who cannot find employment and probably gave up trying are never reported, and if real numbers were reported, the figure would be more like 25%- worse than the so-called ‘Great Depression’. Conspiracy buffs have been calling this economic situation that we are still experiencing now, ‘The Great Deception’, or ‘a part of the Great Deception.’ }

Facebook Mentions celebrity app gets wide release

Mick Jagger urges Scots to vote ‘no’ to independence   { If you were a citizen of Scotland, would you pay any attention to voting advice from Mick Jagger? }

Into the Storm: Film Review

Charlotte Le Bon’s culinary trip in The Hundred-Foot Journey

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Film Review

Readers at odds over Sask. family farm flap

Thin Gap model prompts ‘skinny-shaming’ debate

‘Push for pizza’ app delivers pizza with one click



“Local” / “New Brunswick”

Justin Bourque pleads guilty to murdering 3 Moncton Mounties   { There is something about this case that didn’t feel right to me from the beginning. The ‘disturbed teenager’ posts hate messages against police officers on facebook, wanders around his neighborhood in broad daylight with several loaded firearms, shoots 5 police officers, killing 3, then calmly walks up to police with his hands up and says it’s over,  and now just calmly sits there while he’s being charged?  

Joceleyne Roy-Vienneau named New Brunswick lieutenant-governor   { She is the francophone vice-president of the Université de Moncton’s Shippagan campus. And she was picked by Prime Minister Stephen Harper? }

Apparent Stanley Cup ring discovered by 7-year-old at Tide Head

Marsh Creek tests show 99% drop in fecal bacteria count



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