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Canadian Senate Scandals, Another Malaysian Jet Down, and Troubles in the Middle East

Monday, 21 July, 2014.

Looks like another crazy week in the ‘Real World’.

—Dishonoured (& unseated) ex-Canadian Senator Mike Duffy had 31 criminal charges read to him related to his alleged misuse of taxpayers’ dollars.

—Somebody apparently shot down a Malaysian passenger jet over Ukraine.

— Israel launched a ‘ground offensive’ into Palastinian Gaza, because they were  tired of dodging rockets launched from what may have been cynically chosen spots in Gaza, showed the world drone video of what they said were Hamas insurgents entering tunnels to sneak into Israel, intending to emerge and create havoc, kill innocent people and sneak back underground before they got caught.

I think John Oliver showed archive footage of Anderson Cooper giving basically the same report from Israel 4 times in the past 8 years. I like John Oliver, he makes me laugh and then feel guilty for laughing, but he hits newsworthy nails on their newsworthy heads when he says stuff something like, “CNN could save a lot of money if they told Anderson Cooper to just stay home and played the old footage as if it was new.” (Not quite a word for word quote, but it is true to his intent, I think…)

I’m still not sure why all the news broadcasts on all the networks I’m able to get went so crazy about covering the search for the first Malaysian Jet that resonated so deeply with news addicts’ consciousness, every night for much longer than would have seemed reasonable to me a couple years ago. And now that everybody is in shock again about what may have been a mistakenly shot down passenger jet over a war zone (in an area where I’m wondering why would they fly that close to danger in the first place?) We’re hearing that Russian Backed militias in Ukraine are grabbing evidence that might tell investigators what really happened and the Russians are hearing that Ukrainians caused this to happen. ((((( If what we ‘ve been told that Vladimir Putin say is true, I get the impression that what he is actually saying is along the lines of, “If those stupid Ukrainians would just pull down their pants and bend over for us we wouldn’t have to be training insurgents and sending goons and high-tech weaponry { and maybe skilled technicians to use that stuff } into their country, kill Ukrainian citizens and blame it on their government…” )))))

More and more every day, I get the feeling that we can’t trust the news we’re getting. “Bubble headed bleached blonds” smiling as they read scripts that sound to me like 85% propaganda, 10% B.S. and less than 5% actual ‘news’ grates on my nerves.

My best guess, if we can believe anything we’ve heard and seen on teevee and on the web, coming to us through ‘main stream media’ is Russian-sympathizing rebels in Ukraine thought they saw a blip on radar that looked like a military target and had well trained technicians shoot a couple high tech missiles at it, hit it and bring it down and then went, “Oops- Not a good military target…”

And the timing- having a major propaganda opportunity “Ooops” happen while Israel would be really happy if the world press was focused elsewhere ( “Anywhere but Gaza… please”) – that could seem more than a little bit suspicious. Ya think? )

But then again, somebody suggested that the real down and dirty manipulators on this planet have been successfully driving wedges between peoples, stirring up hornets’ nests and keeping everybody off centre and easily pushed in fear and anger, and if Israel has always been one of their targets, they (if ‘they’ actually exist) certainly have done their jobs well.

(((( And, on the subject of hornets’ nests, the mayor of a Quebec town or city south of Montreal stepped on a hornets’ nest and died from the shock of being stung numerous times, that made today’s news up here. ))))

& Back to John Oliver, his comment on the downing of the Malaysian Jet was something like “You get this list of surcharges whenever you fly, $35.00 for this and $39.00 for that- Why not offer another option, “$35.00 per person to stay the [ eff ] out of air space near a war zone.”?

On a kind of round table discussion of current hot news topics today on the CBC one participant answered a question about the controversy in the Ukraine with, “— I am glad that our Prime Minister —” Another participant in this discussion immediately tore a strip off this with “We don’t need any cheap shots like that clouding this issue, this is a serious subject and-” And the first speaker in this paragraph responded with, “I was just trying to say that we need leadership-” —And the sirens went off in my head, screaming, “If a politician opens his or her mouth and you hear words like “jobs”, “leadership”, “taxpayers dollars” or any one of a dozen party line catch phrases- you might as well plug your ears, because you aren’t going to hear anything like the truth-”

Senator Duffy:

The (Conservative) Prime Minister of Canada has gone on the record as saying he would like to get rid of the Canadian Senate. He appointed Mr Duffy, who was originally from Prince Edward Island, but hadn’t had a real primary residence there in years, as the Senator from P.E.I. I think the other two Senators who were humiliated in public and thrown to the wolves were also appointed by the current Prime Minister. When the fit hit the shan, Duffy was accused of falsifying his residence and accepting a travel allowance that he never used because his primary residence was in Ottawa, he didn’t have to fly home on weekends. When the RCMP came out with formal charges against Mr Duffy last week (Friday?) He was accused of accepting a bribe (the $90,000.00 ((Canadian $’s)) check written by the Prime Minister’s right hand guy) But the guy who wrote the check was not accused of bribing a Senator. (He was allowed to resign over the incident.) Some of the 31 charges in the list sound a lot like bargaining chips to be used in a legal chess match, something like, “If you plead guilty to the lesser charges and keep this out of the courts (( and don’t spoil the Prime Minister’s bid for re-election coming up soon )) we’ll spank you on the wrist and say, ‘Shame on you for defrauding the taxpayers out of their hard earned tax money…’ and you can sneak off to some resort and enjoy your life. If you drag this through the courts we’ll do everything we can to make you look like an evil child eating monster who needs to be drawn and quartered on prime time television…”

My gut feeling is, Mr Duffy did nothing that a whole lot of other politicians haven’t done up here for years. He even claims to have checked with party officials to be sure he was not committing anything unethical. If you remember the speech he gave on the Senate Floor, he told us he’d asked for advice and was assured that he was doing the right things in the right way and there should be no problems here.

Mr Duffy had been a reporter for the CBC for many years and had covered political things and political scandals before the current Prime Minister appointed him to the Senate. While he was in the Senate, he was useful to the Prime Minister et al as a fund raiser, a real money maker for the Conservative Party.

We may never know what went on behind closed doors and all that, and why the Prime Minister and his staff went after Mr Duffy and two other Senators and saw that they were summarily shown the door from the privileged areas of the Canadian Senate and told never to come back.

But I know what I saw on the fringes of “The Greater Ottawa Area”. I was employed by a news gathering organization there, outside of Ottawa, in an area that was a little too rural for Rogers Cable Executives to support with their presence. I worked for the company that Rogers sold their rights to in that area. I didn’t do much news gathering, but my friends and co-workers did. I was more or less a back up reporter whose main job was to program the local access channel and record and play back Town Council Meetings and make sure the station was on the air if any one of our numerous black outs happened. (I’d have to run or drive in and restart a couple computers, make sure the clocks were all in sync, make sure the radio station that played along with the bulletin board was on the correct station and tuned in as well as it could be.) I was asked to put together one 30 minute video per month for about a year and then asked to drop that and concentrate on keeping the web site up to date, take new still photographs to cycle through with the bulletin board and make sure everything ran smoothly. Once every blue moon I would be asked to get a couple minutes of interview with somebody or get a bit of video if a major fire broke out or something. I was part time and frankly, I hardly had enough time to do the “Master Control”  taping, editing and rebroadcasting the council meetings with introductions and PSAs and sometimes Army News and Local News Programming that was done in the two other stations in our area, and keeping the web stuff current and covering the few special events we had to cover every year (like the Santa Claus Parade, Youth Athletic Awards, Volunteer Appreciation Dinners, and things like that.)

Okay, now for you in the “Lower 48”:  MPs are more or less the Canadian equivalent of Members elected to the House of Representatives in the USA. The area I lived and worked in had an MP who was often described as a loose cannon. A minor loose cannon, nowhere near the caliber of the current Toronto Mayor, but still apt to blurt out truths that made the Prime Minister uncomfortable.

A local lawyer who may have had “Conservative Party” brightly printed on his underwear, described our MP as “An [ effing ] idiot, but definitely ‘Our’ effing idiot.” One close friend of mine said, “The people around here would elect a dead goat if it ran under the Conservative Party of Canada banner.”

But when elections were coming around. The Prime Minister had a hand picked ‘handler’ traveling around with the MP, keeping that MP from televised debates in front of an audience that just might have an interesting question that the MP might blurt out the ‘wrong’ answer to. Local Mayors would get a phone call saying, “The MP will be at your facility in an hour, these are the reporters we will allow to be there, we will be there for twenty minutes, have a good photo op and then be gone. No questions from the Press-”

How do you spell “Micro-Manager”? { “S-t-e-p-h-e-n H-a-r-p-e-r” }

Last week’s tweets and comments from News Professionals included a lot of things along the lines of reminders that the person who wrote the infamous cheque (en USA = ‘check’ ) had said something like “I have to clear this with the top people first” and then something else like, “I got the okay to go ahead from the top-” before he wrote that cheque/check.

We probably would not be dealing with this as a news story if a CBC reporter hadn’t gotten wind of this and broke the story on National Television. It would have happily been swept under a rug somewhere.

We also heard, last week, that Mr Duffy is indicating that he will stick to his guns, and if he gives blockbuster testimony under oath, it’s my gut feeling that there will not be many Conservative MPs coming to Ottawa after next year’s election.

I’m not alone. A lot of respected news people up here and several of my respectable friends, have said that this looks like a no win situation for the Conservatives in the next election.

One of the things the Conservative Party of Canada does best up here is IMPLODE. After a couple Conservative Administrations in recent memory of people over 30, only one or two Conservative MPs politically survived election day.

So who might actually emerge victorious from all this?

John Oliver has my vote.

——— Aerendel ——

G.M.O. Horror Stories — Part One.

Thursday, 23 May, 2013. 13˚C & raining off and on today in this neck of the woods.

Personally, I began noticing symptoms like IBS, chronic fatigue, food sensitivities and aggravated allergies in 1987. I think I just read that Genetically Modified Organisms entered our store-bought food in 1986. At first I figured it was due to stress generated from the toxic atmosphere where I had worked prior to 1987. Maybe not—

We started hearing about Monsanto back then- the grocer to the world was supposedly on a crusade to feed the world. The more we look into Monsanto the more we realize that their food, their seeds, their research, their unspoken mission (at least they don’t speak about this in public) = The stuff they’re forcing into the food chain is hurting production (their seeds are producing less per acre than seeds that were not modified / were not tampered with / were not manipulated on the molecular level.) Beyond the production issues, there is a rising mountain of evidence that Genetically Modified Food is making people and animals sick, shortening our life spans, destroying our quality of life and probably causing or at least increasing the high suicide rate in Indian (as in: Asian subcontinent) Cotton Farmers, and driving South American farmers into bankruptcy, extreme poverty and starvation. Spokesmonsters like Bill Gates smile at the camera and say “This is the way to better feed the world.” But they have been overheard (and recorded) saying, “We need to reduce the world’s population by at least one third.

Farmers noticed that cattle fed genetically modified corn and other GMO feeds were a lot less healthy than the same cattle fed non-GMO feeds. Autopsies on dead animals showed weakened intestinal walls. Animals slaughtered to feed us hungry humans had a much higher chance to have their intestines burst, releasing ecoli bacteria and causing the kind of food related sickness and death we’ve seen too much of in the past couple decades.

The farmers who stopped using GMO feeds saw immediate improvement in their livestock’s health.

In Canada- when GMO crops were chased out of the Western Provinces, Monsanto began a high powered, much moneyed campaign to convince legislatures in the Eastern Provinces that their crops were a really good and ‘natural’ alternative to crops that have been doing fine for centuries, if not millenniae.

In the USA, Monsanto lobbyists have convinced the government to label Genetically Modified Food additives as “Natural Flavorings”.

Go to YouTube and look up and then watch “The World according to Monsanto”

Read this Blog: & pay attention to the GMO related entries.

And come back soon for more GMO Horror Stories (Bwa hahahahahahaha!)

————— Jim

Our Own Governments Just Might Be Our Worst Enemy

Wednesday, October 10, 2012.

Katherine Albrecht { Web sites include } said last night on Coast to Coast AM (radio) that in the last century, governments killed 8 times as many of their own citizens as all wars combined.

Katherine is a privacy advocate with a religious point of view who believes that RFID chips (Radio Frequency ID) are either “the number of the beast” or are related to that prophecy. She has a doctorate from Harvard University. She also has research that shows that RFID chips cause cancer in animals.

Her latest campaign is to bring attention to the San Antonio, Texas Middle School and High School which have instituted mandatory wearing of RFID chip embedded ID cards that emit radio signals ever 45 seconds- beaming cancer causing radiation directly into the chests of children in grades 6 through 12, when they are extremely vulnerable. If the prospect of exposing growing children to these radiations isn’t bad enough, these children have been ordered to take their ids home with them, and the ids continue to broadcast information which can be intercepted by hackers and perverts who can read the signals while driving through a neighbourhood, isolate the signal of a prospective victim, stalk and attack their chosen victim (or worse) pretty much any time they feel like it. Store owners have been able to read RFID chips for years, and can easily identify and exploit individuals associated with those chips.

Pleasant Dreams….


Smart Meters are Dangerous to Your Health.

Dirty Electricity Image
Dirty Electricity image from Dr Milham’s site.

Dr. Sam Milham became alarmed about microwave radiation and illnesses caused or aggrivated by electric currents and electro-magnetic fields.

He wrote a book based on his findings.

Also: Smart Meters are doubly or triply dangerous because they are microwave transmitters and they are “hackable”. People with malicious intent can hack these meters and control your electricity, maybe even turn vital electric equipment inside your home on or off. (Think of people with medical problems whose lives depend on electric appliances.)

“You wouldn’t put your head inside a microwave oven and turn it on if you could- why would you want to stick a microwave transmitter (a cell phone) next to your head and fry your brain that way, or even worse- put ear buds inside your ears and send the brain frying microwaves through your brain from inside your skull- and  now they’ve put very strong microwave trainsmitters on the side of your home in the form of ‘Smart Meters’. People are reporting sleep disorders, heightened irritability- inability to concentrate, and many other medical problems since Smart Meters have been installed in their neighbourhoods. Men who carry their cell phones in their pants pockets are developing lowered sperm counts and this may even contribute to sexual dysfunction.”

The Doctor’s web site (where the book is available) is at:



Our 15 Minutes of Fame?

—8:18 am, Saturday, May 5th, 2012 : 6˚C / 44˚F at the Ottawa Airport.

Stats for the last couple weeks:

Apr 21 =    04    Apr 22 =   02     Apr 23 =   693     Apr 24 = 1,465     Apr 25 = 6,353    Apr 26 = 1,863     Apr 27 = 2,008     Apr 28 =   905     Apr 29 = 1,039     Apr 30 =   426     May 01 =    214     May 02 =    176     May 03 =    123     May 04 =    76     May 05 @ 8  am =    10.

…..Interesting? The huge flurry of interest began with somebody searching for and finding a story on a C.I.A. plane crash in which it was discovered that there were 4 tonnes of cocaine aboard the C.I.A. airplane.

—I think one of the first comments was, “This is a four year old story-”

A couple comments later somebody said, “Yeah, but we still need to know this stuff.”

—Nobody really cares that the Arnprior, Ontario, Canada Town Council is quietly passing laws that basically poop on the rights of Arnprior Residents and make it legal for them to extort ‘tax’ money and “legal fees” from residents whose crimes include not having enough money to pave their driveways/laneways or taking care of a sick relative’s cat when they already own the legal limit of two cats. Or that the mayor will tell you with a grin that the by-law he doesn’t like has just expired with no such time limit having been applied and no motion or vote to repeal or amend the by-law in question.

—And this is just a case of a local ‘government’ following the lead of the federal ‘government’.

—Quote the Eagles, “Call something Paradise- Kiss it Goodbye-”

—Welcome to Paradise, Please check your rights and liberties at the gate- While you empty your wallet into that gold lined led vault guarded by those nice policemen in riot gear with their machine guns pointed at your heads.-


So Prescott Bush (Father of George Bush the 1st) Helped put Hitler in Power to Bust Unions?

6:20 am Thursday, 03 May. 2012. 11˚C /52˚F @ the Ottawa Airport.

 Webster Tarpley  , researching the Bush Family’s connections with the C.I.A. and  dirty tricks around the world, discovered that Prescott Bush was a share holder in a Nazi bank and was also a partner in a move by bankers to install Adolf Hitler in Germany because they wanted Hitler to bust Unions and drive down the standard of living for the people the banks wanted to control and manipulate? (( Do not take my word for this, click on the link above or here : ( ) read his stuff and check his research. ))

& Along those lines:

“Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.” –Thomas Jefferson.

The American Revolution was fought as much against Brittish Banking institutions as anything else. The colonies which later became the U.S.A. had their own currency system in place and were doing okay with that, until the British banking system lobbied and received a mandate that the colonies pay their taxes to Britain in British Bank notes. British Bank Notes were very hard to get in the colonies and this rule meant that taxes were inflated astronomically. (The U.S. fought accepting the British model of banking for nearly 200 years, until the Federal Reserve System was instituted in the nineteen twenties or thirties.) ((The British also fought against that economic model, in which the banks held the power over the government, until William of Orange came to power.))

When I told a friend about Webster Tarpley’s research, she asked, “So who’s behind the little Hitler who’s in charge of Canada these days and who is also going after Unions and destroying the middle class?” Umm, well isn’t Harper modeling himself after the U.S. Conservative Republicans? I mean, we can’t exactly credit this guy with having a lot of creative imagination, can we? ((“Do Conservatives worship the great thinkers of the past because they can’t think of anything for themselves?” —quick, tell me who said that. & win a free subscription to this free web site for life. 😉 ))

So where are we now? About to repeat what???

—wish us luck, and stop believing what you see on network news.


We Need New Words.

— 3:40 am Sunday, 29 April, 2012… (-1˚C / 30˚F in Arnprior)

Joel Skousen ( just said “All American Presidents since Ronald Raegen have been puppets to the ‘Globalists’.”

What the bleep is a globalist? It sounds like people using this buzzword apply it to: “a conspiracy of Elitists who believe they have the right to pull the strings, to manipulate ‘the great unwashed’ and sacrifice 4 or 5 billion people to insure their positions as secret dictators, invisible, out of the line of fire, safe in their bunkers, sitting on piles of gold and silver and laughing at the people they intend to butcher for fun and profit.”

I don’t think that has anything at all in common with any concept of ‘globalism’.

Who would have anything to gain by scaring the rest of us with rumours of ‘Globalists’ taking away our sovereignty?

I mean it, we need better words, better labels. Calling a Rabid Elitist an ‘Elitist’ doesn’t have the right kind of punch.

Do words like Fascist, Nazi, Communist- really mean anything? Are they carefully chosen ‘button words’ that can be used to shut your brain off and elicit the kind of reactions that they’ve carefully tested on groups of ‘the little people’?


(I keep hearing hidden agendae in the voices and word choices of news readers/ It’s harder to tell what’s going on while looking at the faces of television news people.)

—anyway, yes the world has gone crazy and yes it still gets worse-

Can we quote Bruce Cockburn here? “the trouble with normal is it always gets worse”?

—Have a nice day—


Local Political Cartoon

3:06 am Sunday, April 29, 2012. (-1˚C / +30˚F @ the Ottawa Airport)

A recent political cartoon in the Arnprior Chronicle-Guide/EMC (The two local freebie newspapers merged last winter) shows a guy on a telephone saying this: “I’ll stop believing that all politicians are dishonest when you stop believing that we’re all  stupid.”

— The whole world sometimes looks like a rabid political cartoon gone bad.

I’ve been listening to people on a radio talk show arguing over what the definitions of leftists vs rightists really are.

Were Soviet style ‘Communists’ really fascists pretending to believe that the people they were herding around were all created equal (to them?)

Do ‘Free Market’ types  have an agenda? What might that agenda be? “Let the bankers rule the world and manipulate everybody into debt so they can call all the shots”?

Have the definitions of all types and forms of economics, governments and philosophies been put through a double speak grinder? Like a meat grinder that spits out b.s. where nineteen eighty-four type double speak rules? Love is Hate? War is Peace? Peace is Hell?

Are all forms of government (at least all the ones we’re aware of?) necessarily psychotic?

Do we have to be out of our minds to allow anybody, elected or appointed or whatever…. tell us what to do?

—Hey- Let me know what you think….