Friday, January 16, 2015 -( -5°C / +23°F w/light snow falling @ 7 am in Atlantic Canada )-

— 528 Hrz is supposed to be the frequency of Love, and also the frequency at which cats purr. I dreamed I was writing in this blog and composing email at the same time and the email contained an old family recipe for a home remidy cough syrup that tasted horrible but worked? I woke up and heard our Native American/First Nations drum, which we have hanging on the wall at the east-facing window in our bedroom- go ‘Thunk’. I looked at the digital clock, it read “5:28” -a.m.-. This happens fairly often and we keep praying and hoping and projecting white light with the intention that, if this is a ‘Spirit’ saying hello, it’s a guardian angel type or above. And we keep getting different impressions of who it might be, anything from an aunt or grandmother that Cathi vaguely remembers or didn’t know in this life at all, to White Wolf, an Elder First Nations Medicine Man / Spiritual Guide. At times I’ve also felt that it might be Paramahansa Yogananda, a bonafide Hindu Indian Guru who came to North America in response to our growing hunger and thirst for Real Spiritual Truth and Guidance over here.

— I hovered between dream and waking up for a while. I dreamed a young man from India was very upset with a group of Maharajas who were meeting at a Hotel and wanted to confront and possibly assassinate one or all of them. I knew where the Maharajas were meeting, In the dream I knew there were 5 of them, but I was using my best acting skills to convince the young man that I had no idea where they might be. I did not feel like I was in danger. I felt like I was trying to save everybody’s lives including the angry young man’s. I might have been the young man’s hostage, sort of a shield, he had me open doors and stand in front of him as he was directing me to search around the area where he thought the Maharajas were meeting. When I opened one door we looked outside through a screen door, saw a sparkling white vehicle. The young man grumbled that it would be like the Maharajas to travel around in something called a Grand Caravan, and he repeated that he was upset because he believed that these Maharajas were fleecing his country of its wealth. I took another look at the white vehicle and it looked like a limousine version of a Chrysler Grand Caravan with a kind of enclosed pickup bed behind the van part. It was still all clean and shiny white. The young man then had me open another door and we did, and stepped into an older room in the hotel. It had two twin beds and a window, the walls were all plain unfinished wood and when I looked toward what might have been a bathroom, there were large clumps of dust on the floor. I was slightly worried that somebody may have rented that room and might be there and might be in danger if the angry young man saw them, he might kill them.

— I woke up and glanced at the clock, it was 6:48 am. I thought I should get up and go to the washroom. I thought I should keep the 5:28 am episode fresh in my memory and write it down in my blog as soon as I could. As I stood up beside the bed in the dark the drum went ‘Thunk’ again. I smiled, put my hands together, bowed, “Namaste – Thank you-” and felt a slight thrill.

— And, here we are.

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