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Sunday, Cats hangin out together.
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June 19th, 2005 @ 10:38 pm

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Sunday, 19 June, 2005. Kyle’s Birthday.

Moe was chasing something invisible around the bed up stairs, stabbing at it with his paw and trying to eat it. Amusing? But then I saw something, a bit of light dashing around the pillow… cool….

snarrrr, tried to do this earlier, clicked the wrong button and deleted instead of updated… frown.

Cathi’s computer is still displaying herioglyphics. She’s still working around that.

011682 @ AerORg, 00084 @ jernil page.

Cats were napping with me after dinner. Even Domino! Moe’s there a lot, but it’s rare when Domino hangs out with sleeping people. He looked a bit worried when I woke up and petted his flank.

Dreamed a short, dark haired woman wearing a wide striped, green and white long sleeved shirt and maybe white over alls? (looked like a French mime’s clothing?) reminded me that Major Ed Dames would be on Coast To Coast AM tonight. I asked, “So, am I cued into you now?” and she replied, “Me and every other Pisces on the planet.”


— Kyle was my next door neighbor in Connecticut. He’s the guy who ‘turned me on’ to Coast to Coast A.M., Art Bell and Jeff Rense.

— Cathi’s Computer was displaying heiroglyphics because her son changed the system font to “Symbols”. 😉




hmmmm- let’s see…
JimPurrrcivalIconJune 20th, 2005 @ 07:58 am
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Monday, 20 June, 2005.

I think Art Bell’s Birthday was yesterday. hmmmm

* According to Major Ed Dames: “Safe zones” Re: The Kill Shot”/ Solar Flares : From about the border between north and south dakota north to about halfway up saskkatchewan is the safe zone. anywhere where crop circles have popped up is generally the safe zone. safe against what? Solar flares. solar flares are going to cook a lot of people and fry the landscape. When? Right around the time meteor showers force a US space shuttle out of the sky.

If you see nearly invisible hands sort of materializing and grabbing things, don’t worry too much, you are not losing your mind. This is living human beings practicing telekinesis. Especially Chinese psychic spies are training kids to do this. In their culture they have not been brainwashed into believing they can’t do it. so they try and some of them can. I guess they can’t move things far, but they can do it. They can also mess with computer software. Messing with the software of a plane in flight can have rather serious consequences. Think you’re psychic? Practice practice practice. Things may get to be very scary in a few years. We may be in for a psychic war or an economic war?

but lets hope it doesn’t get to that. um…. North Korea will test and then use an atom bomb. Not my prophesy, I’m relaying this delightful stuff….


— Art Bell’s birthday might be June 17th.

— According to a psychologist friend. Researchers knew that if someone who scored high on the Psi Cards test was reinforced positively when they were right, their scores would get better & they would improve their ‘psychic gifts’. When the person doing the testing gave no indication at all whether the person being tested was right or wrong, someone who scored way above average at the beginning of a test would gradually score lower and lower until he or she scored at what should be called the expected “random”. Scientists running these tests were told not to encourage anybody by letting them know when they got something right. In this way the testing was sabotaged to convince people that they were not ‘psychic’ and to convince the tests’ sponsors that there was no such thing as psychic ability. — Schnarr!



June 21st, 2005 @07:01 am
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Dreamed we were flooded by way of too much rain. The basement stairs (which went straight back from the kitchen hallway, & not like they really do here) were covered in water almost up to the ceiling. I heard meowing and went down stairs (then only half covered in water), saw two cats swimming around amid the flotsum and jetsum… wondered if I had seen Moe upstairs on dry land, Turned around to look upstairs, and saw Domino and a grey cat climbing up out of the water ahead of me. (the phantom grey cat again…)

My mother and I went out through a door similar to the one in my paternal grandparents’ place in Stratford. A cat got out. A grey one again, spotted and longer haired than Domino. This cat ran ahead around near the neighbor’s house and I kind of shrugged it off. Then I heard “Raaeeer!” and cat fighting and saw a dog with a big bloody wound, bleeding wound? I tried to look closely as the dog ran around me to see if there was an orange cat clinging to the dog’s back and neck, causing the wound? No- he was just covered with blood. Beyond the edge of the driveway, there was a lot of gunk in the road; leaves, pieces of broken trees, mostly naturally occuring junk like that. but there was also a dead kitten, a really cute guy- light grey with darker stripes (looked like front to back stripes instead of tiger stripes).

Shrug. frown, sigh…



Dreaming my life away….
June 22nd, 2005 @ 4:12 am
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Wednesday early early ayemm.

Doctor Who left us hanging last night, hey?

Eeep. Daleks. Poor Rose- imagine being an actress told to look terrified while a salt shaker from hell was moved around a stage? Tough work, huh?

Chiropractor this morning around 10. (woke up to make the coffee at 3:33 am.) (fell asleep on the couch listening for the dryer downstairs.)

Cat poop on the floor, ugh… How do we let the culprit know we’re not amused with the fact that he’s not amused and chooses to let us know by pooping on the rug instead of in the kitty litter box? Put a photo of the nearest Chinese Restaurant on the wall down by the floor?



[Counters: ] 011699 @ AerOrg / 00098 @ Jernil page…. 18˚C / 64˚F a 4 AM.

Numbers on clocks. Cyndi wanted to know why she keeps seeing certain numbers over and over again. I’ve been thinking about it. I keep seeing 651 (the number of Dad’s LST (Landing Ship, Tanks) in World War II) And keep thinking about Dad. Usually happy thoughts, usually happy that he’s sending me messages that he’s there. ¿ Think Cyndi should rack her brain to see if the numbers she keeps seeing mean anything special to her and, if so, what?

Oh no, oh no I’m almost hearing the Dalek war cry: “…..You will be exterminated…….”





Jun. 23rd, 2005 @ 05:06 am Accupunctured— / -Duh, I think the doctor pushed my ‘sleep’ button.
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So yesterday I went to see the Chiropractor/accupuncturist in town and got punctured and chiro-ed. when I came out of there, it was an absolutely beautiful day and everything was happening in slow motion. I felt slightly overwhelmed by everything and anything I had to do. I brought sounds files to the Museum, volunteered to take Janet’s daughter home, on the way we saw a turtle valiantly struggling to cross the road, stopped, the girl got out and picked up the turtle, told me she thought we should bring it to where it would be safe 🙂 and brought it to a place across the street from her house, where she was last seen crossing the railroad tracks, heading down to the river… turtle in hand… So I guess our Turtle Karma has improved.

The boy had his second piano lesson of the week. Cathi thought caffeine would be a good thing at this point so I went and got some.

Then I noticed, or commented, that I felt like maybe I had been running on nervous energy and the accu-chiro guy had pushed a button that turned off the nervousness and all I could think about doing was flopping down somewhere and sending ‘zeds’ out into the universe… (“zzzz zzz zzzzzz zzz zzzzzzzzz zz zzzzzzzz.”)


After we got back home, that’s about what I did for the rest of the night.

Woke up with the clock reading 4:34 and forced myself to wake up enough to make a pot of coffee and run to the washroom.

zzz zzzz zzzz zzzzzz zzz zzzzzz zz zzzzzzzzzzzz.

But now, I have new mail…. [ 011705 @ AerOrg / 00104 @ jernil page… ] 11˚C / 52˚F @ 4:49 AM.



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