Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015  -( -16°C / +3°F @ 8:15 am in Atlantic Canada & I think the sun is out or trying to shine )-

—Dreams- I dreamed I pretty much carried somebody home from a party. In the dream I believed this was a university student who lived with other university students in an apartment in the same house I used to live in. I don’t know the circumstances of the party but she passed out and I wanted to make sure she got home okay. I carried here inside, into the hallway that was between her apartment and the one that used to be mine. She woke up just enough to thank me and tell me I could sleep in one of the other beds. When I opened the door I discovered it was not an apartment, but a single room with, I think, five mattresses on the floor. There were no blankets. Some of the mattresses were covered with fabric and looked like they’d been cushions for outdoor furniture, something you’d expect to see on a chaise lounge or a porch glider. — I heard somebody coming so I closed the door behind us as I still had the young woman over my shoulder at this point. I could see a young person’s shadow as he walked past the door just after I pulled it shut. He went around the corner and came back and knocked on the door, “I’m supposed to pick up some forms and fill them out, do you know where I would find them?” I didn’t answer. I think the young woman might have. Meanwhile, I got a closer look at the mattresses on the floor, they were pretty much completely worn out and most of them had sand and gravel on top of them. I told the young woman that my van, in a garage with a real bathroom that I was paying for, was in much better shape than this room and I asked her if she wanted to sleep in the real bed. She was not so far out of it that she didn’t have the presence of mind to ask me, “Where are you going to sleep?” I told her I have a nice sleeping bag and the front reclining seats in that van were really comfortable.

— Then I woke up. Cathi told me she thought the street had been plowed, which meant that I had to wake up in a hurry and shovel the end of the driveway so she could get out and get to work. I started right away and managed to clear the end of the driveway back to the front of the van and a path down the driver’s side of the van all the way to the door and she got out of here just before 8 am. 


~~~~~ Jim