Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday, January 17th, 2015  -( -15°C / +5°F @ 5:45 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

Boof & Hubbudah

Cathi and Jassper on the porch, January 5th, 2015.


Moe, looking strange as ever on the chair in Cathi’s ‘Zen Corner’

So yesterday the prognastifications of Half Past Human dot com had me worried and today there are way too many photos of dead children in Gaza on the twitter feeds. What else? I don’t know – I was almost feeling okay before, now I ache all over. It feels like a Sunday, like tomorrow will get here too soon and force me to get up and do something that I know will kill me slowly. But that’s just plain weird.

I spent part of Wednesday or Thursday feeling like something was attacking my emotional state of mind. I went back to bed and meditated there. I became swamped with ideas for the novel that I haven’t been able to get back to for a couple weeks. I wanted to get beyond that at connect with God in person. I fell asleep instead. Sounds like a standup comedian’s routine. But I woke up feeling refreshed, like a veil had been lifted. I don’t feel like the veil is back, but I feel like I’ve been pushed into a corner and locked in place there. Not as easy as, ‘I painted myself into a corner’- more like some kind of malicious force forced me into a corner and won’t let me move.

—ehh? So Dreams: Yes, I had dreams, I dreamed I was writing something. That’s all I can remember right now. So when I got up and began trying to write the next chapter to my 1963 novel it took me over an hour to open a new ‘document’ and give it a title. And then get two paragraphs done and then got called away to do a couple other things that absolutely had to be done. I remember Doreen Virtue telling us in 2007 or 8 that Michael the Archangel had told her that there was nothing wrong with the economy and as soon as people realized that, the phony recession would go away.Now we’re being manipulated into believing the economy is going to crash and we’ll all be in constant danger. But I’m thinking the real danger is the people behind every government on this planet. Or they believe they’re behind every government on this planet. Pulling strings, controlling us? They are full of it, but as long as too many of our contemporaries believe the b.s. propaganda we are bombarded with every day, the whole planet is being pushed into a mind numbing depression.

And now something is going radically nutsy with Firefox on my laptop. I can’t get any windows to move. they’re locked in place. That’s never happened before. This is the new version 35.0

— Anyway, whatever the evil vibrations are that are bombarding us, I have to go try to deal with them, or meditate my way around them.

— I did manage to write 2 plus maybe an eighth pages. Now I hurt and better go deal with that.

— Have a Nice Life– 



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