Thursday, January 1st, 2015 – Adventures in the real world?

Thursday, January 1st, 2015  -( -3°C / +27°F  – Sunny with clear blue skies at 2:20 pm here in Atlantic Canada )-


Skype Captured Screenshot @ 12:31 am 01/01/2015 🙂

— Good Stuff: Cathi’s predictions for 2015 are out.  *  Link  * Last year her predictions were uncanny. She predicted ‘Princess Kate’s second pregnancy and the emergence of a ‘Mother Teresa like young person’ in England who looks a lot like Malala. Go read her stuff for this coming year.

— Adventures in the real world- Talked to Mom and my sister Sharon in Alaska last night right around midnight. Talked through Skype, thrilled mom and heard that Cathi and I were ‘adorable’ in our Christmas hats that Mom sent us for Christmas. We also got to talk to Brother in law Gary and Nephews Samm and Charles. Gary set off fireworks for us. –  He went outside with no shirt on at 7 something pm there – it was +40°F in Alaska while it was +4°F / -16°C here – Brrrr- Charles and Samm waved at us on their way out to a party or two somewhere.

— Dreams: My dreams were kind of depressing. It felt like I was being used to implement slavery. Somebody had hijacked a computer game I wrote and hidden hypnotic code that flashed at subliminal speeds and turned players into mind-controlled slaves who would do whatever they were told.

Aerial shot

Closest I can come to finding a photo of what the eternal realms looked like, looking down from Metatron’s Great Hall. There were several hills covered with other Great Halls and communities like this above. And what I saw from Metatron’s Great Hall was foggy and barely visible, in a pre- dawn almost total lack of light except from lanterns below.

Fog enshrouded hills

This is the kind of fog I saw surrounding quite a few hills around Metatron’s hill top Great Hall- If you can picture several hilltops something like the photo I hope is to the left of this one surrounded by fog like above, all under a dark indigo sky with just the faintest hint of light coming through very high distant mountains – You might get the idea.

— Conversations with my daughter from my next life stuff: I found some photos at a ‘royalty free’ site that almost approximated what I saw in my travels. At the left should be the first couple that might just hint at the feel I got sitting there.

— Today, trying to get back to sleep after feeding Jassper and the cats, I tried to get back up my own ‘hall’ to talk with Evelyn. I got as far as both of us kneeling while Archangels placed blue flame through our crowns and down to our heart centres and then I think I fell asleep and dreamed uncomfortable dreams of nasty people hijacking the game world I worked so hard on. I did ask Evelyn when her birthday was. I think she answered, September 26th. Mine would be October 4th? That would make us both Libras if this is here on Earth and nothing really radical has shifted- I was about to ask Evelyn when her mother’s birthday was and she told me that all she’s certain of right now is that she’ll be an Aquarius. That would make us compatible without getting deeper into other planet positions and time and place of birth variations. And then again-  numerology might have some kind of effect on us, too. And then again. I could have been way off in ‘receiving’ this information, and unforeseen factors might change things?

— Sigh – Should I stop here?

— Happy New Year —

— — — Um, let me try looking ahead through 2015: — — —

Maybe I’ve listened to Major Ed Dames too much, but:

— January. I see raging water in a very grey landscape – Floods at night. I’m also looking down at cloud banks from above. I don’t know whether that means I might be flying somewhere or what it might mean.

— February.  Warmer than usual? No snow on the ground? I think that’s here in New Brunswick. I think I see a television news broadcast with a weather man saying, “This might be good news for us right now, but it might mean real bad news for farmers in the coming season.”

— March. Plenty of mud. Rain and wind. Farmers who were afraid of a drought are now trying to plow up banks and other temporary barricades to keep their top soil from washing away.

— April. Bright & sunny. I see volunteers planting trees in devastated areas where most of the trees are bent and broken or knocked down.

— May? I’m feeling like many people in this world are really anxious about something. They’re walking outside, stunned and looking to their neighbours for clues as to how to go on- What do we do now?

— June – I’m seeing many people pitching in to help their neighbours rebuild after what feels like a series of natural disasters. I feel like millions of people, maybe a critical mass, have decided that their governments are irrelevant. People are stunned and may have been told what their governments and ‘elitists’ / ‘Banksters’ have been up to. They’ve learned that somebody tried to manipulate Race Wars and Civil Wars, and failed because credible insiders blew the whistle and enough people learned the truth to spread it through social media? I’m thinking this happened really quickly and a lot faster than anybody could have guessed. ‘Bad guys’ tried to grab the money and run, but didn’t get away. I don’t know who stopped them or how. But now the best and the brightest of those we know we can trust are holding world wide conferences trying to figure out how to move forward- what should our new world look like and how should we run it so nobody gets left out and nobody carries too much weight on their shoulders.

— July – Judgment. I see people arguing that we could see another reign of terror and see another round of elitists try to take over and enslave vast segments of this world’s population or we could try to work this out, no matter how hard it seems. This could go either way. We could see massive countries like China fall into Tyranny and slavery or we can support each other- somehow – and establish a new and untried economic system. I see a lot of people praying and meditating and looking confused, but hopeful. It’s like most of us are trying to reach out and hold hands with everybody else on the planet and keep our eyes open because we know there are a lot of agent provocateurs out there who want this to fail.

— August – I feel like I’m in over my head. It looks like total chaos. We don’t want new tyrants or manipulators telling us what to do. Enough of us feel like ‘we can get there’ –  if we deal with one day at a time. I see people who don’t have much sharing what they’ve got with people who have nothing.

— September – I see a lot of people looking to First Nations Elders for wisdom and advice. I see people gritting their teeth and pulling together and hoping we don’t have a nasty winter ahead.

— October – I see setbacks, but over-all progress. After a near catastrophic drought out west there have been very heavy rains and landslides and people pulled together and kept casualties down.

— November – I see chaos at the borders of quite a few countries. Those who have chosen to try to hang on to their old systems of government and economics are failing and anywhere it looks like things are getting better are facing an influx of refugees that they fear will strain their resources beyond the breaking point.

— December – I see a couple big storms paralyzing regions. People cut off from supply lines panic, but others hold it together. Christmas is nothing like it used to be, becomes a celebration of people looking out for each other and pulling together.  I actually do see people of various faiths embracing each other –  not trying to convert anybody, but trying to share the strength they find in their traditions. I see a kind of universal celebration of Divine Love and Charity emerging.

— Yikes: I hope I’m completely wrong here. Maybe this is a nightmare I tried to supress. Maybe it’s a racial memory from a previous collapse. I don’t know. Maybe I’m decades off and this might happen in fifty years?

— “Help? Amen-“

~~~~~ Jim