Feeling a bit stiff, but not that bad –

Monday, January 26th, 2015  -( -17°C / +2°F & Still light outside @5:22 pm on Catherine E’s Birthday 🙂 )-


Icicles hanging from the roof over the porch Sunday morning.

— A couple days ago Cathi meditated on our future by visualizing going to her safe place in the upper astral world and opening doors. The last time she did that, every door she opened showed her chaos and ‘really weird’ futures. Between then and now during another meditation she asked her higher self what those weird futures were all about and why hadn’t she found one she could love and believe in. The response she received was, “You can open more doors-” So, this last time she opened several doors onto weird futures, closed and locked them and then found one that she really liked. ‘Weird stuff’ that has been happening to us in the past couple years wasn’t there. Both of us were really getting somewhere with our writing and we were both working on writing stuff that had publishers very interested. She could see that she really didn’t need to work outside – no more ‘day job’ was necessary. –> She visualized that she stepped through into that future and closed the door on this one behind her. — Almost immediately after she told me that I started feeling the need to ‘tidy up around here’. I actually got things done from my ‘to-do’ list. I finally cleaned up the top of her desk in this office here, contacted a long lost cousin in California, had a great online conversation with him, actually called Mom and Sharon in Alaska like I said I would. We skyped for almost an hour. Today, I’m looking at the entrance to this room and thinking I need to get the clutter off the bookcase and maybe start a file/scrapbook for that stuff I want to keep and trash the stuff I don’t. This is a real step forward.

— Today is somebody’s birthday. When I was feeling like my life was pretty much over, she came along at the wrong place in the wrong time and flirted, and convinced me that I still had something to offer and maybe all my dreams could actually come true instead of continually being squashed by evil authoritarian ice-holes all around me. I wished her happy birthday in email.

— I was stiff after slipping on the ice yesterday and landing on my backside. I think I landed on the best possible angle so I was jarred, but I didn’t send the top of my spine up through my brain or anything that catastrophic. I had a bit of a rough time last night lowering my head into sleeping position. There was a big black dog on my side of the bed and he’s too big for me to pick up and move through sheer muscle and grit, I could still pick up the 125 pounds of Labrador Retriever, but with him squirming and fighting back, I would probably throw something out in my back worse than landing on my rump in the driveway yesterday did. I tried to sleep in the recliner in the living room. I immediately had purring orange cat help and that complicated things a bit. But I did manage to sleep with a 25 pound orange cat trying to tangle his claws up in my beard without messing my back up any worse that it was when I sat down.

— Monday is garbage day, I pried myself up a little after 7:30 with Cathi getting ready for work and got myself together enough to get the garbage and recycling out, started the van to warm it up before she had to sit in a freezing cold environment and started getting a little bit of new ice off the windshield. After she got out I puttered around, looked through email and stuff and waited a bit, then gave the animals their morning routines and then went back to bed. Again, it was a bit difficult lowering my head past a certain point, my jarring yesterday had the muscles at the top of my back, and in my neck, complaining, but I got into a position that worked and did waft off into dreamland.

— I know I dreamed, and I think the dreams were consistant, like visiting alternate dimensions more than creating a whole weird universe inside my head – at least that’s what it feels like lately – but right now, I don’t remember any details. Which is sort of good, I was not terrorized by nightmares or anything. And here I am, less achy than I was before I went back to bed and thinking about further sprucing up my web pages.

— It’s a lot easier to add stuff to a wordpress page than it is to open up DreamWeaver or any of those earlier web editing ‘apps’ The only weird thing is, you have to ‘log in’ to you different pages one at a time, which is still a lot easier than firing up DreamWeaver and an ftp client and getting things done that way. And, if you have all the pages in different versions of wordpress on your website linked to the same account, same username and password, you don’t have to log in to each one individually. That helps, too.

— Interesting stuff about my long lost cousin in California. He was born on my 13th birthday. Back in those days it would have been scandalous, we heard that my aunt had ‘female problems’ and had to go into the hospital while she was in California, visiting a relative who lived out there. Eighteen years later we met her ‘female problem’ and I thought he was pretty cool. Last night he told me that I was pretty much the only person he met when he came out here to meet his biological parents that he could relate to. That felt great. He’s also a sound recording engineer with his own sound studio out there. He’s got a couple children and we will probably talk quite a bit in the very near future. — Yay!

— So now, in keeping with my weird sudden nesting instincts kicking in here -shudder- I should save this and go clean up the corner of the bookcase nearest to the desk I uncluttered the other day.

— ‘Have a nice evening,’ he said to the world. And the loving bits of this universe smiled and said, “He knows we’re here!” and chattered among themselves wondering how to show him that they appreciated being acknowledged. [ insert wide silly grin here ]

~~~~~ Jim


Friday, January 16, 2015 -( -5°C / +23°F w/light snow falling @ 7 am in Atlantic Canada )-

— 528 Hrz is supposed to be the frequency of Love, and also the frequency at which cats purr. I dreamed I was writing in this blog and composing email at the same time and the email contained an old family recipe for a home remidy cough syrup that tasted horrible but worked? I woke up and heard our Native American/First Nations drum, which we have hanging on the wall at the east-facing window in our bedroom- go ‘Thunk’. I looked at the digital clock, it read “5:28” -a.m.-. This happens fairly often and we keep praying and hoping and projecting white light with the intention that, if this is a ‘Spirit’ saying hello, it’s a guardian angel type or above. And we keep getting different impressions of who it might be, anything from an aunt or grandmother that Cathi vaguely remembers or didn’t know in this life at all, to White Wolf, an Elder First Nations Medicine Man / Spiritual Guide. At times I’ve also felt that it might be Paramahansa Yogananda, a bonafide Hindu Indian Guru who came to North America in response to our growing hunger and thirst for Real Spiritual Truth and Guidance over here.

— I hovered between dream and waking up for a while. I dreamed a young man from India was very upset with a group of Maharajas who were meeting at a Hotel and wanted to confront and possibly assassinate one or all of them. I knew where the Maharajas were meeting, In the dream I knew there were 5 of them, but I was using my best acting skills to convince the young man that I had no idea where they might be. I did not feel like I was in danger. I felt like I was trying to save everybody’s lives including the angry young man’s. I might have been the young man’s hostage, sort of a shield, he had me open doors and stand in front of him as he was directing me to search around the area where he thought the Maharajas were meeting. When I opened one door we looked outside through a screen door, saw a sparkling white vehicle. The young man grumbled that it would be like the Maharajas to travel around in something called a Grand Caravan, and he repeated that he was upset because he believed that these Maharajas were fleecing his country of its wealth. I took another look at the white vehicle and it looked like a limousine version of a Chrysler Grand Caravan with a kind of enclosed pickup bed behind the van part. It was still all clean and shiny white. The young man then had me open another door and we did, and stepped into an older room in the hotel. It had two twin beds and a window, the walls were all plain unfinished wood and when I looked toward what might have been a bathroom, there were large clumps of dust on the floor. I was slightly worried that somebody may have rented that room and might be there and might be in danger if the angry young man saw them, he might kill them.

— I woke up and glanced at the clock, it was 6:48 am. I thought I should get up and go to the washroom. I thought I should keep the 5:28 am episode fresh in my memory and write it down in my blog as soon as I could. As I stood up beside the bed in the dark the drum went ‘Thunk’ again. I smiled, put my hands together, bowed, “Namaste – Thank you-” and felt a slight thrill.

— And, here we are.

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015  -( -16°C / +3°F @ 8:15 am in Atlantic Canada & I think the sun is out or trying to shine )-

—Dreams- I dreamed I pretty much carried somebody home from a party. In the dream I believed this was a university student who lived with other university students in an apartment in the same house I used to live in. I don’t know the circumstances of the party but she passed out and I wanted to make sure she got home okay. I carried here inside, into the hallway that was between her apartment and the one that used to be mine. She woke up just enough to thank me and tell me I could sleep in one of the other beds. When I opened the door I discovered it was not an apartment, but a single room with, I think, five mattresses on the floor. There were no blankets. Some of the mattresses were covered with fabric and looked like they’d been cushions for outdoor furniture, something you’d expect to see on a chaise lounge or a porch glider. — I heard somebody coming so I closed the door behind us as I still had the young woman over my shoulder at this point. I could see a young person’s shadow as he walked past the door just after I pulled it shut. He went around the corner and came back and knocked on the door, “I’m supposed to pick up some forms and fill them out, do you know where I would find them?” I didn’t answer. I think the young woman might have. Meanwhile, I got a closer look at the mattresses on the floor, they were pretty much completely worn out and most of them had sand and gravel on top of them. I told the young woman that my van, in a garage with a real bathroom that I was paying for, was in much better shape than this room and I asked her if she wanted to sleep in the real bed. She was not so far out of it that she didn’t have the presence of mind to ask me, “Where are you going to sleep?” I told her I have a nice sleeping bag and the front reclining seats in that van were really comfortable.

— Then I woke up. Cathi told me she thought the street had been plowed, which meant that I had to wake up in a hurry and shovel the end of the driveway so she could get out and get to work. I started right away and managed to clear the end of the driveway back to the front of the van and a path down the driver’s side of the van all the way to the door and she got out of here just before 8 am. 


~~~~~ Jim


Thursday, January 1st, 2015 – Adventures in the real world?

Thursday, January 1st, 2015  -( -3°C / +27°F  – Sunny with clear blue skies at 2:20 pm here in Atlantic Canada )-


Skype Captured Screenshot @ 12:31 am 01/01/2015 🙂

— Good Stuff: Cathi’s predictions for 2015 are out.  *  Link  * Last year her predictions were uncanny. She predicted ‘Princess Kate’s second pregnancy and the emergence of a ‘Mother Teresa like young person’ in England who looks a lot like Malala. Go read her stuff for this coming year.

— Adventures in the real world- Talked to Mom and my sister Sharon in Alaska last night right around midnight. Talked through Skype, thrilled mom and heard that Cathi and I were ‘adorable’ in our Christmas hats that Mom sent us for Christmas. We also got to talk to Brother in law Gary and Nephews Samm and Charles. Gary set off fireworks for us. –  He went outside with no shirt on at 7 something pm there – it was +40°F in Alaska while it was +4°F / -16°C here – Brrrr- Charles and Samm waved at us on their way out to a party or two somewhere.

— Dreams: My dreams were kind of depressing. It felt like I was being used to implement slavery. Somebody had hijacked a computer game I wrote and hidden hypnotic code that flashed at subliminal speeds and turned players into mind-controlled slaves who would do whatever they were told.

Aerial shot

Closest I can come to finding a photo of what the eternal realms looked like, looking down from Metatron’s Great Hall. There were several hills covered with other Great Halls and communities like this above. And what I saw from Metatron’s Great Hall was foggy and barely visible, in a pre- dawn almost total lack of light except from lanterns below.

Fog enshrouded hills

This is the kind of fog I saw surrounding quite a few hills around Metatron’s hill top Great Hall- If you can picture several hilltops something like the photo I hope is to the left of this one surrounded by fog like above, all under a dark indigo sky with just the faintest hint of light coming through very high distant mountains – You might get the idea.

— Conversations with my daughter from my next life stuff: I found some photos at a ‘royalty free’ site that almost approximated what I saw in my travels. At the left should be the first couple that might just hint at the feel I got sitting there.

— Today, trying to get back to sleep after feeding Jassper and the cats, I tried to get back up my own ‘hall’ to talk with Evelyn. I got as far as both of us kneeling while Archangels placed blue flame through our crowns and down to our heart centres and then I think I fell asleep and dreamed uncomfortable dreams of nasty people hijacking the game world I worked so hard on. I did ask Evelyn when her birthday was. I think she answered, September 26th. Mine would be October 4th? That would make us both Libras if this is here on Earth and nothing really radical has shifted- I was about to ask Evelyn when her mother’s birthday was and she told me that all she’s certain of right now is that she’ll be an Aquarius. That would make us compatible without getting deeper into other planet positions and time and place of birth variations. And then again-  numerology might have some kind of effect on us, too. And then again. I could have been way off in ‘receiving’ this information, and unforeseen factors might change things?

— Sigh – Should I stop here?

— Happy New Year —

— — — Um, let me try looking ahead through 2015: — — —

Maybe I’ve listened to Major Ed Dames too much, but:

— January. I see raging water in a very grey landscape – Floods at night. I’m also looking down at cloud banks from above. I don’t know whether that means I might be flying somewhere or what it might mean.

— February.  Warmer than usual? No snow on the ground? I think that’s here in New Brunswick. I think I see a television news broadcast with a weather man saying, “This might be good news for us right now, but it might mean real bad news for farmers in the coming season.”

— March. Plenty of mud. Rain and wind. Farmers who were afraid of a drought are now trying to plow up banks and other temporary barricades to keep their top soil from washing away.

— April. Bright & sunny. I see volunteers planting trees in devastated areas where most of the trees are bent and broken or knocked down.

— May? I’m feeling like many people in this world are really anxious about something. They’re walking outside, stunned and looking to their neighbours for clues as to how to go on- What do we do now?

— June – I’m seeing many people pitching in to help their neighbours rebuild after what feels like a series of natural disasters. I feel like millions of people, maybe a critical mass, have decided that their governments are irrelevant. People are stunned and may have been told what their governments and ‘elitists’ / ‘Banksters’ have been up to. They’ve learned that somebody tried to manipulate Race Wars and Civil Wars, and failed because credible insiders blew the whistle and enough people learned the truth to spread it through social media? I’m thinking this happened really quickly and a lot faster than anybody could have guessed. ‘Bad guys’ tried to grab the money and run, but didn’t get away. I don’t know who stopped them or how. But now the best and the brightest of those we know we can trust are holding world wide conferences trying to figure out how to move forward- what should our new world look like and how should we run it so nobody gets left out and nobody carries too much weight on their shoulders.

— July – Judgment. I see people arguing that we could see another reign of terror and see another round of elitists try to take over and enslave vast segments of this world’s population or we could try to work this out, no matter how hard it seems. This could go either way. We could see massive countries like China fall into Tyranny and slavery or we can support each other- somehow – and establish a new and untried economic system. I see a lot of people praying and meditating and looking confused, but hopeful. It’s like most of us are trying to reach out and hold hands with everybody else on the planet and keep our eyes open because we know there are a lot of agent provocateurs out there who want this to fail.

— August – I feel like I’m in over my head. It looks like total chaos. We don’t want new tyrants or manipulators telling us what to do. Enough of us feel like ‘we can get there’ –  if we deal with one day at a time. I see people who don’t have much sharing what they’ve got with people who have nothing.

— September – I see a lot of people looking to First Nations Elders for wisdom and advice. I see people gritting their teeth and pulling together and hoping we don’t have a nasty winter ahead.

— October – I see setbacks, but over-all progress. After a near catastrophic drought out west there have been very heavy rains and landslides and people pulled together and kept casualties down.

— November – I see chaos at the borders of quite a few countries. Those who have chosen to try to hang on to their old systems of government and economics are failing and anywhere it looks like things are getting better are facing an influx of refugees that they fear will strain their resources beyond the breaking point.

— December – I see a couple big storms paralyzing regions. People cut off from supply lines panic, but others hold it together. Christmas is nothing like it used to be, becomes a celebration of people looking out for each other and pulling together.  I actually do see people of various faiths embracing each other –  not trying to convert anybody, but trying to share the strength they find in their traditions. I see a kind of universal celebration of Divine Love and Charity emerging.

— Yikes: I hope I’m completely wrong here. Maybe this is a nightmare I tried to supress. Maybe it’s a racial memory from a previous collapse. I don’t know. Maybe I’m decades off and this might happen in fifty years?

— “Help? Amen-“

~~~~~ Jim

My Higher Self Has Wings

Thursday, December 25th, 2014  -( +11°C / +52°F & Raining quite loudly out there at 1:54 pm on Christmas Day here in the Maritimes. )-

Metatron Orb

One website claims this is an angel orb representing Metatron.

— I was feeling a bit ‘off’ as I was waking up. I’d awakened earlier, saw the clock at 10:31 and thought I’d slept all day, but I woke up enough to raise my head and realized the love of my life was sleeping beside me and fell back into the pillows feeling a little bit better. Sometime around 11:00 am I woke up again and wanted to connect with Evelyn and my higher self. 

— I’d tried to clear away doubts and relax away any tension I was feeling. I’d tried to pull all the swords and daggers out of my back and body and then all the hooks and wires that have been placed there by those who ‘know not what they do’ and have no claim on me, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves and me that they do. It was a struggle. I fell asleep in the process and now that I was waking up again, I blasted myself with white light and exploded through the neighborhood, out into the rain and fog and confusion of this world. I’m in a section where the confusion and delusion is a little bit less prevalent, but it’s still there, I could see it in people’s grumpy looks the other day when we were out and about.

— And so I lay there, in the dark, feeling the light cleanse away the tension and schnarr of the confused and deluded world that is trying its damnedest to hold on and regain the power it is losing.

— I haven’t been able to get up to the hight realms in a couple days. I felt like I’ve been letting Evelyn down. I know she said I can’t disappoint her, I was thinking I was disappointing myself. I couldn’t find the stairs. I stood, facing east and called for angelic help. I visualized the blue flame coming down as a ball of fire, but it stayed just above my head. Then I saw Archangel Michael’s hands bringing the flame down through my crown, down to my heart centre. Once the flame was there it flared up and expanded and blew away boundaries and pushed my shields out to surround and envelope this area and especially the deer who have come to depend on us. The white light brilliantly surrounded the blue and the highly polished mirror surface beyond that would let nothing get through that wasn’t divine.

— The Angels picked me up and flew me above the stairs and brought me in through the window up there. Evelyn looked surprised that I would come in that way. I was thinking that someone would show me a door, but no, they flew me up higher, and I thought I was the one who gave Evelyn wings to fly with us, though she flew below me, I don’t know why. 

— We flew up to Metatron’s Hall up there. It was dark. It was night. I didn’t think it could get that dark that close to the Eternal Light. But I looked around and there were several other great halls on various hills above the fog and darkness of night. The angels or archangels or both told me that we should wait there for the most spectacular dawn I could imagine. I turned and saw a figure who was cloaked in light and mist, like he’d turned on the mist to tone down his light so it wouldn’t interfere with our waiting for the dawn. Perhaps the mist was because his energy was so powerful I might not have been able to stand it. This figure had huge wings. Unfurled and very white, they had to be three times his height and this guy was tall, very tall. I thought it might have been Metatron himself, but one of the angels smiled and told me, no, that was my higher self and Evelyn smiled at me with a ‘knowing’ light in her eyes and on her face, thinking, “We’ve been waiting for you to realize this about yourself.”

— In April of 2013, Our friend, Allan Greene, took us on a journey to meet our higher selves and explore pertinent previous lives and get a glimpse of the future. He’s the one who smiled and told me that I was, like he is, a ‘Metatron Angel’ and he explained, “Many people can change other people’s minds, we can change their souls-” I was thinking I could possibly be an apprentice in this group or category of being, but I didn’t know what my qualifications were and whether or not I could live up to the challenge of accepting that responsibility.

— So there I am, sitting in the balcony at the edge of Metatron’s Great Hall at the edge of Eternity, waiting for the Dawn to come and show me the way with Archangels and angels in attendance and Evelyn by my side. 

— I look down and see Cathi sleeping beside my body down there on Earth, while I’m up here in an Eternal Realm,  and wonder what her place in all this might be. I certainly owe her a lot. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her.

— 2:25 pm Christmas Day, 2014 —

~~~~~ Jim

Early in the morning –

Monday, December 22nd, 2014  -(-3°C / +27°F  quite grey and dark at 7:45 am here in Atlantic Canada )-

Nice Yurt Scene

Interior of a Yurt manufactured in British Columbia

— At least 2 parter:

— 1) I didn’t think I did much with Evelyn before noon yesterday.  

— 2) Dream: I dreamed I started a new job and was getting along well, liked the people I worked with and they liked me. We had something to do with mail or packages. But then my father was there and he told me he didn’t think he could continue to drive me to work and I would have to either quit or find another way to get to work.

— etc.)  Real World: Feeling stuck for where to go, what to include and what not to include in this novel I am going ‘gangbusters’ on, I reached for Evelyn’s consciousness and asked her to help me. I immediately knew I’d made connection and that she was thrilled that I would ask for her help.

Yurt Exterior

Exterior – Might eve be the same Yurt as above.

— Much later: After midnight. -We have an appointment at 1:00 pm today, I was thinking I should get some sleep at a more normal time than usual; trying to connect with my ‘higher Self’, trying to connect with Evelyn, I found Evelyn in her play clothes, couldn’t see her face as clearly as usual. I also found a blond woman at the bottom of the stairs to my higher-Self-land. She had shortish blond hair and a roundish face. She told me she would be my wife, Evelyn’s mother in that next life,and  said, yes, she did appear to me as a redhead the first time I saw Evelyn, said she was busy -like maybe still alive down here in this life and caught up in a bunch of things to do with that- and couldn’t always be there in higher Self land.

— They brought me up the stairs to my now familiar landing, at the masonry or adobe half walls and now brighter windows, and turned me around and led me through a mundane door to a smallish hallway, not the main corridor up there. They turned me toward the window that Evelyn had shown me last time. And Jesus was standing there, radiating light. -totally unexpected- He reminded me that yes, that was Him that came to me in a dream when I was about 5 years old and had offered to lead me out into the woods behind my grandparents’s house near the river in Stratford, and yes He would have shown me some of the things that Evelyn is showing me now. He told me that Evelyn is ’empowered’ to answer any question I have and doesn’t have to check in with any higher authorities, in her state, she is always connected to them anyway. She’s smiling at me now, happy that I realize that. Also, Jesus teleported me, and Evelyn and maybe her mother, out into a very brilliantly lit field with many flowers blooming everywhere, where the only bugs were butterflies. And then He took us beyond -I’m still holding Evelyn’s hand- to a waterfall, again very bright, mostly pastel water splashing warmly on a spot that is perfect to bathe and have all this warm wonderful healing water splash over you and send rivers of healing energy through you. The last thing He did before he left was touch my heart. “You will feel younger, you will feel healthier. We are not going to make you look much younger, that might alert some of the wrong people and cause you more trouble than it might be worth.” I wanted to get down on my knees and Thank Him. He said my heartfelt thanks were more precious than lowering myself in His presence. Reminded me of a saying, ‘The Lord appreciates me when I pray, But He Loves it when I sing and dance in the Joy of his Divine Presence.’

— Back to reality? I was flooded with knowing what I should pop into this chapter and some of the things that need to come in -in the near future. I should not get hyper critical about anything yet, just write it all out and edit it when the story line is all out there. I have a feeling this will take a few more than 300,000 words.

— Yum!

~~~~~ Jim

Happy Holidays-

Saturday, December 20, 2014  -( -7°C / +19°F  – dark and ‘clear’ @ 2:00 am in Atlantic Canada )-

2014-dec-20-CobInterior— “Dream Jernil” : My future daughter told me I last knew her as somebody named ‘Evelyn’. I asked her if she was an angel. She said, “No- Angels never had to be human.”

— Today, I was slightly depressed and went to get some rest around noon. I had just settled back into my pillow and pulled the blankets up around me when I ‘saw’ Evelyn in my ‘mind’s eye’. She came and got me and took my hand and led me up the stairs, waited while I asked for the blue flame to come through my crown and down into my heart. Then she pointed to a large window I hadn’t noticed before. Outside the window was a very green forested area.

— The actual Dream: I think I jumped right into dreaming when I wondered what was outside the window, I dreamed I was settling down to sleep in a small cottage near the top of steep hillside. Where I was the hillside went down, rocky and steep at first and then more gradually to an ocean shore. A little farther up the coast from there the hillside hadn’t been worn down over the ages, but was a cliffside, with a narrow bit of ‘beach’ and lots of huge boulders, many of which were still squared off and hadn’t been weathered/eroded much, some of them slightly out into the water, some right at the base of the cliffs. I felt like I would be exploring my new home after resting for the night in that cottage.

— I was inside a rustic barn or other common building that might have been a community centre. People there were playing role playing games with small metallic figures representing them on a table that had been ‘landscaped’ with other role players teaming up in groups to form villages they were designing, that they would be creating outside in the real world after tweaking the designs and deciding what they liked best about the model buildings they were making and then placing in various spots on the model landscape. My character had built a home that was not in any village centre, but close enough, he went to the nearest village and talked to ‘people’ who were planning a wedding of their characters. They had a ‘Pope’ figurine who traveled from village to village and I thought I would like to attend the wedding because I hadn’t been to a church service in a while and missed something about that.

— hmmmmm-

~~~~~ Jim

Another Dream

Thursday, December 18, 2014  -( -1°C / +30°F & Still Snowing here )- @ 6:15 Atlantic Time,

2014-dec-18-Southside   I just woke up from a dream that a guy I’ve known all my adult life went into another room and came back completely transformed into a woman. When he bent over toward me (s)he definitely had female ‘equipment’ inside her pajamas. She told me that dressing like that made her feel young and alive and ‘amorous’ and said in so many words, she wanted an answer to the unspoken ‘How about you and me-?’ by the next morning. In the dream I wondered how I would tell my old friend that I wouldn’t be able to go along with a physical relationship, that, if I had met the woman without ever having known the man it might be different- but overnight my friend became the victim of a hate crime. A young grandchild was very confused about how his grandfather and grandmother could both be buried inside the same casket. They were the only grandparents the boy had ever known. The answer we gave the child was, “They loved each other very much and wanted to be together even in death.” This didn’t cure the boy’s grieving, but it looked like it ‘sort of made sense’, and we figured that was something.