Daily Insights?

Somebody published a book of Mahatma Gandhi’s daily meditations, one for each day of any year. I am not on Gandhi’s level of understanding – but I do like the idea of trying to say something positive and possibly even inspirational:

January 1st:  My favorite extra-ordinarily advanced Yogi said that New Year’s Day was a fine time to start anything – So many people around the world are trying to quit old habits and establish positive new practices that the day’s vibrations have the ability to reinforce your resolutions and aspirations.

January 2nd: The world is still new. You haven’t fallen back into your old habits yet. Don’t worry if you have a set-back. Telling yourself that you’ve failed, or believing you can’t change can be more damaging than shrugging it off and continuing to try to move forward.

January 3rd: There is the theory that much of creation follows the same rules as the musical scale we have adopted in ‘Western Culture’. If you know anything about music, you know that there are a half steps between many notes, ( denoted by sharps or flats – or the black keys on a piano ) But not all notes in the scale do have half steps between them and the next note up – Some ‘Sages’ have told us that, in any new practice, it may be easy to complete your hopeful new daily routines for three days in a row and then – unless something reinforces your efforts – it may be even easier to lapse, or be diverted between the third and fourth day. If, for instance, your New Year’s resolution was to exercise every day, and you’ve managed to do that for three days in a row, this might be a good time to test the theory of ‘Intention’ by affirming, “I am meeting my goal!” or ask any higher power you believe in to help you keep going forward with your new fledgling discipline.

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