Thursday- Yes, we are in a snow tunnel –

Thursday, February 5th, 2015  -( -4°C / +25°F & very snow globe like outside right now in Atlatic Canada )- Today would have been my uncle Bob’s birthday.


Un-retouched Photo of our driveway this morning at just after 8 am. This would have been the first almost normal snowfall in two weeks of ‘Major Events’, which included at least two verified blizzards. We only got about 4 inches so far, which used to be enough to cancel school while I was growing up in southern New England. But the delightful people who plow the streets cut a little deeper into what they left behind last week and gave me a hip deep mountain to attack with a snow blower this morning. Hip deep on me is about 40 inches when I’m wearing boots.

Driveway 2

Almost the same shot as above, but I was standing on a bit of an embankment / snow-bank, and the flash kicked in.


A couple days ago I took a photo of the Jeep’s mirror. This is the same mirror this morning, with the van still in the driveway for comparison?

snow fort?

Like I’ve said a couple times in the last week. This could have been a snow fort beyond my wildest dreams as a kid.

Deer Path

Looking back along the path from where we feed deer through the winter.

burried swing.

The lawn swing is pretty much buried in Cathi’s ‘Zen Corner’ That’s about four feet of snow everywhere. Last year we got clobbered with a lot more snow than they’re used to getting up here. This year we got as much snow as we got all last year, pretty much in two and a half weeks.

Snow Cave and Tool shed.

The shed we keep the snowblower in- Is more than six feet tall and pretty much buried in wind blown snow. & the snow cave beside it where we keep our firewood more or less out of the weather? Next year we’ll have to make our wood shed a little more weather proof.


“Artsy” Shot of everygreens at the top of a stone-wall-reinforced hill. Ya can’t see the wall, can you, not with four feet of snow that’s beeh whipped up and blown around a bit.

— Okay, well both Cathi and I are aching and feeling like we’re being attacked by some kind of flu or virus, or are they both more or less the same thing? So, in keeping with our “Picture’s worth a thousand words-” I should leave this as it is and post it. The weather forecast called for another five cm or two to three more inches? this afternoon, and possibly another big storm over the weekend? Any insanely rich people out there want a truckload of snow for some tropical birthday party?

— Wink?

~~~~~ Jim

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