Day 7 / Friday

Friday, November 7th, 2014  -( +6°C / 43°F @ 10:00 am – & We’re having a rain event. most of the snow from last week is gone. We might get more snow later today & this evening, it’s hard to tell and the weather network has gone graphically wonky so their information is useless. )-

Dreams: Of Course, Most memorable right now? (1)  There was a guy whose body was becoming very strange. His back, arms, neck and head had become almost entirely atrophied, but were minimally working and somehow he had walked out of the fatty substance, so he had a very thin body from the base of his spine up and a blob of formless fat, which sort of tried to regain the form of his former body- following him around, more or less hovering in the air behind him. I only saw this guy from behind and he was verbally describing his condition to me. (2) (?) Indoors somewhere, I was visiting or checking out this couple who had built a meditation dome, and wanted to give or sell me a booklet on how they had built and finished their dome and what they were all about. They had deflated something, put it inside their dome and re-inflated it. I couldn’t quite reach the booklet and wanted to read it, but for some reason I couldn’t. (3) I realized there were several people at this meditation meeting. I thought the original couple who had built the dome were gone. They had left their manifesto behind, and left. I think I was worried that people coming to them for wisdom and guidance wouldn’t get any. I started talking to somebody and asked him if he knew my yogi friend, the guy said he had heard of him, I said that my yogi friend had seen this meditation group as a good thing if you came here to meditate as a group and then went home or went someplace quiet to let the meditaion session sink in, energy take route or whatever, but don’t believe anybody human is going to sit down and solve all your problems in 25 words or less. (4) I think there was a fourth dream in which somebody was telling me he was going blind. This may be connected to a news story from last night’s television news. Somebody had shot a sea otter with a shotgun and left it to die. Rescue people from an aquarium had come along and tried to save the sea otter. they had to operate on a flipper that had been partially shot away, had to operate several times on shattered bones, and discovered that the concussion had left the otter permanently blind. This had been about a year ago, and the otter is doing a lot better now, but is still blind. The aquarium has since rescued a female sea otter and she’s okay, but not okay enough to release back into the wild. Because male sea otters can be aggressive, they introduced the two slowly, showed video footage of the female swimming around near where the male was out of the water, sniffing and looking around, but unable to see her. They said that the aquarium staff is still cautiously optimistic and were very happy to see the two sleeping together, one of them had its arm out and had spent their sleep time touching the other one and nobody had gotten crazy and tried to slash or harm the other, so they thought the two had become friends. So that might be why I dreamed somebody told me he was going blind. (?)

Health: Right now I can barely see what I’m typing because I have one of those visual migraine patterns going through the entire left half of my visual field with a small ‘tail’ just to the right of center. The whole left half of what I can see was vibrating, with crystal, opague and bright colourful stuff moving around. I’ve had these things for most of my adult life, I remember thinking the first time I saw one that it might be a sign that I would soon have a religious experience. I remember feeling strange when I had one of my early experiences, seeing this stuff while talking to a salesman in and electronics store. Can’t remember right now whether it was a radio shack or a place that sold primarily stereo components in the seventies. I’m thinking lately that I’m barely functional, operating at flat out the best I can do and worried that Cathi doesn’t believe my best is good enough. I think maybe she thinks I should be trying harder on several fronts. I have also been suffering through headaches when I first get out of bed in the morning. These headaches last between fifteen minutes and an hour, with rare headaches lasting longer, On a couple of days I’ve had to go back to bed, arrange the ramp of pillows just right and try to ignore the pain until I can use yoga techniques to relax completely, and this usually works. Sometimes takes me an hour or longer, and sometimes takes me several passes of relaxing various body parts’ muscles in a specific order, and finding the first few muscles have tensed slightly again after I’ve worked my way almost to the end of each cycle. After several cycles the first muscles I relax become more and more relaxed, and I know I’m getting somewhere when the first muscles do remain relaxed until I get all the way through the cycle and can then feel like I’m letting go of all my tension, floating down or up out of my pain- Often, I fall asleep at this point, and if it worked, I wake up, soon or sometimes after a couple hours, feeling relaxed and headache pain free.

Pets: The animals are their usual needy selves. Grey guy driving me nuts from the second I’m up and out of bed until he’s been fed and eaten all of his food and gobbled up everybody else’s that he can get to. I’ve had to put the dog’s food up on top of the refrigerator to keep the cat from eating it before the dog comes back inside from his morning pee and poop session outside.  Moe gets to follow me out onto the porch while grey guy is greedily gobbling up his bigger portion of ‘wet food’ on the kitchen table. I toss the rinsed tuna-can-sized tin that the wet food comes in- into the recycling box, set the porcelain bowl of Moe food in place, turn around, pick up Moe and plop him down within reach of the wet food, then scoot through the door, close it before the grey cat can run out on the porch, jump up and bully Moe away from Moe’s food. With dog and those two cats dealt with, I can then go concentrate on Domino who looks at me and moans pitifully about the way his lot in life has turned out lately, I give him a handful of treats and cover the bottom of his bowl with dry food and give him a light pet on the head and sometimes he purrs, sometimes he looks at me like I’m out of my mind, why would I pet him like that?

What else? It’s been more than an hour and I’ve still got traces of visual migraine vibrating on the left, now more like three quarters out from the center of the left side, and no longer interfering with what I’m trying to type here. I’ll have to proof-read this later, and I’m wondering if there might be some real surprises in what actually came out.

Sleep: Yesterday I blogged early, because I thought the dreams I woke up remembering were important, went back to bed, slept for maybe an hour, got up, fed the animals and went back to bed, in just enough pain to make me think I wouldn’t be much good at anything, did my relaxing stuff, never quite accomplished the level of relaxation I needed, but fell asleep. -Didn’t remember any dreams as I drifted in and out of sleep until three thirty-ish in the afternoon. Today? I ‘chilled’ after midnight, hoping I can get myself into any kind of decent schedule at all, found nothing worth watching, so I put on the news and between ups and downs, trips to the washroom, etc. It was more like after three a.m. before I was more or less settled down enough to think about drifting off to sleep. I think it was more like 4 a.m. or after when Cathi came to bed and I did sleep, fitfully, had the dreams I recorded above between 4 am and 8  this morning. Tried to get more sleep. decided I better get up and feed the animals. So my non pattern had me getting maybe five hours of fitfull sleep from ten a.m. to 3:30 pm and then maybe another three to three and a half hours between 4 and 8 am again. & I’m still pretty much always exhausted.

NaBlo: After I got up, I began my news blogging schnarr, dealing with complaining animals every ten minutes or so, so I was still messing with news stuff after Cathi got home. She went to bed with the television on, her tab computer thing in hand, checking up on the stuff she checks on every evening. I finished the news schnarr at just before 7 pm and went right into my NaNo Novel.

NaNo: The main character and his almost too good to be true romance in the ninth grade/ Junior High School / Is progressing well. She is very intelligent, has a few neurotic issues, doesn’t trust people who compliment her intelligence because some guy representing himself as a Mensa administrator almost raped her when she had just turned 13 years old, doesn’t trust people who say she’s beautiful Because a photographer who wanted to do her portfolio, telling her she could be a model and make lots of money, thought she was older and when he learned she was 13 that year, pretty much escaped before anybody accused him of proposition an under aged kid. Now there’s a substitute teacher who may be stalking her. I was up and down all evening, remembering to save often, needing to deal with animals again, trying to let Cathi stay in bed, not bothering her with anything. I didn’t realize how much I actually got done and went from something like 18,000 words at 7 pm to over 24,000 words before midnight. The word count application at the NaNo site says I could be finished on the 13th of November at this rate. Which, after bombing out the last several attempts I made, feels really good. I’m still slightly worried that I might hit a brick wall and feel, for instance, that something stupid is happening and I’d need to rethink things, because some plot twist is taking on an implausible turn of events or something like that. Plus+ – I’m pretty happy at the way things are going and think this novel is pretty darned good in the form it is coming out, that nothing too weird is happening, that it does explain the back story to the much longer, several part novel-(cycle?) I began writing in 1968.

—sigh, It’s probably time to go take an allergy pill. Headache still there, backache still with me. I’ll probably survive.


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