Day 27 / Snow-Vember, 2014 – Nice Quiet Blizzard Sneaking Up On Us –

Thursday, 27 ‘Snow-Vember’, 2014 – -( -1°C / +30°F & “Light Snow” which has dumped almost a foot/30 cm on us in 12 hours @6 am in Atlantic Canada )-

— Jim W, who is braver than I am, went out and shoveled a little bit already, says it might have been called ‘heavy wet snow’, but it isn’t that heavy. He measured it and says his driveway isn’t quite covered in a nice, uniform depth but most of it is 12 inches deep, with scooped out- partially wind cleared areas down at 6 or seven inches and he’s guessing the average is up around 9-12 inches, or 22-30 cm.

I hurt just thinking about it.

photos later, maybe

~~~~~  ———jda——

NaBloPoMo? Day 1 / Saturday November 1st, 2014

Saturday, November 01, 2014   -( 1°C / 34°F & ‘Light Snow’ is falling out there @ 9:15 -ish pm / Can I scream now? )-

Frustrating evening. Started my usual Headline news schnarr early enough, but with rain forecast turning to possibly heavy snow, when the love of my life got up we reminded each other that we had to get going and do stuff, quickly. So I left everything unfinished and went a-zooming about.

We zoomed out into the real world, raced over (within speed limits) to the nearest Kent Hardware store, bought 2 pieces of 3/8 plywood and shrink wrap plastic window schnarr.

It began raining while we were out and was cold and damp and wouldn’t have been miserable if we didn’t have to be out in the ‘not even drizzle’ level weather doing stuff.

The two pieces of plywood had to go up under the tarp that is draped over out steel shed. The first one was tricky, the second one was almost a snap.

Strange Man screwing plywood onto frame.

Me, screwing things together, -not up-. Woodpile, under tarp, is probably happily going to stay dry now, whereas it might not have if the plywood wasn’t helping the tarp keep the weather away.

My fingers quickly grew numb while screwing the plywood into the 2 x 2 frame wood, but we got that accomplished. & spouseling got a chance to snap a couple photos of me while I was using wonderful power screwdriver.


Spouseling pulling the last productive plants from her garden.

And ‘mon amour fou’ had plenty to do when we didn’t need both of us to jam plywood under tarps. She had the last vestiges of her fledgeling garden to take care of, and a bunch of leaves needed to go over the newly naked garden-

Yum 2

“Hmmmm- Yum! Thank you, friends from the vegetable world-” Some of our best friends are vegetables.

And we had to marvel over the plants’ resilience, and thank them for making our lives much better than they might otherwise have been, without their friendship and companionship.  🙂


But when I got back indoors, and had to finish my headline news blog schtuff- it was after 5 pm here. Doug, in Ithaca, had been working on this when we had to go zooming out into retail land, but he had a new and unusual problem with his internet connection going off/disconnecting shortly after we were gone.

So I worked on what we had on my end. Worked about two hours, and tried to publish from here.

But Word Press has this irritating error page that pops up every now and then that says, “Do you really want to do this?” / “Please try again.”

And clicking on ‘please try again’, got me a nice- fresh- clean, “add new post” page that was completely blank. —I should have uploaded the whole group project that we had put together and you can see how long it was, and how much was involved in ‘compiling’ that.—

I went back to the ‘All Posts’ page and clicked on the ‘edit’ link for today’s project and —

Roughly about half of it was lost.

The love of my life didn’t learn any new words as I let the universe know that I was not exactly happy with the way things were going. But she did yell at me to ‘chill’ after the third or fourth barage of explitives.

And today is day one of NaNoWriMo -National Novel Writing Month- and NaBloPoMo -National Blog Posting Month-

I can probably post a blog a day without blinking. But getting 50,000 words out in 30 days is a bit of a challenge.

And I don’t want to have to spend all my time and energy screaming and swearing about computer b.s. when crashes happen to good works in progress.