Wednesday, 19 November, 2014 – Weird Feeling & Cat Fights

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 -( -6°C / +21°F @ 5:40 am )-

It is now 8:30 am

I woke up around 5 am, had a feeling that something was ‘wrong’ with the world, like something major had happened.

I didn’t wake Cathi, her sleep is precious and if a three hundred foot Tsunami was coming, Yes I would wake her and get us somewhere above that height, but short of that, she needs to have her head on her shoulders and in close to full functioning mode for work.

I wanted to check our friendly news services, but the computer was weird. It wasn’t quite frozen, but it wouldn’t load, or refresh, graphics. Trying to refresh a different page in firefox, it got hung up trying to connect to ‘ad.[something].ru’ and I wondered if something had happened between here and Russia, like maybe somebody pulled the plug on international connections via the internet. I tried loading a wordpress page – and that page got hung up trying to load an ‘iSomething.1wp.something-else’

So I told the computer to restart.

It did. It can’t find the system fan so I had to tell it to go ahead and start up anyway, I’ve got the case open and a small external fan is blowing on the cranky system fan that starts up, yawns, sometimes plays happily for hours, sometimes says, ‘oh the hell with this’ makes too much grinding type noises and shuts itself off. The external fan does the job better than the system fan did anyway. [ mumble mumble schnarr schnarr planned fuppin obsolescence schnarr schnarr schnarr- ]

Okay, spiffy decent windows 7 computer gets back up, and the blinkin’ graphics still didn’t want to load. But when I broadcast images of computers sinking under multiple fathoms of sea water from my imagination into the cpu, it said, okay, you mean business, I’ll be good, please don’t drown me-

And- so far anyway, there’s no freaking huge headlines about nuclear bombs hitting anybody’s infrastructure with emp’s or anything.

Cathi got up at her usual time, was getting ready for work I was staying out of her way, and when I got a chance, I told her about my weird feeling that something was wrong, and her jaw dropped.

She had awakened about half an hour before I did with that, “Something awful is happening somewhere-” creepy feeling that my sister might have called the ‘heeby jeebies’.

And the dog was his usual pain in the bum self, wanting to be right in the middle of anywhere anybody wanted to go, staring at the refrigerator and looking at us, looking at the refrigerator, and back at us, until we either give up and get him something, or chance major injuries trying to push him out of the way, or sit down and try to explain to her boss that she can’t come to work because this hundred and twenty five pound dog won’t let her get back to her bedroom to finish getting dressed and ready for work.


Well, Cathi drove out of our driveway. I let the dog out and I thought I’d blog about my weird apprehensive feeling and climbed into the office – I have a piece of 12 inch wide shelf wood blocking the door from animals who might be too lazy to jump over that- It actually keeps the dog at bay, and he could easily step over it.

I almost sat down at the computer when we had hissing and loud meowing and scrambling noises and I turned around and made it back to the door to see one cat with his teeth clamped on the other one’s shoulder, and Moe, the orange trouble maker, looking like he was really worried about this. So I screamed and Domino let go and turned and ran back into his sanctuary and Max, who most likely had started it, got up and scurried into the kitchen, the other way.

I checked on Domino, who was up on top of one of his perches, looking worried that Max might attack again. I went into the kitchen, no Max. I looked under the kitchen table and then around the corner through the open door, onto the porch- there was Max, sitting on the floor, thinking about things. I glanced and saw that the dry food bowl was empty, went back to the bag, got a handful of dry food and some cat treats, gave Domino a little of each, and went back to the porch.

I put the handful of dry food in the empty bowl and deposited half a handful of treats near it and the rest on the floor in front of Max. — The dog was still outside and didn’t look like he wanted to come in yet, which is odd, but I walked back toward the porch off the kitchen, and there was a puddle of blood under Max. I grabbed a paper towel and dabbed at it, saw a slight trail of blood coming from his shoulder, bright red blood, and thought, oh no, did Domino bite into an artery? And dabbed at it. -Max, who was eating his treats, did not seem to mind being dabbed at. He looked stunned, but didn’t look like he was in any pain. I stayed there long enough to see that no blood was squirting out of his shoulder, so I hoped that meant that no arteries had been sliced. I waited a couple minutes, Max did not keel over dead and no more blood oozed or squirted from his shoulder wound, so I decided to get the cats’ morning wet food into their bowls and put Max’s bowl into the crate that Moe likes to go into whenever he wants to feel safe or whatever. I did that, Max didn’t want to go all the way into the crate, but I managed to get him in and close the door. Then I got him some water, and another half a hand full of dry food. He looked at the closed crate door and wondered why he was in a crate, but didn’t start complaining and went back to greedily chomping on wet and dry food. I went back to soak up the blood on the floor and saw another small puddle where Max had landed when he jumped up on top of the cat-friendly claw cleaning post that used to be a guitar amplifier’s extension speaker.

I called Cathi’s work number, left a message, checked on the dog, he was happily sitting out front, surveying his domain, I finished fixing his morning crunch crunch and broken up piece of bread, which I figured would keep him busy for ten seconds or so when he did finally decided to come back in, checked on the cats, made sure Domino was okay, had more than enough dry food, a few extra grains of cat treat and available water and all that, went and sat down at the computer and Cathi called.

We talked for ten minutes. Max was still alive inside the crate, had food to look at and water to look at and a closed crate gate to look at and, strangely enough, wasn’t complaining.

The dog started barking at somebody who was heading for the nearest bus stop and didn’t want to come in, but finally did.

And here we are.

— I blew it for NaBloPoMo month yesterday when I got distracted by an orange cat who wanted me to know that he could cause a lot of pain with his claws and my leg if I didn’t drop everything and cater to his whims right then and there, I forgot to come back to finish that up and forgot to post it before midnight. & apparently, when you manually save a draft early on, like right after you write out the date, the time and the temperature on the top line, um, after you do a manual ‘save draft’ the auto save drafts function doesn’t feel like it has to pay attention to anything and goes to sleep. And if weird graphics freezes happen and you think you’ve got everything saved and tell the computer to restart, well, you lose the stuff you forgot about, that should have been auto-saved, but didn’t think it should bother and, can I scream now? —why bother?

—Okay, it’s after 9:30 am now. We have a big black dog blocking my side of the bedroom, a large orange cat happily occupying Cathi’s spot. Domino is curled up on one of his safe perches, sleeping peacefully and Max is still alive staring at the closed door and not complaining about being in the crate. I can’t say things are normal, because things are never normal with our pets, but this is close.

—Weird moning news, signing off—,

~~~~~ ———jda———

The 15th Was A Very Cold Morning

Saturday, 15 November, 2014  -( -4°C / 25°F & dark @ 10:45 pm )-

Dreams: When I finally got to sleep, I slept longer and more comfortably than I have in a long time. The last series of dreams I had put me into television plots with characters from television series. The one I’m highlighting here had a television detective going undercover, living with me, renting an apartment in a building I inherited, ‘recuperating from a vehicle injury that had damaged his memory’ while actually having only physical injuries, while he was looking for evidence that I was involved in some kind of crime organization. He gradually realized that I was not a bad guy, I didn’t like cops, but cops from other cities were actively trying to frame me for their crimes. They tried to frame him along with me. While I was waking up- characters from other, unrelated television series became involved, like a teevee doctor from one series and characters from a sitcom moved into my apartment building. I think one or more of the Doctor Who ‘Doctors’ was also involved, possibly as a side plot.

I’m going to leave this here. today. I don’t know how much farther I got with my NaNoWriMo novel, I went through a lot of changes in what I wanted to use as the opening few pages and figure I have that luxury, having crossed the finish line last Tuesday. Maybe I’ll take the revisions and paste them into the beginning and see what I’ve got and take a word count and post the number in another post in a few minutes. But this is all for now.


~~~~~ ———jda——

The 14th is a Snowy Friday

Friday, 14 November, 2014 -( +1°C / 33°F @ 11:11 am )- -(Another source says it’s 0°C / 32°F )- with light snow falling here in Atlantic Canada.

This is a dream I had yesterday afternoon:

Thursday, November 13th, 2014: about 4:30-5:00 in the afternoon?:

Cathi was home sick for the second day in a row. I had felt progressively more and more lousy since last night. I had given up on trying to sleep. My muscles were aching and burning, I couldn’t get comfortable.

So I got up around 6:30 am and tried to blog, couldn’t. Didn’t just feel lousy in the physical sense, I had pins and needles in my head and couldn’t concentrate. I did manage to get a couple blogging things done before 4 pm.

And, around 4:00 – 4:15 pm, I tried again, went and laid down, said a couple prayers, tried to relax tension that kept finding new ways to sneak up on me and feel my muscles in a not-relaxed state, the minor stinging and burning stuff was trying to come back.

But I finally did fall asleep. And had a couple dreams in a short time.

The most vivid sequence:

I dreamed I was in a bed in a room that isn’t here, not in this house- and there was a doorway to another room a couple feet beyond the foot of that bed and a window in the room beyond the doorway. Daylight was coming in through the window, not overly bright, but daylight.

I heard something and raised my head to see a black shadow form of a human being. I thought it was a man or a male, by the shape of the shadow’s head, no long hair shadow. Also it looked like a solid shadow, a three dimensional one.

I drifted away from that dream and came back and told the shadow to go away, it wasn’t supposed to be here. And I started waking up, or at least dreaming I was waking up, hovering between states in a place that wasn’t quite ‘here’.

It took a while, but a child’s voice came into focus. At least it sounded like a child’s voice, a boy’s. It sounded young, kind of high pitched, not infantile, but childlike, pre-adolescent? and it sounded like I was listening to the voice through a watery filter.

He said, “I was born here- you sound like you have an accent-”

I knew he was waiting for a reply, I told him, “Yes, I was born in the U.S.A. and moved here several years ago.” And I went on to tell him that he shouldn’t stay in this world, if he was stuck he could go to the light.

I told him what the most reliable source on ghostly phenomena that I know told me, I died in a car crash in 1934 and ‘haunted’ Chicago for four years, but I made it out of that existence and if he tried, he could travel back in time and check that out and see what happened. If I’m back here, living a ‘new life’ he could safely go to the ‘other side’ and come back, I think- pretty much any time he wanted to.

I felt like he was pretty happy about that. And while I was writing this here just now, I felt like he was reading ‘over my shoulder’ and approved, and was happy that I was telling his story.

Cathi has done more research on geneology stuff than I have, and she knew how to follow the family name of people who lived in this house before we did.

She thinks that two owners ago the guy who lived here was pre-deceased by a son. When I told her about the dream/contact with the young male person she wondered if that was him.

If it was, I hope he is not stuck here, trapped either by fear or some sort of dogma or lack of understanding, or a belief that that’s what happen when people die, you stay here-

I felt pretty darned good after that, like the angelic help I was trying to call on in the background while I was talking to the young person came through, helped the boy and came back to tell me he’d moved on, might be back again, but is not stuck here. Somebody communicated with positive emotion.

That was the best I felt in a couple days.

—Hope I’m not coming down with anything—



Friday the 13th is a Thursday this month?

Thursday, November 13th, 2014. -(+5°C / 41°F & Sunny, w/blue skies & “clear” @ 3:33 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

Bear sitting at a picnic table.

“Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee-“

Disheartened? I was feeling that a while ago. Cathi’s still sick. I’m apparently coming down with whatever she’s got, weird aches and pains and pervasive ‘blahs’. This blog is no longer listed in the nablopomo list on the page I signed up for. I did wonder if I’d signed up in the wrong place and went back to check, saw this blog listed as #1066, thought that might be a significant number. And yesterday, rechecking, we’re not listed any more. I have no idea why not. I’m thinkin that somebody on their end isn’t doin a lot of communicatin. Maybe this stupid exercise isn’t official. Maybe I didn’t see something somewhere that might have told me I had to do something I haven’t done or shouldn’t do something I have done. Or maybe I don’t meet their unpublished criteria. Shrug.

Dreams: Yup, again, many. The only one I can remember is one I told Cathi about. My mother was in the bathtub upstairs in our old house down there in the smoke of Fairfield county. The bathroom was over the kitchen. I was at the sink. The kitchen sink was probably right under the bathroom sink and the bathtub would have been over the kitchen table. But as I was standing at the kitchen sink water started raining down through the ceiling over that sink, from more than half a dozen spots. I ran upstairs and told her through the door that water was leaking into the kitchen below. She asked me a question about what I’d said, or something, I don’t remember what she asked in the dream.

Sleep? Forget it. I was up and down from the time I climbed into bed until I gave up at about 6:15 am.

Health? forget it. We haven’t built up an immunity to New Brunswick germs yet. Anything that comes along is debilitating.

NaNo? by their count through a validation doozy? 54,510. Through the Open Office Word Count function: 55,131.

NaBlo? Who cares?

Etc.? = Gaaaaaa! I’m going to pass out soon.

—Grumble Grumble–,

~~~~~ ———jda——

Wednesday / Day 12

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 -( +6°C / 43°F @3:00 pm and very grey outside in Atlantic Canada )-

Went over 50,000 words at NaNoWriMo Yesterday. But Ya can’t ‘Win’ the challenge until at least the 20th, when you can upload your ‘novel’ into their verification word counter.

Dreams: Yup. The only thing I an remember, the only thing I could remember as soon as I opened my eyes was looking at a list of businesses in a building’s lobby. I saw something like 4 businesses listed and one of them was a law firm with at least 3 lawyers listed, one of them was ‘Clark’.

Reality: Cathi is home sick today. I’m hurting. I think I spent the last fifteen or twenty minutes of sleep in an uncomfortable position and after being okay through 5 or six hours, I now have a splitting headache.

Weird Sleep Non Patterns: Got to bed around 9. Heard the dog outside my window, barking and whining, sounding like he was barking at an intruding presence and then whining because that intruding presence didn’t come over to play with him. Cathi confirmed that there was somebody walking a dog on the sidewalk down the slight hill on the main north-south drag that is something like fifty meters from the dog’s fence. 100 to 150 feet from the door that does not face anything but the dog’s fenced off 40 by 10 feet area. We live on a side street that is almost perfectly perpendicular to that main road, but on the maps of the area, our street runs off on an angle. So, it probably took me at least 15 minutes to drop off into sleep and I’ll stretch it on this end and say I woke up at 3:15. That would be 6 hours of pretty good uninterrupted sleep.

I haven’t looked at the news sites to see what’s going on in the world out there yet. I’ll go do that and see what Doug’s been up to.



Tuesday / Day 11 / Remembrance Day In Canada

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014  -( +9°C / 48°F @ 4:30 pm with sun set approaching and clear skies in Atlantic Canada )-

Remembrance Day in Canada, Armistice Day in ‘The lower 48’.

>>———> Link : Fracking Causes earthquakes in Alberta: University of Alberta Study <———<<

NaNoWriMo:  I wrote all night, stopped NaNo at 48, 778 words That was adding 8,283 words between midnight and 6:30 am after adding somethig like 341 words between 11:00 pm and midnight. I have something like 1,222 words to go to finish & ‘Win’ the NaNoWriMo Challenge this year. I have no idea how much I will feel like I have to do to bring that story in line with what with I did before NaNo- to make it feel complete. I know I will have to edit the stuff that went before, there is some implausible stuff in there that needs to be toned down or eliminated. I got through a particularly sexy scene last night, may need to re-think that, in whole or edit some of its details later, but I thought it was important, and I liked the way the kids in the story handled that.

Sleep: After checking email and stuff, and feeding and letting animals outside to pee etc, it was after 11:00 before I got to bed – Somebody was shooting off cannons, like once a minute, I thought I counted 11 kabooms and wondered where they were doing that, and then drifted off, probably something like 11:30 am and woke up disoriented at about 4:30 (4:25 when I first looked at the clock) So in my weird non schedule, I got 5 hours of sleep today. Pretty much slept through in one block. No restless reawakening, needing to run to the washroom or anything.

Dreams: I had some, and bad me again, I did not immediately write anything down upon awakening, so a few short minutes after waking up enough to say so the details were gone and I felt like I’d lost something, like maybe my memory was slowly failing me, and may have accelerated to the point where this can happen in recent months. Or it could be that as far as dream cycles go, I’m in a non-memorable stretch and whatever I dreamed wasn’t worth remembering.

Automobile-like schnarr: Cathi used a weird new drill bit thing to work on the Jeep’s tail light -one screw had frozen and made it impossible to change the light bulb to replace the burned out brake light bulb on the right side in the rear- while I slept. –today is her Holiday from work– And told me it worked ‘great’. She also started the jeep up and let it run a bit, it did not stall, but she noticed that it’s ‘running on fumes’ so maybe if the problem that had it stall three times on the way back from the Irving Convenient store the last time I drove it there and back- might have been due to moisture in the gas lines, sounded a lot more probable to her, next time we go get gas, we should toss in some gas line anti freeze ‘dry gas’ and see if that works. She doesn’t want to find out the Jeep needs a couple thousand bucks worth of attention, and between unethical repair guys and the possibility that letting the jeep sit idle too long might cause bigger problems again- we will have to see what we can do to check out the, ‘try the simplest-cheapest approach first’ method of coping with vehicular schnarr, and soon.

Allergies: Eyes burning, minor aches all over.

Outlook: Not bad.


Day 7 / Friday

Friday, November 7th, 2014  -( +6°C / 43°F @ 10:00 am – & We’re having a rain event. most of the snow from last week is gone. We might get more snow later today & this evening, it’s hard to tell and the weather network has gone graphically wonky so their information is useless. )-

Dreams: Of Course, Most memorable right now? (1)  There was a guy whose body was becoming very strange. His back, arms, neck and head had become almost entirely atrophied, but were minimally working and somehow he had walked out of the fatty substance, so he had a very thin body from the base of his spine up and a blob of formless fat, which sort of tried to regain the form of his former body- following him around, more or less hovering in the air behind him. I only saw this guy from behind and he was verbally describing his condition to me. (2) (?) Indoors somewhere, I was visiting or checking out this couple who had built a meditation dome, and wanted to give or sell me a booklet on how they had built and finished their dome and what they were all about. They had deflated something, put it inside their dome and re-inflated it. I couldn’t quite reach the booklet and wanted to read it, but for some reason I couldn’t. (3) I realized there were several people at this meditation meeting. I thought the original couple who had built the dome were gone. They had left their manifesto behind, and left. I think I was worried that people coming to them for wisdom and guidance wouldn’t get any. I started talking to somebody and asked him if he knew my yogi friend, the guy said he had heard of him, I said that my yogi friend had seen this meditation group as a good thing if you came here to meditate as a group and then went home or went someplace quiet to let the meditaion session sink in, energy take route or whatever, but don’t believe anybody human is going to sit down and solve all your problems in 25 words or less. (4) I think there was a fourth dream in which somebody was telling me he was going blind. This may be connected to a news story from last night’s television news. Somebody had shot a sea otter with a shotgun and left it to die. Rescue people from an aquarium had come along and tried to save the sea otter. they had to operate on a flipper that had been partially shot away, had to operate several times on shattered bones, and discovered that the concussion had left the otter permanently blind. This had been about a year ago, and the otter is doing a lot better now, but is still blind. The aquarium has since rescued a female sea otter and she’s okay, but not okay enough to release back into the wild. Because male sea otters can be aggressive, they introduced the two slowly, showed video footage of the female swimming around near where the male was out of the water, sniffing and looking around, but unable to see her. They said that the aquarium staff is still cautiously optimistic and were very happy to see the two sleeping together, one of them had its arm out and had spent their sleep time touching the other one and nobody had gotten crazy and tried to slash or harm the other, so they thought the two had become friends. So that might be why I dreamed somebody told me he was going blind. (?)

Health: Right now I can barely see what I’m typing because I have one of those visual migraine patterns going through the entire left half of my visual field with a small ‘tail’ just to the right of center. The whole left half of what I can see was vibrating, with crystal, opague and bright colourful stuff moving around. I’ve had these things for most of my adult life, I remember thinking the first time I saw one that it might be a sign that I would soon have a religious experience. I remember feeling strange when I had one of my early experiences, seeing this stuff while talking to a salesman in and electronics store. Can’t remember right now whether it was a radio shack or a place that sold primarily stereo components in the seventies. I’m thinking lately that I’m barely functional, operating at flat out the best I can do and worried that Cathi doesn’t believe my best is good enough. I think maybe she thinks I should be trying harder on several fronts. I have also been suffering through headaches when I first get out of bed in the morning. These headaches last between fifteen minutes and an hour, with rare headaches lasting longer, On a couple of days I’ve had to go back to bed, arrange the ramp of pillows just right and try to ignore the pain until I can use yoga techniques to relax completely, and this usually works. Sometimes takes me an hour or longer, and sometimes takes me several passes of relaxing various body parts’ muscles in a specific order, and finding the first few muscles have tensed slightly again after I’ve worked my way almost to the end of each cycle. After several cycles the first muscles I relax become more and more relaxed, and I know I’m getting somewhere when the first muscles do remain relaxed until I get all the way through the cycle and can then feel like I’m letting go of all my tension, floating down or up out of my pain- Often, I fall asleep at this point, and if it worked, I wake up, soon or sometimes after a couple hours, feeling relaxed and headache pain free.

Pets: The animals are their usual needy selves. Grey guy driving me nuts from the second I’m up and out of bed until he’s been fed and eaten all of his food and gobbled up everybody else’s that he can get to. I’ve had to put the dog’s food up on top of the refrigerator to keep the cat from eating it before the dog comes back inside from his morning pee and poop session outside.  Moe gets to follow me out onto the porch while grey guy is greedily gobbling up his bigger portion of ‘wet food’ on the kitchen table. I toss the rinsed tuna-can-sized tin that the wet food comes in- into the recycling box, set the porcelain bowl of Moe food in place, turn around, pick up Moe and plop him down within reach of the wet food, then scoot through the door, close it before the grey cat can run out on the porch, jump up and bully Moe away from Moe’s food. With dog and those two cats dealt with, I can then go concentrate on Domino who looks at me and moans pitifully about the way his lot in life has turned out lately, I give him a handful of treats and cover the bottom of his bowl with dry food and give him a light pet on the head and sometimes he purrs, sometimes he looks at me like I’m out of my mind, why would I pet him like that?

What else? It’s been more than an hour and I’ve still got traces of visual migraine vibrating on the left, now more like three quarters out from the center of the left side, and no longer interfering with what I’m trying to type here. I’ll have to proof-read this later, and I’m wondering if there might be some real surprises in what actually came out.

Sleep: Yesterday I blogged early, because I thought the dreams I woke up remembering were important, went back to bed, slept for maybe an hour, got up, fed the animals and went back to bed, in just enough pain to make me think I wouldn’t be much good at anything, did my relaxing stuff, never quite accomplished the level of relaxation I needed, but fell asleep. -Didn’t remember any dreams as I drifted in and out of sleep until three thirty-ish in the afternoon. Today? I ‘chilled’ after midnight, hoping I can get myself into any kind of decent schedule at all, found nothing worth watching, so I put on the news and between ups and downs, trips to the washroom, etc. It was more like after three a.m. before I was more or less settled down enough to think about drifting off to sleep. I think it was more like 4 a.m. or after when Cathi came to bed and I did sleep, fitfully, had the dreams I recorded above between 4 am and 8  this morning. Tried to get more sleep. decided I better get up and feed the animals. So my non pattern had me getting maybe five hours of fitfull sleep from ten a.m. to 3:30 pm and then maybe another three to three and a half hours between 4 and 8 am again. & I’m still pretty much always exhausted.

NaBlo: After I got up, I began my news blogging schnarr, dealing with complaining animals every ten minutes or so, so I was still messing with news stuff after Cathi got home. She went to bed with the television on, her tab computer thing in hand, checking up on the stuff she checks on every evening. I finished the news schnarr at just before 7 pm and went right into my NaNo Novel.

NaNo: The main character and his almost too good to be true romance in the ninth grade/ Junior High School / Is progressing well. She is very intelligent, has a few neurotic issues, doesn’t trust people who compliment her intelligence because some guy representing himself as a Mensa administrator almost raped her when she had just turned 13 years old, doesn’t trust people who say she’s beautiful Because a photographer who wanted to do her portfolio, telling her she could be a model and make lots of money, thought she was older and when he learned she was 13 that year, pretty much escaped before anybody accused him of proposition an under aged kid. Now there’s a substitute teacher who may be stalking her. I was up and down all evening, remembering to save often, needing to deal with animals again, trying to let Cathi stay in bed, not bothering her with anything. I didn’t realize how much I actually got done and went from something like 18,000 words at 7 pm to over 24,000 words before midnight. The word count application at the NaNo site says I could be finished on the 13th of November at this rate. Which, after bombing out the last several attempts I made, feels really good. I’m still slightly worried that I might hit a brick wall and feel, for instance, that something stupid is happening and I’d need to rethink things, because some plot twist is taking on an implausible turn of events or something like that. Plus+ – I’m pretty happy at the way things are going and think this novel is pretty darned good in the form it is coming out, that nothing too weird is happening, that it does explain the back story to the much longer, several part novel-(cycle?) I began writing in 1968.

—sigh, It’s probably time to go take an allergy pill. Headache still there, backache still with me. I’ll probably survive.