How did you ever find your way – here – ?

2 deer in the snow on a grey morning.

There were 4 deer up the hill, closer to our neighbour’s back feeding spot. Only 2 of them took the chance to come down to sample the oats I threw out to them.

Monday, February 29, 2016 –

J. d’Aerendel is moving files from our old provider to an older provider, that isn’t as greedy as the one we’re saying goodbye to – Articles and other ‘posts’ posted by the rest of us will now only give him credit for what we’ve done. When we get around to fixing that, we’ll let you know.

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This blog, or WordPress Instance began as an experiment. I figured I already had more than enough blogs and after MySpace and especially ‘EffBook’ – I wasn’t sure I wanted to have anything to do with any blog. But WordPress was better – Easier to use, and it looked better, and I didn’t have to put up with a thousand weird requests per day, and I didn’t have to put up with idiotic email messages telling me some jerk I didn’t know had dinner at some place I would never set foot inside – and all that.

And then it became a place where I allowed a couple trusted friends access to publish any time they wanted to – kind of like a bbs – but without the weirdness of spammers trying to either upload a zillion links to questionable web sites or hack the site and post “Ha Ha I own your site!” b.s.

And then  —jda— began trying to keep a blog post a day thing going for a challenge that he said fell apart when the people running the ‘challenge’ discovered that he wasn’t a woman – and nobody had told him it was for women only – And it turned out that it wasn’t for women only – somebody got pissed off at him because he was Canadian and deleted his account on the page that kept track of bloggers in their challenge.

And then – When Doug had the time and interest –  we began trying to post a kind of ‘News Digest’ with links to articles on CBC News pages and ‘here and there in the ‘Tweet-Us-Sphere’ –

And then we kind of went dormant – And now the ‘provider’ that originally hosted this WordPress blog is getting greedy so we’re moving what we want to keep to another service, a Canadian provider. { blacksun dot ca } —

So – If you’re still there, well Great – If you don’t like what you see, well, too bad, go look at something else – If you do like what you find here – well “Fantastic!” – enjoy what you can and disregard the rest.

Thank you, have a good life –  Jim Wellington

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Saturday, November 8, 2014 – Day # 8 of this year’s NaBloPoMo event. I’ve ‘Un-Stickied’ the 1st and 3rd days’ posts and ‘created’ this as a sticky. — Also: added a ‘NaBloPoMo 2014’ Page here, where I will copy and paste all the posts I blog especially for this event.

The photo above is from Day #3. I really like the feel of the snow on the trees behind the deer. It’s like the first time you put on a pair of glasses and realize what you’ve been missing as your eyesight slowly went from ‘perfect’ to: “-uh, you can read that sign way the bleep over there?”

& Another thing. In the early nineties I learned about ‘Post Modernism’ by attending a reading by the creative writing grad students at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. They were doing a reading that included some ‘Post Modernist’ stories that night, and I was impressed. I went there with a younger woman that I had been engaged to, who was going through some family issues and had promised her older sister that she’d dumped me, and gave me instructions that if the phone rang, she had to answer it, and I had to be silent, because her sister and her mother were supposed to believe that I was out of her life forever. She also told me that she never gave anything up that didn’t have a lot of claw marks all over it from trying really hard to hang onto it. I did not change my name to ‘Claude’ – although Claude may show up in at least one story somewhere.

But the reason I’m talking about Post Modernism here, is, after the reading we left the basement room in one of the Syracuse U. buildings and went to a party at one of the grad students’ apartments and my friend made a joke about stories that she thought were ‘PoMo Erotic’ and got a laugh.

I still remember one poem being read that night by another one of the Grad Students, a young woman from the American South West who had written her poem about the deep and dark caverns out there with water drops going drip drip drip in the dark. Her name was Elise. At the party she looked at me from across the room and asked me a question that I do not remember, but I do remember her reaching out to me and making a soul connection that was warm and intense enough so I wonder what happened to her, often.

And, of course, every time I see ‘NaBloPoMo’ anywhere, I am instantly transported back to Syracuse and that night. I was in that room where they’d had the readings at least one other time: Douglas Adams, of “Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy” fame was there to give a talk about a new book he had written, that event was being video taped by students in the Media department and they needed audience people to make it look like thousands of interested Syracusians had shown up. That talk was memorable. Douglas Adams is one of my favourite writers,-favourite visionaries- who had tapped into a thought stream that I had touched on and he’d embraced it, wallowed in it, exapanded it and took home a lot of green pieces of paper from it. I’m not sure I’ll ever be in a class with the people I consider the best and most interesting writers of all time, but I wonder if, between lives we hang out together and bounce ideas off each other and hope that some of Creation’s most fun wisdom and deepest insight makes its way into stuff we publish next time we find ourselves out here in the smoke and confusion of the material universe.



-Turning another page?

Saturday, June 5th, 2021 —> 14˚C / +58˚F  & sunny in Atlantic Canada — @ 8:10 am? –

- Wildflowers -

– From June 2nd, Wildflowers at the base of the wall – West of the driveway. –

— I woke up thinking that the solution to my problems with this office being too small for all the schnarr I have going on it lies just below my feet – in our basement – which desperately needs to be uncluttered and organized – but was where I originally expected to build an office when we moved into this house way back on my birthday in 2013 – We have pretty much all I’d need beneath the clutter down there – could use a few massive bookcases… but I do believe that would work –

— Yeah – I’ll run that past Cathi when she wakes up 🙂

~~~~~ Jim

- Cathi - the avatar - in the latest version of Shamrock Island

– “Cathi – the Avatar – in the latest version of Shamrock Island.” The palce where newbies would start their ‘lives’ in “Aerendel – The Multi Player Game World” –

Thursday, October 29th, 2020 – The World is Upside Down

Thursday, October 29th, 2020 —> +6˚C / +45˚F —> Cloudy with rain south of us @ 1:51 pm Atlantic Time –


– “SgwdYrEira , Wales – Cool waterfall.” 🙂 – copied and pasted fom a search on ‘waterfalls’ – & ‘mind like a sieve’ – I forgot where that was. -jrw- –

— The world may be upside down all around us, thanks in part to the Coovid-19 pandemic, but Cathi and I are doing okay – she loves working from home and not dealing with the toxic atmosphere of her workplace. —> And the Dodgers won the  World Series for the first time since 1988 – when I heard { but couldn’t watch } Kirk Gibson make that famous ‘one handed walk off home run’ that kept their hopes alive before they went on to win the World Series title.

—And, while the world may be upside down and inside out over the Covid-19 bull-chips – The Los Angeles Dodgers came out on top and won the World Series – shortened season or not – { all teams had a 60 game regular season schedule – called a ’60 game marathon’ and then 8 teams from each league squared off in a marathon post season —> ‘Wild Card’ – best of 3; division series – best of 5; league championships – best of 7: and  World Series – best of 7. – one American League team that made the wild card playoffs had a win/lose average under .500 and one National League had a similar average. may ‘pundits’ like the idea of the extended playoffs, but the jury was out when it came to including teams with a winning average below .500 }

= = = = =

—> And Now, the schnarr news:

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MLB slams Dodgers’ Justin Turner for returning to field after positive COVID-19 test

Rapid PCR tests reveal all negative among players, but wife of Rays player positive

Justin Turner and his wife posing with the World Series Trophy

Justin Turner celebrates with the trophy after the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 to win the World Series in Game 6 on Tuesday. (Eric Gay/The Associated Press)

—Justin Turner violated coronavirus protocols when he celebrated on the Globe Life field with his Los Angeles Dodgers teammates and he refused instructions from security to leave the field, behaviour that Major League Baseball said risked the safety of others.

The commissioner’s office said Wednesday that it is starting a full investigation of the 35-year-old third baseman.

The Dodgers won their first World Series championship since 1988 with a 3-1 victory over Tampa Bay in Game 6 on Tuesday night.

Turner was pulled from the game following the seventh inning after MLB was notified that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He was quarantined in a doctor’s office off to the side, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said.

Turner later returned to the field with a mask to celebrate the Dodgers’ title. He then took down his mask and posed for a team photo on the field.

JT & Wife on the field without masks

Justin Turner was removed from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 3-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays after registering Major League Baseball’s first positive test in 59 days, but he returned to join the celebrations about an hour after the game. { copied & Pasted – not a live video }

“Immediately upon receiving notice from the laboratory of a positive test, protocols were triggered, leading to the removal of Justin Turner from last night’s game,” MLB said in a statement Wednesday.

“Turner was placed into isolation for the safety of those around him. However, following the Dodgers’ victory, it is clear that Turner chose to disregard the agreed-upon joint protocols and the instructions he was given regarding the safety and protection of others. While a desire to celebrate is understandable, Turner’s decision to leave isolation and enter the field was wrong and put everyone he came in contact with at risk. When MLB Security raised the matter of being on the field with Turner, he emphatically refused to comply.”

Turner became a free agent when his $64 million US, four-year contract expired following the victory.

Turner’s agent, Greg Genske, did not immediately respond to a text from The Associated Press seeking comment.

On Wednesday, both teams were still at the Dallas area hotel where they had spent the World Series.

“Last night, nasal swabs were conducted on the Dodgers’ travelling party,” MLB said. “Both the Rays and Dodgers were tested again today and their travel back to their home cities will be determined after being approved by the appropriate authorities.”

Both teams were travelling home from the Dallas area on Wednesday in co-ordination with their local health authorities, a person familiar with the arrangements said, speaking on condition of anonymity because no announcement was made.

No additional players received positive results from rapid PCR tests early Wednesday, the person said, but the wife of one Rays player tested positive, the person said. The wife and the player did not travel with the team and were to travel on their own, the person said.

A private plane was being arranged for Turner’s travel, the person said.

Players’ association gathering facts

The commissioner’s office said it will consult with the players’ association as part of its investigation. The union was in the process of gathering facts on the events.

Turner hit .307 with four homers and 23 RBIs in the pandemic-shortened season and .293 (17 for 58) with three homers and six RBIs in the post-season, including .320 with a pair of solo homers in the World Series.

“Having a mask on and staying socially distanced, he want to come out and take a picture with the trophy, which can’t state strongly enough how big of a role he’s played in the success of this organization,” Friedman said.

“But I think for him, just being a free agent, not knowing exactly how the future is going to play out. I don’t think there was anyone that was going to stop him from going out,” he said. “I think from at least my perspective and not watching it super closely with everything going on, but I think he was mindful of other people, especially other people that he hadn’t already been in contact with. This is something that we’re going to wrap our arms around tonight and in the morning and figure out where we’re going from here.”

~~~~~ Jim

The Dawning of March ?

Morning Scattered clouds highlighted.

This photo was taken at around 7:30 am this morning – looking mostly East & up, over a ridge that lies between me and the sunrise. I like it that way.  —jda—

Good Morning & Welcome to March, 2016 — It’s -4˚C / +25˚F with scattered clouds and bright sunlight @ 8:15 am in Atlantic Canada

Today is Ron Howard’s Birthday && Jay Moran in Connecticut is also celebrating his birthday.

Hilary Clinton did better than Bernie Sanders in South Carolina’s February 27th Democratic Primaries and now they’re moving in to “Super Tuesday”-‘s form of March Madness for 2016.

Here, in Canada, after the CRTC told Cable TeeVee providers to stop ripping off their customers – those providers found loopholes the way the automobile industry found their way around safety laws that were instituted after Ralph Nader’s “Unsafe At Any Speed” hit the public’s awareness – They winked at each other and claimed they had to raise prices by at least twice what it cost them to comply with the new laws. Low price – stripped down basic packages cost $25.00 Canadian Dollars – but – instead of being able to grab just what they want and save money by not paying for channels they wouldn’t watch if you paid them to – consumers are being told that they now have to pay more for single channels added to their cheap basic starting point. —> WHY? { How do you spell “G-R-E-E-D” ? }

————— Schnarr!


Rainy Father’s Day

Sunday, 21 June, 2015 -( 12˚C / 54˚F & Raining in economically depressed (?)  New Brunswick @ 7:15 pm )-

Cat napping near a window on a rainy day.

Moe taking advantage of the sleepy wet weather in his favourite spot on of the custom made cat shelves we still haven’t reassembled into the cat friendly stuff we took apart when we traveled here from where we used to be, but he’s in a cat friendly window, on the cat friendly porch- so all is just about right with the world.

( Cat napping near a window on a rainy day. )
Moe taking advantage of the sleepy wet weather in his favourite spot on of the custom made cat shelves we still haven’t reassembled into the cat friendly stuff we took apart when we traveled here from where we used to be, but he’s in a cat friendly window, on the cat friendly porch- so all is just about right with the world.
— We had our first ice cream treat of the year yesterday to sort of celebrate Fathers’ Day, after running out for a couple things at a couple stores. And looking around at rocks and things.

Deer Cam Video Still

Wet day as seen through the ‘deer cam’ that spots hungry deer on the hill back there.

( Deer Cam Video still. )

Wet day as seen through the ‘deer cam’ that spots hungry deer on the hill back there.
— And I found out this morning that we had been able to ‘comply’ with our web provider’s least expensive option, delete everything on the server and upload the ‘clean’ previous back-up save. So I pretty much spent the entire day updating stuff and deleting possible security problems.

— F’ rinstance, I spent way too much time re-uploading one blog, stalling when it came to a suspicious file, deleting old themes and other hiding places for sociopathic code, trying again to finish uploading a suspicious back up when I could have reverted to an earlier back-up and skipped a lot of unnecessary grief, since that blog had been idle since the earlier bak-up. But I couldn’t know that- not until I finished the whole exhausting process and gone back to check the ‘postings’. -sigh-

— shrug

— But we’re back—

——— jda ———

28 November, 2014 – Powerless?

Friday, 28 November, 2014  -( -9°C / +16°F = Very bright out there – @ 11:15 am ‘Somewhere near Halifax’ )-

The electricity went out –

I had to visit a friend and use a ‘foreign’ computer to do this.

Life is strange at times.

I already blew my half-hearted attempt to ‘win’ a ‘blog something every day for 30 days’ challenge, so why did I come here mostly to get today’s blog message out of my system?

I don’t know. cabin fever?

— oh, and I suppose I needed to read my friend’s message on his computer: “Congratulations, you are successfully connected to jet pack”?


Day 27 / Snow-Vember, 2014 – Nice Quiet Blizzard Sneaking Up On Us –

Thursday, 27 ‘Snow-Vember’, 2014 – -( -1°C / +30°F & “Light Snow” which has dumped almost a foot/30 cm on us in 12 hours @6 am in Atlantic Canada )-

— Jim W, who is braver than I am, went out and shoveled a little bit already, says it might have been called ‘heavy wet snow’, but it isn’t that heavy. He measured it and says his driveway isn’t quite covered in a nice, uniform depth but most of it is 12 inches deep, with scooped out- partially wind cleared areas down at 6 or seven inches and he’s guessing the average is up around 9-12 inches, or 22-30 cm.

I hurt just thinking about it.

photos later, maybe

~~~~~  ———jda——

Day 26 / November, 2014 -Happy Birthday Val & Joe – & We Have A Winter Storm Warning In Effect :

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 – -( +4°C / 39°F & grey & damp outside @ 3:15 pm around here )-

Blooming Christms Cactus

Photo of Cathi’s Corner with blooming “Christmas Cactus” – photo by —jim w—

We talked Doug into getting his own twitter account rather than rely one one of us to do his tweet searches for him.

Doug's First Tweet.

Doug’s sent one original message, and retweeted 2, commented on one- there may be hope for him yet. no, he ain’t no luddite, he works w/computers and anything more might be overkill

& Doug sent us a photo -that should be below this-

snowy parking lot

Doug sent this from his little corner of New York state.

—Heavy duty storm on its way. They’re calling it a nor’easter. Expect as much as 30 cm / 1 foot of snow over night & into tomorrow.

—Uh, I’m feeling brain dead, but there’s a lot of that going around, 90% of the nonsense coming at me from the Tweet-us-sphere is telling us stuff I don’t really care about re: Jian Ghomeshi’s adventures in court.

Um, & Jim W says he’s almost feeling human again.

—Yay? —— ehhh?—,


Day 25 / November, 2014 – Pets in Mourning too:

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 -( 13°C / 55°F – Cloudy & very wet out there @ 10:45 am in Atlantic Canada )-


Jassper le Boof on February 28, 2009 – He didn’t like being behind a barricade, but he was trying to be Cute & Lovable.

Cathi realized that all the pets have been effected by Max’s kicking off his earthly shell and charging off into the next world. Late last evening Jassper went looking for his usual number of stainless steel bowls to play hockey with on the living room floor and drive ‘mommy’ nuts with – barking, jumping around and making lots of noise as he narrates his mock games with the Boof equivalent of “Boof Boof Scores!” — But there was one bowl missing.


Moe and Domino on the window seat enjoying the sleeping bag Domino decided was his, back in Arnprior. – Photo borrowed back from MySpace –

This morning Moe l’Orange didn’t have much of an appetite for his wet food. So I brought his leftovers down to Domino, didn’t even realize Boof had followed me, and I put the bowl on top of the dresser that Jassper might be able to reach, if he really stretches- but what shocked me, is when Domino went to sniff the wet food in the bowl, Jassper growled, like he was telling him that that was Max’s, leave it alone. I turned and yelled at Jassper to cool it, “Chill!”

& I could almost go into shock when I realize how deeply I’ve been effected by this. I mean, when a human dies, even someone very close, we seem to go into a cloud of ‘shock’, disbelief and un-reality.

Last Saturday, the 22nd, the day before Max left us, I just happened to tune in to my old radio station,  / and listened to Annette Sz- read from one of her favourite books written by a Buddhist nun. Annette read a passage in which the nun described the shock she and her friends went through when their ‘Guru’ and inspiration died suddenly. She said that being as spiritual as they were, someone was shocked at how deeply their suffering was as they mourned. Someone else came up with the explanation that as they opened their heart centres through their daily attempts to practice deep meditation, they also tore away the protection that ‘normal people’ had and opened themselves to deep and powerful emotional responses in the moment. – Wow – So, Annette and the Universe got that right. Funny how we rarely have anything give us support and glimpses of what might be coming our way ahead of time. Thank you, Annette- Thank you, ‘Universe’ –


“Keeping Humans on track is such exhausting business-“



From the Archives : Aerendel News & Reviews:

Screenshot of earlier blog.

{ The first several attempts at using a theme I could live with failed – And then I found this “Lord Of The Rings” Theme – & that worked. }





25 November, 2014 – First Voices Indigenous Radio:

{  Message copied and pasted from email ———jda—— }


Still Tuesday, November 25th, 2014  -( +14°C / 57°F & There has been sunlight and interesting shadows @ 3:00 pm in Atlantic Canada )-

After facebook contact with a good friend from WPKN radio, where I used to hang out, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, about 50 miles from NYC, I wiggled a few wires and got the speakers back at something like peak sound and listened to a couple things.

But I have to tell you, an airing of last year’s Thanksgiving (U.S. dates) program from First Voices Indigenous Radio knocked me out. It was that good. Tiokasin Ghosthorse played a recording of John Trudell of the Dakota Nation from Thanksgiving 1980. He talks about the difference between real power and brutality, and described the tactics that corporate amerika uses to convince good people that it’s hopeless to try to resist their ‘progress’ as they enslave and exploit us all. John Trudell also tells us that if we are true to the earth, the Earth will protect us.

This is an amazing talk and if this link works, I will encourage everybody to listen to it- *  Link  * you will have to open the page and click on “First Voices Indigenous Radio November 21, 2013 [dot] mp3.

It should be more than worth listening to.

~~~~~Jim W