Thursday / Day 6

Thursday, 06 November, 2014 – -( -1°C / +30°F & Very Grey in predawn Atlantic Canada at 6:57 am )-

Reality: I have an insistant orange cat meowing pitifully at my door, trying to scratch his way into the office here, with a big black dog right behind him.

Sleep: I got into bed at something like twelve last night, but watched a little television. Arrow – I have not really ‘gotten into’ a lot of network shows lately. We watch the Blacklist, Orphan Black, The Game of Thrones, and Cathi got deeply into True Blood and I didn’t miss an episode of that in the last three years. But Arrow- I don’t often see an episode all the way through, and do not know many details- but I watched last night’s episode from a Chicago station. and then while flipping around, and discovered that the second half of the Flash was playing on another station, tuned into that, noticed that Grey’s anatomy would be on at two am our time, and saw a commercial teaser for it. During another commercial break, I went out into the living room where Cathi was feeding her bouncing cows on one of her social games and watching something on an episode of Dragons’ Den. She hushed me and told me she wanted to see what was going on with the television show, and she usually has the teevee on as background while she’s busy with her computer games, so I thought that was a bit weird. And when the show she was watching went into a break, I asked her if she was following Grey’s Anatomy, was that something she was really interested in, did she want to set the pvr to record at 2 am, and no- the show I had seen that was either a series ender or season ender or something was not what was listed to play at 2 am on this odd station – a time zone shift Cathi wanted so she could get shows she wanted to see at a later time when two or more were playing at the same time. So I missed a large part of the climax on the Flash, and got back with one of the major characters in the hospital and a bad guy in a really weird place that even somebody with super powers could not escape from. So lots of details from that program are missing- but that was over at 1:30, I flipped to the CBC News network channel and relaxed and fell asleep to the news, woke up when Cathi came to bed, whenever that was, but did not wake up enough to keep me from slipping easily back into sleep. I think I might even have a chance to develop a decent sleeping pattern and maybe gradually stop feeling completely exhausted all the time.

Dreams: 2 Dreams with cars as the central focus? Someboy met with Cathi about a car they had taken away from her. I don’t know whether the person with the power was her boss or what their power or reasoning was. When they realized they had made a mistake, they called us both into their presence and gave her the keys to a new car, and told us where to find it. It was a big old peach coloured convertible, with shiny highlights and details, like something out of Great Gatsby days, with the steering wheel on the right hand side. She was excitedly climbing behind the wheel and I was heading for the passenger’s door, which was on the left side, and I couldn’t find the handle to get into it The top was down- it had chrome doo- dads on the fenders and huge white wall tires, and I couldn’t figure out how to open the door.  This changed into me, driving an older car out of the way, up near the top of a snow covered hill, it looked like there had been some kind of party, or maybe it was a parking lot at something like a country club or something. I did not recognize the place at all, but I was backing around, off the road, where the snow hadn’t been plowed, I crossed an area that had been plowed and had to go through another unplowed, hillside area in order to get to a place where I could safely shift into ‘forward’ mode and drive down the plowed road. I started to got stuck and I didn’t know if the rear wheel drive older car could get me to where I needed to be in order to easily get onto that plowed road out of there. I woke up with this unresolved.

Too much reality: I took our jeep out last night to get cheap bread and coffee for Cathi in the morning, one for me to get a bit of warm coffee inside me around 9:30 pm and chill most of the extra large coffee in our refrigerator so I’ll have something to sip on all day today. The jeep stalled three times on the way home. The check engine light is not flashing, but it’s been lit, we haven’t had lots of money, so I haven’t been driving the jeep much and it has a quarter tank of gas and that would have gotten me to the convenience store, Tim Horton’s and back maybe a dozen times, but when I was backing it into our driveway and out of Cathi’s way so she can get to work this morning easily, it died again and did not want to start. I told her it might need to be checked and she wasn’t happy. But I can’t jump into it and drive it anywhere, can’t go looking for work while she’s got the van at work or anything like that until we resolve this issue. planned obsolescence? Evil banksters pulling the plug on us?-  Trying to manipulate us into a not so happy place where they have total control over? who knows?

NaBlo? Day 6 is here, I’m on track.

NaNo? 17,820 words as of midnight last night, a couple more after that. on track to finish on the 15th of November.

Pets? They gave up trying to scratch their way into the office and they’re off looking for something else to get into.