Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzz Zzzzz Clunk-

Saturday, January 24th, 2015  -( -4°C / +25°F & Clear after a bit of a dusting -light snow- last night )-  Susie P in Vermont’s Birthday.

I just fell asleep at the computer here, long enough to dream I was in a house visiting somebody when an earthquake hit, I went to the windows and looked out and saw long thin sink holes developing while the world shook. The sink holes were not spectacular, they were maybe a couple feet wide and twenty or thirty feet long and fell a couple feet into the ground. I was telling my friend I needed to get home to make sure everybody there was okay. Then I was in a car in moderate traffic on a  suburban street. Somebody else was driving. Then I woke up with a back ache.




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