Other Worlds? —> Other Times?

Tuesday? January 23rd, 2018 —> Uh —Why am I doing this on my day off? —> Imported into “Perspective” on Friday – January 25th, 2018 — it’s dark outside and I can’t see the thermometer —djo–

Floating Cliffs?

“Dreams Don’t Always Make Sense-“

— Before waking up in ‘The Faer Kingdoms’ I had a dream than an impossible cliff was floating in a void.

Cat-Man guarding a cavern.

– But then a Cat-Man was guarding this cavern –

— You better know I had to pinch myself – And I FELT it!

Just inside the cavern.

– So I followed him into the cavern and couldn’t understand a word he said –

— But through sign language and gestures I understood that he was guarding this cavern for a reason and he thought I should hurry up and climb a hill –

Hot night in the cavern.

– Not all the guides in this cavern were as scary as the first one –

— But she rolled her eyes when I smiled at her –

Cat-Man guard near the end.

– Near the end of a long climb and some dizzying, “Don’t Look Down!” warnings I thought I saw the first guard’s twin brother. –

— And Just when I thought, “I don’t think I can get used to this -”

Woman guard with gear axe

– Another half dressed woman guard stepped out of the shadows and waved an axe at me –

— In an accent I couldn’t quite place she said, “I will tell you when it’s safe to go out there – You wait here.” And she sneered at me. I got the point.

Map of Shamrock Island.

– She came back about half an hour later and handed me a map –

— She pointed to a spot near the middle of the map and said, “You are here -” and she frowned, “Your adventure has only begun -”

— She glared at me for some uncomfortable moments then softened, “We dress like this because distracted men don’t fight very well -”

— Then she gestured and I stepped out into sunlight that was much too bright –