Spirituality Vs. Religion

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— I may be nuts to attempt to tackle an issue as big as the differences between Religion and Spirituality.  Maybe the simplest way t0 put it is: Spirituality is the way you see the world and live your life when you’re trying to live by the highest standards of  “Love thy neighbour as thyself-” and all that. Religion is what the leaders of your church want you to believe in.

— Examples: Extra-ordinarily Spiritual Prophet Mohammed ( may God continually pour blessings upon Him ) wanted his daughter, Jasmine, to become one of the prime movers in the religion he set up after he had gone on to the next world – Almost immediately a bunch of greedy, power-hungry men seized control of Islam, and stripped Jasmine of any power she might have had while her Father was alive and delegated all women to somewhat less than human status. Those guys instituted their version of Religion on the much more Spiritual teachings and guidance of Mohammed ( God Bless Him eternally ).

— And on the Christian side of things… Now this is controversial: A lot of people believe that Politically powerful Romans plotted behind the scenes { behind the altars? } to have their guy, Saul the tax collector, elevated and canonized as Paul the replacement Apostle for Judas – { who may have been following Jesus’ orders when he turned J.C. over to the Romans so He could go through that agonizing death to show this World that death is an illusion we can overcome – } I have some intelligent and insightful friends who believe that Paul is one of the ‘False Prophets’ that Jesus tried to warn us about. A lot of what Paul wrote in the books that were edited into the Bible when a lot of earlier Truths were edited out by Justinian the Roman Emperor { and really not a nice guy? }.

— The Romans in power couldn’t see how they could maintain control and keep the tax moneys coming in if all of their citizens realized what Jesus tried to tell us and stopped believing the official lies that all governments spout. So the put their guy, Paul { née Saul } in power with their story of miraculous conversion on the road and all that – which may have been true, but I wasn’t there to see it happen, and an awful lot of what Paul had to say in his letters to the heads of a lot of local churches directly contradicts a lot of what Jesus said. Or a lot of what we have been told that Jesus said.

— So if the two paragraphs above this one are True, or close enough to the Truth – Christianity lost its Spirituality and became a bureaucratic religion when Roman politicians seized control way back when they ‘converted’ to Christianity.


— Let me call this the first installment of many here – with a bit of a summary:


— — Spirituality is the life style some of us choose when we hunger and thirst after righteousness and feel a deep need to get as close to God as we can.

— — Religion is what happens when human beings, hungry for power, riches, prestige, etc. – take control of Spiritual ideas and guidance and warp that into a system of rules and regulations and guidelines that they want their ‘underlings’ to live by so they can reap the riches, power, status, and all that and maintain control over their ‘flocks’ in a quasi feudal system where, “You can’t get to Heaven – either on Earth or when you die – without an officially appointed Priest ( or Priestess, Minister, Chaplain, or Preacher of some sort ) guiding you.” – and collecting your hard-earned money to further his { usually ‘his’ } best interests { in this world } while telling you that the money collected goes toward furthering the good works of the church that he and his cronies control.


— Schnarr?  — jrw —

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