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{ —> is a sure sign of very sick mind } 😉

-Wednesday, April 22, 2020 —> +4˚C / +38˚F – dark and overcast @ 12:11 am in Atlantic Canada-

MacBook Pro and connected external monitor, keyboard and trackball -

– This is my MacBook Pro – 15 inch model – vintage 2009 (?) I just changed the battery in the laptop – and that didn’t kill it –  and hey, that’s something. –

— I do most of my blogging on this computer – using the 24 inch 1920×1080 pixel LG Monitor to the left of the laptop – and this monitor is bigger, has more ‘real estate’ and is easier to read than the laptop’s screen – and it hasn’t died or burst into flames (yet) This set up has a Lacie ‘Rugged’ external hard drive, but I’m running it from the internal SSD the laptop came with – and I also have a terra-byte USB drive connected to it to keep some very critical schnarr safe —> I use firefox – not quite exclusively – with this machine and it’s been demanding I update it to the latest version/revision – seems like once or twice a week – And that’s a pain in the dupah –

—  { The laptop ‘proper’ sits atop a dead external speaker and that’s on top of a put-it-together-yourself printer stand with wheels that blocks the door to a closet in this room, my ‘office’ here in Marysville, which is technically part of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, North America, Earth, Solar system named for ‘Sol’ – our sun. And I have no idea what the parallel world distinction might be – but we are in the Material Universe, which is surrounded by and permeated by the Astral Universe, which is surrounded by and permeated by the Causal Universe. And if you haven’t managed to evolve to the point where you can leave your physical body at will the Material Universe is the only one you believe exists, and I’m not about to mess up your mind and complicate your life by insisting that my experience is any more valuable that yours, even if that’s true when it comes to me, and if you haven’t experienced something – it doesn’t exist for you. And I shouldn’t try to explain what lies beyond your ability to sense any higher reality that I believe you are part of – because if you go looking for something that I’ve described for myself – you might just push it away and never get there in this life. {{ So I will try not to ‘front load’ any of my mis-conceptions of the greater Reality that I believe we are all a part of. 😉 }

- Altar above my blogging set up -

– This is the altar I have set up directly above the external keyboard and eternal monitor that are  connected to my MacBook Pro –

— Directly above the larger monitor to the left of the laptop is a sort of altar with pictures of Yogi Masters who are part of the group I belong to – I used to try to meditate in here, in the ‘office’ – but without a couple fans running most of the time the computers in here over heat and crash, and with the fans running it’s too noisy to properly concentrate in here – but I keep this stuff around to inspire me – and inspire me to not get crazy and spout all kinds of negative emotion and half baked ideas if and when something in the television network news pushes one or more of my buttons. – I’ve tried to ignore as much television news and as many commercials as possible lately.  – That helps a little. But my “B.S. Meter” goes off the rails when I hear anything that doesn’t quite sound right, and lately, there isn’t a lot in the accepted mass media news that doesn’t sound and feel like somebody behind the scenes is hell-bent on controlling the news – so whoever they are behind the scenes – trying to keep everybody off balance and easily manipulated – I’m not convinced, and I know a lot of other real live human beings who are likewise – not convinced. And I guess we’re just kind of trying to stay below the radar and go through the motions, hoping the effort those manipulators are expending – short circuits their bodies and minds and wears them out before their time so we can step over their bodies and get on with the work of turning this world into something a lot closer to the ‘Heaven on Earth’ we signed up to try to bring into manifestation here.

- To the left (north) of the 'altar' on the shelf I put up in here - momentos and reminders of positive memories - and glasses cleaner -

– Photos of Mom – and other reminders of positive memories – and glasses cleaner so I don’t die from eye strain … on the shelf to the left ( north ) of the ‘altar’ –

— The wax wizard ( he’s a candle I’ll never burn ) lost his arms a couple times, we tried to re-attach them but they fell off again.

- The monitor below the shelf on the north wall in the office is connected to the mac mini that catches 99% of my email and when I took this photo it was transfering old web site back ups from a hard drive that had no room left to one that had a lot of gigabytes free. -

– The monitor below the shelf on the north wall in the office is connected to the mac mini that catches 99% of my email and when I took this photo it was transferring old web site back ups from a hard drive that had no room left to one that had a lot of gigabytes free. –

— The wooden sign we had made when I first came up here as a visitor, then guest, then permanent resident, then dual citizen – which used to be hanging prominently on my travel trailer when it was parked near Fergus, Ontario – says, “TaleRocker ~ DreamCat” – names that Cathi and I chose as our user names in an on-line writers’ workshop where we met and checked each others’ efforts at keeping other people’s web sites updated, etc. She worked for a Government of Canada agency where when the IT guys told people they could get around to their requests in a week or two – Cathi’s co-workers came to her with puppy dog eyes and cried, “help-?” and along with her other intense work – she usually managed to fix their glitches and add important messages in English and French and get it done in a couple hours instead of a couple weeks. So she was a lot more impressive than I was. But when she was using Microsoft’s ‘Front Page’ – its inherent deceptive nonsense once in a while told her everything was fine, but the graphics that it was supposed to use that were on the web site were sometimes ignored while Front Page linked to the copies of those graphics she had to download to her own computer to get them to work – and a couple times I told her she had broken graphics and she went, “Yikes!” and fixed the links and thanked me.

- Monitor connected to our second security camera system -

– This is the monitor we have connected to the second security camera system we bought since we moved here to New Brunswick – the first one gave up the ghost almost as soon as its warranty expired. –

— Some crazy drunk kids stole our nearest neighbour’s car a while back and we thought it might be a good idea to upgrade our security camera system – This 1080p television monitor is sitting on a notebook and an old “Alternative Energy Sourcebook” – which I bought during my stay in the Ithaca region of New York State – The white thing near the bottom left corner is a camera made by ‘Swann’ that replaced one of the two cameras that came with this system that died gruesome deaths within a month or two of being put to use. Camera number one – in the upper left corner of the monitor – is so touchy that I put a black tube around it which narrows the field of vision to that circle – and keeps the camera from causing the whole system to flip out and crash – That camera and the one directly below it are by by the same manufacturer, two of the four cameras that came with this system – the two that still work – camera one is hyper sensitive to light and camera four, below it, sometimes forgets to shift to colour when the sun shines directly into the porch – so – yes, “Quirky R Us” – Cameras two and five ( top middle and middle middle ) are both from “Q-See” and have really good colour and pretty good light sensitivity. But they’re 720p in this 1080p system – but they work (for now?) so I’m happy. Camera three (top right) is one of the cameras from the original system that died when its warranty expired –  but the camera works, even if it believes my dark blue shirt is light grey – Camera 6 – middle row right, below camera 3 – is the Swann camera that will take over as camera one when I get my bum in gear and move it out there – We also want to mount a couple cameras pointed toward the ‘Deer Hill’ to watch our four legged buddies without scaring them half to death or taking the chance that they might get used to us and think humans are warm and friendly and don’t want to eat them. Camera 7 – lower left corner – is another camera from our original system that survived when the warranty expired and will move somewhere – soon – and camera 8, bottom row center – is in the basement – coming alive and letting us know if another squirrel somehow found his or her way inside – It’s aimed at a section of the basement that has never flooded, when our monsoons have given us maybe a quarter inch of puddle directly behind that camera. I should have told you that this paragraph was boring and let you skip it – sorry –

- The lower two monitors are connected to my interactive on-line 3-D game world which I'm building and experimenting with different colour skies and fogs and light setting and weather settings lately -

– The lower two monitors are connected to my interactive on-line 3-D game world which I’m building and experimenting with different colour skies and fogs and light settings and weather settings lately – The upper monitor is the email monitor connected to the mac mini which is still watching old back-ups of web sites being moved from a full hard drive to one that has loads of space. Yes, we do multi-tasking – even if we know that that increases our chances of overloading on frustration –

— That’s a screen shot on the lower left monitor – mirrored on the lower right on a screen that has a firefox instance connected to one of my blogs to the left and a ‘Windows Task Manager’ telling me how much CPU I’m using and how much physical RAM memory is in use. I’ve got a regular laser mouse to the left of the old ‘ergo-gnomic’ keyboard and a track ball to the right. they both have scroll wheels but the track ball double clicks with one tap and the regular mouse doesn’t. And I can get more control when I’m moving things inside the game creation software, that wasn’t fired up when I took this photo. & the monitor above those two is the email monitor, he said, redundantly – and it is still moving old web site back ups from one disk to another – & As I’m writing this, the older back ups are getting smaller and smaller and moving more quickly from hard disk to hard disk.

- Second Game Building Computer - so two of us can work on the game at the same time.

– This is the second Windows Computer that has the game building software in it or on it —> This way two of us can work on the game together at the same time. And if one of us gets a bit too excited and overloads his or her computer and it freezes or crashes, when we’re both connected, we don’t usually lose anything – and that’s a good thing –

— This computer isn’t working on the game right now either, that’s a blog a friend of mine has at wordpress dot com on the left and a screen shot background photo from one game area on the right.

lower monitor is connected to a G5 Mac & that's the security monitor behind it.

– The lower monitor is connected to a G5 Mac that can run OS 9 stuff that has features that OS X computers either don’t have or want incredibly stupid high amounts of money to add to stupid programs that are a pain in the sit-down to begin with –

— Yeah, my G5 Mac tower is hiding beneath a desk in here and the lower monitor is connected to it – I don’t keep that one running all the time, but like I said in the caption that should be above this – I have a couple ancient programs on the G5 computer that can run in OS 9 that have yummy features that beedy grastards have taken out of later versions of similar programs and offer at higher than premium prices with insane learning curves attached – The screen’s background is a photo I took while working for TVCOGECO outside of Ottawa, Ontario before we moved here –

— And I should quit before I pass out —

— Stay Safe – think about something that makes you feel good, and remain positive in your mind and negative if they test you for any weaponized virus –

~~~~~ Jim

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