Notes Along The Way To A Possible Future?

-Saturday, March 11th, 2023 —> +3˚C / +36˚F & “Fair” @ 2:20 pm in Atlantic Canada-


Xhyrean & Corrie In Keltic Vale Near Border

– “Xhyrean & Corrie in Keltic Vale – Near the border with Del-Vahria & Near the inland Seaport

— Don’t believe everything, or anything, I say is God’s Ultimate Honest Truth  – Test my findings – Population figures today estimate there are 7.88+ Billion human beings on this planet. If that is true – Then there are 7.88+ Billion paths to God and Heaven —> which, we have been told, is our ultimate destination, the ultimate purpose of life and the reason for the existence of this universe, and any other universes that are out there.

— I’ve been involved in Raja Yoga since 1972 – Raja Yoga is the Spiritual practice.

— I guess a large part of my philosophy toward life is a rewrite/edit? of a poem written by a Buddhist woman – when I find her name I’ll give her credit – but I’ve moved around a lot and I lost too many notes and recordings – so:

Nirvana Dharma

Nine Billion roads to Nirvana
And too many believe they know the only way
Do your Dharma - Do your Best
Let others argue and confuse themselves to death
{ A re written poem by a Buddhist Nun - When I find her name again I'll give her credit here }


Yoga Master + Fredericton

– “Yoga Master Meditating with Fredericton, New Brunswick in Winter Background” –


— I start my Yoga exercises with a Prayer I modified from a prayer suggested by the Gurus and teachers who founded and now continue the teachings of the ‘School’ of Yoga I joined in 1972 – I don’t expect or want anyone to love, hate, mock or embrace this prayer – & I’m not bragging – I’m just using this as an example of what I’ve come to embrace and ‘see’ the various universes these Gurus and students investigated and tell us beginners is what Creation is all about & what it ‘looks like’.

— Prayer before Breathing Exercises { If your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen it sends out signals that equal depression – Everything seems worse if your brain is starving for oxygen. }

—> “Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Constant Friend, Eternal Beloved: – God – in all Your Shapes, Forms, Names, And Disguises — May the air we breathe remind us of You, Connect us to You, Realign us with You, and Reunite us with You – Thank You – Aum – Shanti – Amen”

—> {  I sometimes alter the “May the air we breathe” to “May every breath we breathe -” —>  & I’ve had intense surprises while doing the breathing exercises I’ve been taught – Saw what friends were doing at something like 150 to 250 miles away – saw them in person, saw every detail, every gesture, the way they were smiling – Breathing air on this planet might be the thing that disrupts our Spiritual Aspirations the most – but I have also seen white light coming at me and heard a ‘ticking’ sound – wondered if I was about to pass out and then felt energy surge through me – And some Yogis and other positive minded mystics have reported that we begin our existence as part of God, Connected to the Heart and Mind of God – and While I haven’t experienced absolute proof of that – I took that on faith and included “May every breath we breathe re-unite us with You-” –  }




"Corporations" defined - Ambrose Bierce

– “Corporations” As defined by Ambrose Bierce –

— If the “POCLAD” web site is still up { Look it up? } — I was the Radio ‘Engineer’ recording an interview between a Connecticut Green Party Activist/Psychiatrist/Radio Personality and one of the people involved in the “Program On Corporations, Law And Democracy” – The interviewee told us that – when the USA first became the USA they deliberately made corporations subject to a lot of limitations. Corporations were only allowed to exist for a limited amount of time and when that time was up – all their assets would revert to the community they were licensed to serve. The intent was to make sure no corporations could become powerful enough to bribe and otherwise manipulate the government ‘of the people, by the people and for the people” into becoming a slave to corporations.

— Look up the definition of “Fascism” —> Here is a link to one of them —> “Corporate Fascism” as defined by Benito Mussolini … And, in case that link gets broken: here are its ‘Ten Steps to Fascism” —>

— “The 10 pillars of fascism are: ..number one: a mythic past, a great mythic past which the leader harkens back…Number two: propaganda. There’s a certain kind of fascist propaganda where everything is inverted. The news is the fake news. Anti-corruption is corruption….So, three: anti-intellectualism. As Steve Bannon said, “It’s emotion—rage gets people to the polls. We got elected on “Lock her up!” and “Build the wall!” Hitler, in Mein Kampf, says you want your propaganda to appeal to the least educated people-“… Number 4: unreality. You have to smash truth. So, reason gets replaced by conspiracy theories… Number 5: Hierarchy. In fascist politics, the dominant group is better than everyone else… Number 6: Victimhood. In fascism, the dominant group are the greatest victims. Men are the greatest victims of encroaching feminism. Whites are the greatest victims of blacks & other minorities. Germans are the greatest victims of Jews…. Number 7: Law and order. What are they victims of? They’re victims of the out group, who are criminals. What kind of criminals are they? They’re rapists. {Sexual anxiety } ….Pillar nine:  is Sodom and Gomorrah. The real values come from the heartland. The people in the city are decadent…pillar 10: is ”Arbeit macht frei“—work shall make you free. The out group is lazy. They’re not just criminals; they’re lazy… It’s all about winning.” { Um, I seem to have lost one of the steps here… }

— There’s more coming – This article/post is not just Political.