“Canadian Still Life With Snow Flurries”

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 —>  -10˚C / +13˚F with ‘light snow’ @ 9:30 am Atlantic Time in New Brunswick, Canada —> I think today is Mrs. Noreen Rooney’s birthday —> 🙂

Wood pile under tarp in drveway with very slight accumulation of snow flurries.

– “Canadian Still Life – With Flurries” (?) –

— When I was in Alaska at this time of year ( 1994 ) the stillness up there really was still. @ -40˚C / -40˚F it felt like even the air was frozen. Ravens and Moose were alive, Ravens complaining vociferously and Moose blundering around in a trance.  { You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Bull Moose, at least two tons of one, standing on his hind legs, reaching about ten feet up into a tree to eat twigs and dead leaves —> His hooves moving up and down with his effort – All this about two feet away from you with only a double glazed picture window between you and the Moose. If the darned thing lost his balance, he would have come crashing into my sister’s living room, probably panicked and could have run around in sheer panic, smashing things and maybe killing people, if he landed on top of me, I’d be history – But yeah, that was an experience – } {{ And I lived to tell about it, I think. Am I still alive? Is this the ‘here-after’? Jeeze, I hope not… }}


~~~~~ Jim

Welcome To Stone Lake

— Stone Lake is a property that includes a steep hill where logging trails were the only way vehicles could hope to reach the summit.


– Kaeren of Stone Lake – Parallel Earth designation =   { E/NorAm/US+Can+Mex # (-07) } –

— Kaeren O’Neill’s protective uncle George owned the property. When she was a bright-eyed five year old he’d promised Kaeren it would be hers some day.

— But George disappeared and everybody said he ran off with his secretary. Since uncle George worked for the US Government a lot of scary men came around and asked a lot of scary questions.

— But that was ten years ago.

— And a farmer named MacPhearson { Uncle George’s best friend since childhood } received a letter from Uncle George’s attorney explaining that if George disappeared for more than five years, Farmer MacPhearson should sell the property and make sure the money from that sale went to Kaeren so her alcoholic mother couldn’t drink it all up – The plan was that money would pay for Kaeren’s University Education.

— But nobody seemed to want to buy that property, heck, most of it was nearly vertical.

— And when an out of towner was interested, Farmer MacPhearson drove the potential buyer up the steep and partially washed out logging trail in a four-wheel drive vehicle that had been ‘customized’ for use as a farm utility vehicle. MacPhearson’s son had hacked off the back half of the once Station Wagon-like Power Wagon, put down a sheet of marine plywood and built a low wooden wall and working wooden tailgate and presented his father with one of the world’s ugliest hybrid pickup trucks. But Farmer MacPhearson thought it looked just dandy. All it had to do was drive forward and back, turn corners when he turned the steering wheel and stop when he put on the brakes. And that it did, in spades. And it was real good at carrying all kinds of stuff around his farm.

— Farmer MacPhearson had spent many hours in his youth, hunting with Uncle George – all over that hill. When George got his US Government job, the loggers thought they could squeeze him for big bucks, told him he needed to pay them quite a bit to cover their insurance and operating costs. But George wasn’t stupid. He knew how much the loggers were overcharging for the wood they ‘harvested’ from his land. And he basically told the loggers they should try one or two impossible sex acts with themselves and told his friends on the local police force to make sure the idiot loggers stayed the heck away while he was off working on classified government projects.

— But when the logging trail ended at a mound of debris, Farmer MacPhearson scratched his head, shrugged and told the young potential buyer, “I guess this is where we get out and look around a bit -”

— And when the two of them walked around the pile of twisted tree trunks and mud and who knows what else – Farmer MacPhearson gasped at what he remembered should be a hilly landscape full of old growth trees and trails left by deer and moose and smaller animals, and a gurgling brook that ran through those hills and over a couple small waterfalls – and saw only a nearly level area of exposed – not quite weathered smooth – stone. All the farmer could say was, “Well, that’s different -”

— As the summer afternoon sun blazed overhead, and heated that stone – several areas of almost spooky – mirage like – waving areas of heated air rose above the uneven ground.

— The prospective buyer – a young man only a couple of years older than Kaeren – smiled, “Looks like a stone lake -” and that name stuck.

— Like almost everyone she knew, Kaeren believed she lived in the only Reality there was – The planet she knew as “Earth” – And it never occurred to her that there could be anything like a parallel world —

But then One Morning – She Woke Up To Find:

Eslyn in Mer city

– A completely unexpected landscape –

— She thought she was still asleep and dreaming.

Midnight in the desert.

– But the people in this ‘dream world’ knew she was there and responded to her presence. –

— She could taste the air. She could feel the wind. The sand in this strange place smelled like wood smoke.

Re: Search For Images Of Ganesh

Sunday, January 28, 2018 —> +3˚C / +37˚F with light rain falling in this part of Atlantic Canada —

— Time for me to weigh in here with a copy & paste of what I’m using as a sticky on my blog —

— This was posted almost two and a half years ago after one of my clients wanted images of Ganesh for his web site.

— I kind of like the way this looks. —> Hope you do too.

—H.J. d’A—

= = = = =

Thursday, September 22, 2016 — 19˚C / 66˚F with bright sunshine @ 12:42 pm in Atlantic Canada —

Ganesh - with a black background

A friend wanted an image of Ganesh – Apparently September 5th was a special day dedicated to Ganesh in India, There were many images that could have fit the bill. I liked quite a few, including this one.

I am hesitant to call Ganesh a ‘god’. Cultural differences are too easy to misunderstand. My take on a ‘Western view’ of Ganesh would be that He is regarded the way Roman Catholics regard Saints. They ask Ganesh for help overcoming obstacles, removing obstacles from their lives, blessing them with ‘good luck’.

"Happy Ganesh Chaturthi'

I should have looked this up, but it looks like ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ is a Holiday / Celebration Day dedicated to Ganesh.

My friend, Jim W., told me a story related to Ganesh. While he was working part time as a cleaner when he first became a permanent resident in Canada and could legally find work- one of the places he worked was an old textile mill that was in the process of being converted into a ‘Corporate Centre’ / Office Building. The building had some creepy areas, other people who were there at night reported seeing ghosts, experienced being touched and/or pinched when nobody else was in the building.

Jim began chanting “Shri Ram” – a chant he picked up from a recording of music popular with Sufis – which was attributed to Mahatma Gandhi- He said he could feel his own voice vibrating in his chest and then all around him (after several minutes) in an unusually relaxing manner and then received a ‘spontaeneous visualization’ in which Ganesh was dancing, walking along beside him as he dusted, mopped and wet-mopped the floors. A few minutes later his visualization had expanded to include a whole traveling group of Hindu Indian musicians, playing drums and other instruments as they walked along with Ganesh and Jim, clearing the creepy vibrations away with happy smiling feelings and light.

He said he’d never thought of Ganesh as a Dancer- but apparently most Hindu Indians know Ganesh as quite the accomplished dancer.


— H.J. d’A —

An Environmental / Climate Tweet From Australia

Saturday, January 27, 2018 —> -8˚C /+17˚F & kinda grey and ‘blah’ @11:44 am in Atlantic Canada —

Aussie Tweet

This came as a tweet from an Australian – But when I tried to get the full message I landed on the guy who tweeted it’s web site.

— Anne Frank’s young face smiled from a number of tweets this morning calling this Holocaust Memorial Day – There were several Pro Union Tweets and only one or two really nice photos from my favourite European tweeting photographers. –


Morning Mist on Lake.

– And I snitched this amazing photo from one of our Arnprior friend’s facebook page –

— Shelley Cameron, ex-Arnprior-ite, took the above photo of a fog hanging low over a lake somewhere.

— People who capture photographs or somehow creatively spot things most of us overlook and miss – and paint or somehow share their vision with the rest of us, should be acknowledged, praised and let know they’re appreciated. 🙂

~~~~~ Jim

This Earthly Life

This Earthly Life

Friday, September 15th, 2017


It all seemed so simple
While we basked in Heavenly Love
– Guided by the wisdom of Heavenly Beings

So of course we volunteered
to come back down to earth
To save those silly earthlings
that we cared so much about
From suffering all the pain and confusion
they so readily embraced
in their blindness
and ambition –

But the process of birth
wiped our memories completely
and left us defenseless
before those Shakespearean slings and arrows

We were target practice for everything
that only valued power
and saw love as weakness
wisdom as a hindrance to their fulfillment
which, of course, they could never achieve
anyway –
And then they blamed us for their
inability to become the sole
ruler of everything they see.

And when the ones we care about
turn and blame us for every little failure
in their lives
of course it hurts

If we were mindless
It might not hurt at all

But we are, after all,
Angels in Training
And we feel every pain
we ever wanted to save
anyone else from ever feeling –

And down here
where the electro-magnetic currents
have intense and negative effects
on our ability to remember who we are
and why we’re here –
and, in effect, block out the sun of reason –
we’ve either got to trust
The Heart of the Universe
and the wisdom of whatever
we believe God might be
– to get us through this –


— Jim Wellington 2017

Good Morning / Good Afternoon —> A Little Background —

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 —> -4˚C / +24˚F & very grey and drab with almost invisibly falling snow @3:15 pm in Atlantic Canada — Imported from “Mirror Blog” two days  later —

Deserted Manor Houses

– Faer Kingdoms – Deserted Manor Houses at Dawn –

— One of our first glimpses of a parallel world within a parallel world – In this case it’s an anomaly-created ‘pocket dimension’ called, “The Faer Kingdoms”. This is an area where mythical creatures and “The People Of The Glenn” live side by side with humans and elves and upright bi-pedal Cat-People – among others.

Cavern Details

– Cavern Details – A guide named Daerenn led us part of the way to safety through a cavern that had been formed by rushing water from melting glaciers eons ago. –

— This cavern is mostly stable with wild portals opening in random spots from time to time. In a lot of areas it’s dark and scary, in others, engineers have been able to chip away excess stone near deposits of fairly clear white or perfectly clear colourless crystals in the ceiling and set up mirrors and lenses to amplify and focus daylight into the interior of the cavern so sights such as this one are spectacular –

Wild Portals

– Examples of Wild Portals springing up – Not inside the cavern –

— Guards rush to stand near wild portals on a dark and stormy night in a section of the Faer Kingdoms. This was just before a really intense lightning storm and the kind of downpour that produced flash flooding everywhere.

Cavern Guard - "Don't Look Down"

– Doug hinted that there were several areas where various guides warned us, “Don’t Look Down!” This was one of those areas. –

— Luckily, most of the guides and guards in this cavern are hyper-vigilant and not afraid to body slam somebody who looks slightly woozy against a wall when they might just pass our and teeter over the edge. There was a deep pool of water at the bottom of this drop. We were warned that some pools can be extremely toxic.

Moonlight through channeled crystals

– Moonlight channeled through crystals –

— On a night with a brilliant full moon outside the cavern, the engineers were able to filter that moonlight through crystals and flood areas of the cavern with bright, nearly magical light.

Woman guard guarding Crysal deposits

– Crystal deposits – Colourful glowing crystals light up some dark spots. –

— Her name is Eslyn, she’s a guard – and she told us, “When we dress like this, a lot of guys can’t think straight – Sometimes we need all the unfair advantage we can get.” She smiled. Other guards glared at us like, “You’re not supposed to look!”

Crystal Cavern Guide.

– Vollffe was another guide/guard. He told us that many guides and guards adopt flashy dress to suggest to potential looters and vandals that they’re already rich enough so bribery would be out of the question. –

— Rods and shards of mined crystals litter the floor while scars from miners’ picks and other implements of destruction are plainly visible in the walls of this section of the cavern.

Cave Entrance as seen from the Faer Kingdoms

– When we glanced back at the cavern’s entrance/exit once we could see again in daylight. This is what we saw –

— The Faer Kingdoms landscapes, and many other features there – exhibited much richer colours than we were used to in our ‘normal world’.

Dhoreena beyond the cavern.

– Dhoreena is an artist and a gentle soul from our world who became fascinated with this dimension and stayed on to capture as much of it as she could in paintings and occasional contraband camera photographs. –

— When our eyes became adjusted to daylight again, an artist named Dhoreena greeted us and led us to a safe hostel where the food wasn’t bad and the beds were a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the cold hard stone in the cavern had been. She admitted that she came from our world, said something about a designation “Earth – North America-Canada-Mexico Number Minus Five” – And mentioned that the only difference between minus three and minus five was the borders of Maine and New Brunswick. Presque Isle is part of New Brunswick in her world. She also told us that she’d heard rumours of a dimension in which Robert Kennedy avoided assassination, where the Psychiatrist who hypnotized Sirhan Sirhan confessed to trying to set up the hapless immigrant as a diversion for the man dressed as a security guard – who suffered a broken neck when a football player near Bobby Kennedy saw the gun in his hand – and Bobby went on to become a three term President of the USA and jailed the manipulators of the Federal Reserve Bank and the Economy, in her words, “Went Gang-Busters!” She also told us that she didn’t mind that the locals had her change the spelling of her name to reflect their customs.

— I probably need to come back and say a lot more, but I can do that later –

~~~~~ Jim


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Other Worlds? —> Other Times?

Tuesday? January 23rd, 2018 —> Uh —Why am I doing this on my day off? —> Imported into “Perspective” on Friday – January 25th, 2018 — it’s dark outside and I can’t see the thermometer —djo–

Floating Cliffs?

“Dreams Don’t Always Make Sense-“

— Before waking up in ‘The Faer Kingdoms’ I had a dream than an impossible cliff was floating in a void.

Cat-Man guarding a cavern.

– But then a Cat-Man was guarding this cavern –

— You better know I had to pinch myself – And I FELT it!

Just inside the cavern.

– So I followed him into the cavern and couldn’t understand a word he said –

— But through sign language and gestures I understood that he was guarding this cavern for a reason and he thought I should hurry up and climb a hill –

Hot night in the cavern.

– Not all the guides in this cavern were as scary as the first one –

— But she rolled her eyes when I smiled at her –

Cat-Man guard near the end.

– Near the end of a long climb and some dizzying, “Don’t Look Down!” warnings I thought I saw the first guard’s twin brother. –

— And Just when I thought, “I don’t think I can get used to this -”

Woman guard with gear axe

– Another half dressed woman guard stepped out of the shadows and waved an axe at me –

— In an accent I couldn’t quite place she said, “I will tell you when it’s safe to go out there – You wait here.” And she sneered at me. I got the point.

Map of Shamrock Island.

– She came back about half an hour later and handed me a map –

— She pointed to a spot near the middle of the map and said, “You are here -” and she frowned, “Your adventure has only begun -”

— She glared at me for some uncomfortable moments then softened, “We dress like this because distracted men don’t fight very well -”

— Then she gestured and I stepped out into sunlight that was much too bright –