“Canadian Still Life With Snow Flurries”

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 —>  -10˚C / +13˚F with ‘light snow’ @ 9:30 am Atlantic Time in New Brunswick, Canada —> I think today is Mrs. Noreen Rooney’s birthday —> 🙂

Wood pile under tarp in drveway with very slight accumulation of snow flurries.

– “Canadian Still Life – With Flurries” (?) –

— When I was in Alaska at this time of year ( 1994 ) the stillness up there really was still. @ -40˚C / -40˚F it felt like even the air was frozen. Ravens and Moose were alive, Ravens complaining vociferously and Moose blundering around in a trance.  { You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Bull Moose, at least two tons of one, standing on his hind legs, reaching about ten feet up into a tree to eat twigs and dead leaves —> His hooves moving up and down with his effort – All this about two feet away from you with only a double glazed picture window between you and the Moose. If the darned thing lost his balance, he would have come crashing into my sister’s living room, probably panicked and could have run around in sheer panic, smashing things and maybe killing people, if he landed on top of me, I’d be history – But yeah, that was an experience – } {{ And I lived to tell about it, I think. Am I still alive? Is this the ‘here-after’? Jeeze, I hope not… }}


~~~~~ Jim

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