Notes Along The Way To A Possible Future?

-Saturday, March 11th, 2023 —> +3˚C / +36˚F & “Fair” @ 2:20 pm in Atlantic Canada-


Xhyrean & Corrie In Keltic Vale Near Border

– “Xhyrean & Corrie in Keltic Vale – Near the border with Del-Vahria & Near the inland Seaport

— Don’t believe everything, or anything, I say is God’s Ultimate Honest Truth  – Test my findings – Population figures today estimate there are 7.88+ Billion human beings on this planet. If that is true – Then there are 7.88+ Billion paths to God and Heaven —> which, we have been told, is our ultimate destination, the ultimate purpose of life and the reason for the existence of this universe, and any other universes that are out there.

— I’ve been involved in Raja Yoga since 1972 – Raja Yoga is the Spiritual practice.

— I guess a large part of my philosophy toward life is a rewrite/edit? of a poem written by a Buddhist woman – when I find her name I’ll give her credit – but I’ve moved around a lot and I lost too many notes and recordings – so:

Nirvana Dharma

Nine Billion roads to Nirvana
And too many believe they know the only way
Do your Dharma - Do your Best
Let others argue and confuse themselves to death
{ A re written poem by a Buddhist Nun - When I find her name again I'll give her credit here }


Yoga Master + Fredericton

– “Yoga Master Meditating with Fredericton, New Brunswick in Winter Background” –


— I start my Yoga exercises with a Prayer I modified from a prayer suggested by the Gurus and teachers who founded and now continue the teachings of the ‘School’ of Yoga I joined in 1972 – I don’t expect or want anyone to love, hate, mock or embrace this prayer – & I’m not bragging – I’m just using this as an example of what I’ve come to embrace and ‘see’ the various universes these Gurus and students investigated and tell us beginners is what Creation is all about & what it ‘looks like’.

— Prayer before Breathing Exercises { If your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen it sends out signals that equal depression – Everything seems worse if your brain is starving for oxygen. }

—> “Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Constant Friend, Eternal Beloved: – God – in all Your Shapes, Forms, Names, And Disguises — May the air we breathe remind us of You, Connect us to You, and reunite us with You – Thank You – Aum – Shanti – Amen”

—> {  I sometimes alter the “May the air we breathe” to “May every breath we breathe -” —>  & I’ve had intense surprises while doing the breathing exercises I’ve been taught – Saw what friends were doing at something like 150 to 250 miles away – saw them in person, saw every detail, every gesture, the way they were smiling – Breathing air on this planet might be the thing that disrupts our Spiritual Aspirations the most – but I have also seen white light coming at me and heard a ‘ticking’ sound – wondered if I was about to pass out and then felt energy surge through me – And some Yogis and other positive minded mystics have reported that we begin our existence as part of God, Connected to the Heart and Mind of God – and While I haven’t experienced absolute proof of that – I took it on faith and included “May every breath we breathe re-unite us with You-” –  }




"Corporations" defined - Ambrose Bierce

– “Corporations” As defined by Ambrose Bierce –

— If the “POCLAD” web site is still up { Look it up? } — I was the Radio ‘Engineer’ recording an interview between a Connecticut Green Party Activist/Psychiatrist/Radio Personality and one of the people involved in the “Program On Corporations, Law And Democracy” – The interviewee told us that – when the USA first became the USA they deliberately made made corporations subject to a lot of limitations. Corporations were only allowed to exist for a limited amount of time and when that time was up – all their assets would revert to the community they were licensed to serve. The intent was to make sure no corporations could become powerful enough to bribe and otherwise manipulate the government ‘of the people, by the people and for the people” into becoming a slave to corporations.

— Look up the definition of “Fascism” —> Here is a link to one of them —> “Corporate Fascism” as defined by Benito Mussolini … And, in case that link gets broken: here are its ‘Ten Steps to Fascism” —>

— “The 10 pillars of fascism are: ..number one, a mythic past, a great mythic past which the leader harkens back…Number two, propaganda. There’s a certain kind of fascist propaganda where everything is inverted. The news is the fake news. Anti-corruption is corruption….So, three, anti-intellectualism. As Steve Bannon said, it’s emotion—rage gets people to the polls. We got elected on “Lock her up!” and “Build the wall!” Hitler, in Mein Kampf, says you want your propaganda to appeal to the most—to the least educated people…Number four, unreality. You have to smash truth. So, reason gets replaced by conspiracy theories…Hierarchy. In fascist politics, the dominant group is better than everyone else…Victimhood. In fascism, the dominant group are the greatest victims. The men are the greatest victims of encroaching feminism. Whites are the greatest victims of blacks. Germans are the greatest victims of Jews….Law and order. What are they victims of? They’re victims of the out group, who are criminals. What kind of criminals are they? They’re rapists. Sexual anxiety….Pillar nine is Sodom and Gomorrah. The real values come from the heartland. The people in the city are decadent…pillar 10 is ”Arbeit macht frei“—work shall make you free. The out group is lazy. They’re not just criminals; they’re lazy… It’s all about winning.”

— There’s more coming – This article/post is not just Political.


March 9th, 2022 – This World Might Be Going Completely Insane – But Our Plants Are Happy –

– Wednesday –  March 9th, 2022 – -1˚C / +30˚F & cloudy – on – I forgot her name, but she was whatsisname’s girlfriend for a while – and it’s her birthday today – 🙂 –

- Porch Plants Enjoying Grow Light -

– “Porch Plants Enjoying Grow Light” –

— The pinkish sheen to the right of some leaves and pots is from the ‘Grow Light’.

— With so much anxiety-inspiring ‘news’ constantly bombarding us lately – As the Russian Federation’s President seems to be ‘losing it’ — believing randomly murdering Ukrainian civilians is the way he can protect his country – or his egotistic ‘legacy’? –

— And with me wondering if any of the news we’re getting from any side is actually honest — I walked out on our glassed in porch and glanced at the jade plant and felt like it was happily smiling at me.

— An extra 45 minutes of trying to clear my mind meditating this morning probably didn’t hurt either.

– – – – – 🙂

~~~~~ Jim

February 2022 – and the possibility of catastrophic world threatening events in Eastern Europe

Friday, February 25th, 2022 – 07:01 am in Atlantic Canada. { Corrected a bunch of typos by 08:42 am }

"Stop All War!"

– I can’t take sides on this one – I don’t know enough – I can’t trust that we’ve been told the truth from either side.”


{ “Love is but a song we sing – Fear a way we die….” }


If there is a war going on between the forces of Light { Love } and Darkness { the Forces of Lust for Power } ––> Those who believe they need power over others in order to assure their survival and prosperity { out of fear and anxiety? } seem to have convinced themselves and each other – that, if they can keep as many others in a state of fear and anxiety as possible, those others become easy to manipulate { they’d call it ‘controlling their ‘underlings’ }.

{ “Poor man wanna be rich. Rich man wanna be King. King ain’t satisfied ’till he rules everything.” }

Edgar Cayce said there have been something like 11 million years of intelligent life on this planet.

How long did we survive before some idiot came up with the idea of ‘Currency’?

The Spiritual Law of Prosperity is not linked to gold or oil or precious gems or anything physical —> It depends on attitude and karma. All other forms of Economics Theory stem from what George Bush { the first } sneered at and called ‘Voodoo Economics’. Those who want you to believe they are the most rich and powerful and therefore should have power over our lives – have convinced us that they are rich and powerful because they were born with superior genes and have seized and held more toys and shiny things than we have – things that they have convinced us are really valuable – They’re not. Those who die with the most toys do not win this game – if it is a game.

{ Gold does have Spiritual qualities when worn in contact with our skin. Various crystals effect us emotionally and/or consciously. Wool and silk can aid us in our meditations. That’s real value. The ability to empower others is another real value. The ability to convince wounded/traumatized people that they have real value and lift their spirits is another real value. Letting other people know that we support each other spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and energetically is real value – and you can call that real spiritual power. Loving people can inspire love in others. Compassionate people inspire others to be compassionate. Empathic people can inspire others to endorse and value empathy. }

There are several universes or dimensions right here. Let’s concentrate on the three that are most important to us in this life. { “What we see as ‘Miracles’ are the laws of the higher dimensions being applied in the lower dimensions.” }

The Material/Physical Universe is where we are.

The Emotional/Astral Universe is the next higher Universe – The size of the Astral Universe has been compared to the Material Universe as being a hot air balloon – with the Material Universe being the comparative size of the hot air balloon’s basket. Evolved humans have told us that we travel into the Astral Universe when we sleep and dream. The higher areas of the Astral Universe a light and bright – the lower regions are dark and unpleasant.

The ‘Higher Intellectual’/Causal Universe is the next higher Universe – ‘above’ or ‘beyond’ the Astral/Emotional Universe. Again, the size differential between the Astral { Basket } to the Causal { Hot Air Balloon } is about the same as the difference between the Physical and Astral universes. Residents who have evolved to the point where they can live in the Causal Universe can materialize anything they want or need.

The ‘normal’ evolutionary progress for our spiritual lives goes ‘up’ from the Material to the Astral and then the Causal – There is something beyond the Causal, but the most advanced individuals that we know of – those who have evolved beyond the Causal – have come back here and told us that it would be counter-productive for them to describe what is beyond that { Causal } level. We have been told that all the Great Masters who have evolved beyond the Causal Level – have chosen to come back and guide us toward our Spiritual Ascension. Jesus, The Buddha, Krishna, and quite a few others who reincarnated as ‘Gurus’ are in this category.

{ I was told that it takes a billion years from the time we are created until we reunite with God beyond the Causal Level. Some of us get there faster, some, who – for instance blow the circuit breakers in their nervous systems through drug abuse and other ‘traps’ – take longer. }

{ “No Spirit can stand to be Negative forever.” }

The ‘baddest’ among us will always find somebody ‘Bigger and Badder’ who will torture and seek to control them.

The Sufis have a term they call a ‘Wrong Crystallization’ which may describe a condition brought about by dedicating too much time and energy to negative pursuits – They go on to say that to overcome a wrong crystallization requires time and suffering. { An alcoholic who caused a lot of pain and doubt in his or her family members and friends will choose to reincarnate as the victim of an alcoholic parent or spouse in order to convince themselves to the core of their being that alcoholism is not the way to improve themselves and/or grow spiritually. }

God doesn’t punish us or condemn us to eternity in ‘hell’ – We choose to live lives that convince us that we would much rather struggle upward than choose the paths that lead us into more and more intense pain and suffering.

{ We may now be going through intense growing pains – not a world ending event. }

This earth revolves around our Sun. The sun revolves around the center of our Galaxy. Our galaxy revolves around the center of the material universe.

There are areas of this material universe where the ‘vibrations’ and/or ‘Gravity’ and/or ‘Other Forces’ – aid or detract from our ability to think and understand ourselves and the – intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social – environments around us.

There are four distinct levels of human consciousness that correspond with the four ‘Ages’ of Earthly life.

These Ages have been described as a ‘Golden Age’ at the top of the scale, a ‘Silver Age’ one step below the Golden Age, an ‘Iron Age’ below the silver and a ‘Stone Age’ at the bottom of the scale.

The Cycle from ‘rock bottom’ – up to the peak of the Golden Age and back down again takes about 26,000 years.

Descending and then ascending through the Rock Bottom Age takes a thousand years. Five hundred years down and five hundred years back up

There is a period of chaos as the planet’s population adjusts between the ages –

We are currently on the upswing – Ascending up through the various ages. Each Age on the upswing takes a longer period of time to play itself out. – The Golden Age lasts the longest, the Silver Age is the second longest, the Iron Age is the third longest and the Stone age is the shortest. Each age lasts the same length of time on the way up and on the way back down.

At ‘rock bottom’ the vast majority of people on this planet could understand nothing beyond the purely physical. We last hit rock bottom around the year 500 AD.

Around the year 1,000 AD we began to rise to the next level. Let me call this next level – the ‘Electric Age’ instead of the ‘Iron Age’ – People on this planet gained the ability to understand that water can move through a sponge – electricity could go through wires { or around them } – and a soul can live inside a human body.

We may now be heading into a very trying period of time as we attempt to reach the next ‘higher’ ‘Age’ – The ‘Silver’ or ‘Magnetic’ Age? – Where most of us on planet Earth should be able to understand that Magnetism can control electricity which can effect physical objects.

I’m not sure about the length of time the Electric Age should last – I’m not sure the normal progression is just a matter of time – or that it is ‘guaranteed’.

Again, I have been told that there is a period of ‘chaos and confusion’ as we move up or down from one age to the next. People born into one age may not be able to stand the vibrations in the next level up or down.

The ‘Golden Age’ will be defined by our understanding of ‘Spirit’ – most intelligent life on this planet will understand why we are here, where we came from, and be in the process of developing the ‘gifts’ of Spirit. Those who can live in the Golden Age will understand that Spirit can control magnetism which can control electricity, which can effect physical objects.

{ Between Rocks and Hard Places. }

The dialog between Krishna and Arjuna might have been literal, or it might have been a parable. The idea of going to war against his friends and relatives may be symbolic of making war on our bad habits and egotistical attachments.

If, like Arjuna, you’re feeling like you have to choose between failing to fulfill your duty to God and your country by refusing to kill those who would kill your virtuous country’s citizens and neighbours – or breaking a major commandment like, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” – which may not have been one of ten commandments in ancient India, but may have been something that all Indians of Arjuna’s Caste or place in society had impressed deeply into their consciousness as they matured from childhood to the age of responsibility.

—> If you’re faced with a heavy duty spiritual dilemma that feels like – ‘anyway you look at this you lose’ – or whatever choice you make will cost way too much… It might help to realize that you’re acting as well as you can without having the ability to understand exactly what God wants you to do – Maybe the best advice you could follow then would be to do your best to please God by acting on what you believe would be the most pleasing to God and dedicating those actions to pleasing God. Sound complicated? It’s part of a real spiritual path.

In the late 1960’s the Boston Globe ran a series of articles in their Sunday Magazine. One article I read was about stages of moral growth. One odd or unique characteristic of moral growth is the fact that people who have graduated to a higher level of moral growth often appear to be immoral or amoral to people who function on a lower level.

The scholarly professor who wrote the book that was quoted in that article delineated six levels of moral growth: Infantile, Toddler, Grammar School, Junior High School, Rigid and ‘Situational’.

At the infant level, whatever feels good IS good. – It’s bad to feel hungry, cold or wet – or be sitting in a mess of poop. It’s good to feel warm and have a reasonably full tummy or have your mother smile at you, hug you, and sing you to sleep.

At the toddler level your parents are the ultimate authorities in your universe – what Mommy and Daddy tell you becomes the laws of your universe.

At the grammar school level your peer group becomes more important than anything else. If your group thinks it’s cool to smoke cigarettes – you want to smoke cigarettes. If your little brother sees you smoking – he’ll be mortified because you’re breaking the rules that Mommy and Daddy laid down. If you tried to live by your parents’ rules instead of adjusting to the rules of your peer group you would probably be targeted for public humiliation. So little brother believes you’re ‘bad’ for breaking the rules that he has to live with and you think your little brother is an idiot/jerk because you have to live by your friends’ rules or suffer a fate worse than death { Humiliation }.

Junior High School? Here’s where ‘My country, right or wrong’ comes in to play. An awful lot of people never grow beyond that.

The ‘Rigid’/’Black and White’ level above ‘My country, right or wrong’ is where some people grow to believe that the ten commandments take precedence over ‘King and Country’ or ‘my country, right or wrong.’ People at this level come to believe that, “Thou Shalt Not Kill” – does not mean, “Thou shalt not kill – unless your King, President, Parliament, or other head of state – tells you to kill.”

At this level people have to face tough criticism from parents, friends, loved ones, and other important people who may believe that the conscientious objectors are gutless cowards – when it actually takes more courage and inner strength to stand on their principals. { “I shall die, but that’s all I’ll do for death.” }

The highest level of morality that the professor listed was ‘situational’ – where someone has dealt with questions like – for instance, “If I don’t take the chance of putting my immortal soul in jeopardy by shooting a mass murderer – am I then at least partially responsible for every murder he { or she? } commits after I refuse to take that chance?” – What would be obviously evil and immoral under some circumstances might be the only constructive moral action to take under other circumstances.

– – – – –

{ In every lifetime we are surrounded by friends and acquaintances from previous lifetimes who will either come into our lives to help us move ‘upwards’ toward Love, Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness, self control – and all the positive things that bring us closer to God and Heaven; – or help us slide ‘downwards’ into egotism, anger, anxiety, fear, greed, the lust for power, control over others, vengeance, addiction – and negative habits and stuff that leads us away from goodness and light and closer to spiritual ‘darkness’ – and eventually pain and suffering. “God doesn’t want anybody in Heaven who want to be anywhere else.” – We live and learn in a “Free Will Zone” – where a vast Cosmic drama pulls us all into various roles that teach us the lessons that gradually lead us upward and out of ignorance – sometimes through rewards for upward progress, sometimes through pain and suffering that lead us to the realization that we really don’t want to do anything that leads us into more pain and suffering. We form close relationships with lovers and family members – some to help us know that we want to climb the heights toward Positivity, Love, Wisdom, and all the good stuff in life – sometimes to double underline the fact that we don’t want to spiral downward into darkness, pain, regret, fear, and everything negative in life. }

{{ “Egotism is the illusory/delusional state in which the infinite soul believes it is merely the physical body.” }}

{ “Russia versus Ukraine in the year 2022 AD…” }

Putin believes he is protecting the country he loves from forces that want to subvert and destroy it.

Many see this as the Karmic return from the Cuban Missile Crisis. The USSR moved Nuclear weapons to Cuba from which they could hit every target in the USA. That standoff could have resulted into a very catastrophic World War III and destroyed thousands of years of progress on this planet, knocked us back into a stone age. “The next war will either be fought with nuclear weapons or stone axes and clubs,” was a real possibility.

Now the shoe seems to be on the other foot and the USA is trying to move its nuclear weapons right up to the border of Russia. Lets hope and pray the Americans back down gracefully and don’t become the cause for another near extinction event that could knock us into the stone age again.

The Yogi who clued me into the school of Yoga that I joined – asked me on the day I met him, “Why do you think all the great leaders are not here with us now? It’s because they have graduated on to better lives in higher worlds.” This is not the only planet we can live on. There are always at least one planet in every level, every spiritual age that I described above – stone age, iron age, silver age and golden age.

Another friend, who believes he is living the last life he has to live in the material universe, was convinced that he couldn’t use his healing gifts without charging for them – giving the healing away would add to his earthly karma and force him to come back and chance making wrong choices under the influence of beings and forces that are always present down here – and adding more and more earthly Karma that he’d have to work through. Nobody told him that if he dedicated himself to using his gifts to please God, he would not be ‘rewarded’ with any new Karmic debts.

A man living in Switzerland who is reportedly the reincarnation of the Biblical Prophet Enoch { who was probably disenfranchised from appearing in the Christian Bible by those wonderful Romans who rewrote and edited passages in the official Christian Bible to ensure that they would remain in power and continue their way of life – by pretending to be fine, upstanding examples of Christian values – and may have ‘canonized’ false prophets whose messages are in direct contradiction to the messages that Jesus brought us – } has had conversations with higher spiritual beings and one of them told him that, “The Third Reich is alive and well and pretty much in control in Washington DC.” {{ Don’t take my word for this, I did not get that message from an undeniably Divine Source – I read it from a blog posting. }}

—> And the ‘guest writer’ who interpreted several messages that were given to the Swiss person told us that the messages indicate that ‘brain dead’ power hungry individuals in the Pentagon have long believed they should use a first strike nuclear attack on the heads of the government and armies in Russia to ‘Cut off the head of the snake’ – The so-called ‘brain dead’ generals may have been lied to and manipulated by dark forces whose agenda is to keep us from rising above their ability to convince us that we have to remain in the lower reaches of the material universe and never get higher into the more spiritually aware ages. There may be a ‘Cabal’ of disciples of the dark forces trying their damnedest to keep us down.

—> Putin is convinced that fascist/neo Nazi forces are in control of the government of the Ukraine – which he is convinced is corrupt. Russian spies are convinced that their enemies in the Pentagon have been plotting the first strike strategy for decades. They are ready to retaliate for any believable rumor that a first strike against them is imminent by striking against every nuclear facility and missile in Europe. EMPs would take down the European power grid. Nuclear facilities that weren’t obliterated with bombs would not have enough time and power to safely cool down their reactors and there would be Chernobyl type melt downs all around – and unprecedented high levels of radiation would be released – especially in Germany – where most ‘Allied’ nuclear weapons are housed – Germany would become 1,000% deadly to all human and animal life.

—> The best ‘Remote Viewers’ that I know about have been convinced that somehow we get past this threat and, ‘The next Nuclear bomb used in anger’ will most likely go off in Korea, detonated by the North Koreans.

—> We may have avoided a devastating nuclear war started when someone in North Korea might have kicked it off with a nuclear attack against China.

—> There are also rumors that a nuclear warhead could be set off in the middle east in an attempt to avoid something worse than a nuclear war, set off for ‘scientific’ reasons, that will probably backfire and ‘accidentally’ destroy Jerusalem and/or most of Israel.

—> There is evidence in India that nuclear weapons were used in the history we lost when morons burned the Great Library of Alexandria. { There may be other Great Libraries that may or may not be safe from those who want to keep us ignorant so they can control us and keep us down. } { Recently disenfranchised ‘experts’ and political puppets in Egypt may have discovered one of those libraries and kept it hidden out of a miss-applied ‘patriotic’ allegiance to the current lies about the religious and political history of our planet. }

—> Nostradamus told us that some catastrophic events can and should be avoided if enough people on this planet adopt a more spiritually positive attitude toward life and a higher allegiance to loving and serving the human race and all life on this planet.


{{{ I feel like I should say more here, but if I don’t stop now and send this out – I may never feel like I’m anything like finished. }}}


= = = = =

….. “God Bless Us, Every one of us”

~~~~~ Namesté –

~~~~~ Jim