Politickal Schnarr & Evil

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 —> +42˚F / +6˚C & sunny in Ithaca, New York at 3:05 pm.

— Let me start with something a friend blurted out once:

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— “There are only two kinds of people in this world. — Angels in Training and Angels in Trouble. … And many of us have one foot in each camp. And quite a few of us are Centipedes…..”

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Statue of Liberty Hiding her tears.

“The effects of testosterone poisoning on US Politiks as seen by the rest of the world?”

— And Ideas and philosophies that stuck with me: …

— “A society is judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable and least empowered citizens.”

— “The military model: ‘You get out there and you tell them anything you have to – to get them to do what I ordered you to tell them to do – or you can find yourself facing a courts martial!’ — isn’t just a symptom – it may be the basis of the “Information is power” / “Need to know” culture where the truth has no value as far as those who want to wield power are concerned. Disinformation rules – and only a select few at the top of the authoritarian food chain have a clue as to what “The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth” actually is.”

— “The social pyramid is a complete illusion. If and when those who have been convinced that they are at the bottom of the delusional power structure refuse to believe that those who claim to be above them are any better than they are, or have any right to tell them what to do, and walk away – The whole thing will collapse in on itself.”

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— I intend to Expound on this subject extensively in the next couple days, but right now, I’m at work and something important just came up, so, stay tuned for the rest of my thoughts on this subject.


— djo —

Other Worlds? —> Other Times?

Tuesday? January 23rd, 2018 —> Uh —Why am I doing this on my day off? —> Imported into “Perspective” on Friday – January 25th, 2018 — it’s dark outside and I can’t see the thermometer —djo–

Floating Cliffs?

“Dreams Don’t Always Make Sense-“

— Before waking up in ‘The Faer Kingdoms’ I had a dream than an impossible cliff was floating in a void.

Cat-Man guarding a cavern.

– But then a Cat-Man was guarding this cavern –

— You better know I had to pinch myself – And I FELT it!

Just inside the cavern.

– So I followed him into the cavern and couldn’t understand a word he said –

— But through sign language and gestures I understood that he was guarding this cavern for a reason and he thought I should hurry up and climb a hill –

Hot night in the cavern.

– Not all the guides in this cavern were as scary as the first one –

— But she rolled her eyes when I smiled at her –

Cat-Man guard near the end.

– Near the end of a long climb and some dizzying, “Don’t Look Down!” warnings I thought I saw the first guard’s twin brother. –

— And Just when I thought, “I don’t think I can get used to this -”

Woman guard with gear axe

– Another half dressed woman guard stepped out of the shadows and waved an axe at me –

— In an accent I couldn’t quite place she said, “I will tell you when it’s safe to go out there – You wait here.” And she sneered at me. I got the point.

Map of Shamrock Island.

– She came back about half an hour later and handed me a map –

— She pointed to a spot near the middle of the map and said, “You are here -” and she frowned, “Your adventure has only begun -”

— She glared at me for some uncomfortable moments then softened, “We dress like this because distracted men don’t fight very well -”

— Then she gestured and I stepped out into sunlight that was much too bright –