Monday / Day 10

Sunday, November 9th, 2014  -( +9°C / 48°F @ 3:45 pm With a nearly solid ceiling of clouds, smaller cloud, that have rounded edges that let rays of sunlight through every now and then, here in Atlantic Canada )- 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Fall of the Wall: in 1989, November 9th was a Thursday, I was delivering newspapers in the Ithaca, New York area. When I was delivering the papers the morning after the wall came down, the 10th, my sister’s birthday, I had to carry several papers through crowds of students at Ithaca College. I was taken by how self absorbed the students seemed and shocked that they were treating this as just another day in their lives, getting on the more important social business of impressing the right people and flirting with the right members of the opposite sex, in most cases. There was a Jewish woman who was some sort of executive secretary or something at NRC, the cash register company who also made other electronics things, I think the company had a line of windows compatible computers in those days. She was very sober and told me she didn’t think it was a good thing that Germany might become reunited. She was worried that the kinds of forces that allowed the Holocaust might be back in power and try again.

Sleep: After I got up late yesterday afternoon, having gone back to bed after feeding the animals, maybe got back to bed around 11:30 am, I got up around 3:30m. I think I wrote that in yesterday’s blog. I don’t think I got back to bed after that until after 10 am this morning. -worked on my NaNo novel most of the night-


INTERRUPT! WordPress timed me out and had me sign back in- which is weird. After that I wrote about five more paragraphs and selected the categories and tags and clicked Publish, and got that incredibly frustrating “Are you sure you want to do this? / Please try again” Message and lost everything I wrote after what you see above this, before the ‘Gack-‘. Should I feel happy that the auto save draft function worked at first, but then didn’t? Schnarrr!

Dream: Several Rock and Rollers were sleeping in a hotel room. It looked like they’d been booked in a place that didn’t have enough rooms for the whole band, or maybe they couldn’t afford separate rooms, or huge rooms with multiple beds. So they were sleeping two and three to a bed, and, maybe to avoid problems, they were either using sleeping bags or under and over blankets so nob two guys were under the same blankets, and one guy who was the third person on one king sized bed had his sleeping bag upside down, or exactly opposite the other two. I sat down with David Crosby and he looked tired. At least I thought it was David Crosby. I told him I had just done an internet search on Jackie DeShannon to find the correct lyrics to an obscure song that one band had sung and I never could hear the exact words to one verse. He looked like he wished I would give up and go away and let him sleep. I told him that one site had listed him as one of the many who had recorded her songs and asked if he’d actually met and talked to her, and was she still alive and well? One of the other guys groaned and asked me to help him pull his boots off. That’s the only dream I can remember right now.

NaNo Novel is over 36,082 words. I slept maybe 3 & 1/2 or 4 hours since yesterday’s BloMo blog. I lost 2 or 32 thousand words, I ache all over, I had an interesting dream or two that I have forgotten, our pets are weird, as usual, and the clouds outside are very odd and strangely beautiful this afternoon.


My bruised rib is hurting again, after several days of not hurting and now I have to spend an extra couple minutes any time I want to move, especially when I want to get up out of bed, where I don’t spend nearly enough time and my allergy eyes are burning again. —schnarr—

But at least I still have my sense of humour.

Last night I drank some cocoa instead of coffee or decaf, and felt like I was wearing a hat the whole time I was working on cleaning up a nice happy excerpt of the nano novel to replace the probably misleading blurb that is up there right now. I had a pleasant ringing sensation in my ears that had the kind of feeling I get after driving for several hours to a place I really want to go to visit people I really like and who treat me like a valued human being. This was especially necessary in the 1970’s, 80’s and early 90’s when my father was becoming sick with what turned out to be terminal asthma – well, maybe the steroids he needed in order to breath actually killed him, straining his really strong heart until his second heart attack in 1995 killed him.

-Ack, enough of that- I relaxed happily into an in between dream and reality state and felt pretty good, misunderstood what was going on out here in the real world, but made up for that and just wasted over an hour writing this and losing what I wrote.



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