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– Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 —>  dark, cool and damp @ 10:30 pm in Atlantic Canada –

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– “H.J.d’A’s Twitter Header” – Babaji floating above a frozen river – Meditating. –

— I thought I was having trouble concentrating on what I was doing/trying to do while I was meditating a little more than a week ago and this came to me :

— { Some things that would have hit me with a reaction like “Oh, gag me with a spoon-” several years ago feel like glowing revelations while I’m meditating lately. }

= = = = =

— “I breathe the Essence of the Divine —> The Gift of God, the angels and the arch angels.

— I breathe in Pure Wisdom and unconditional Love

— I breathe out my misconceptions, my illusions, delusions and negative reactions to misunderstandings.

— I breathe out the impurities of misled intellect, emotions, ideas, and impressions.

— I breathe out the impurities of heart and mind and body-

— God’s angels and arch angels collect all that I exhale in sacks of pure inescapable light and fly those things down into the Earth where they can be transmuted into cures for diseases, and the stuff that makes all flowers, fruits and vegetables grow –

— I give my carbon dioxide to the plants – which feed on that and give us back oxygen.

— I thank all of Creation that we are able to do this.”

= = = = =

— And now it’s time for me to go do my exercises and meditation. 🙂

~~~~~ Jim

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