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“Sunday -“

"Sunday -"— {{{ My first guess was, ‘That looks like London, England – ‘Big Ben?’ Parliament?’ – But I’ve never been there, and for all I know that could be anywhere in Europe. }}} –

"Carved Stones In Scotland -"

— Google’s Chrome browser informed me that it will no longer support any mac versions hosted on computers with ‘obsolete’ operating systems. – Like OS X versions 10.6 and 10.7 – Somebody needs to take them down a peg – or maybe throw them off the top of a pyramid in Central America and watch them bounce all the way down – Grrrr.

— Oh dangit, I’m trying to remain positive here.

— Jesse Ventura tweeted a schnarr photo of D. Trump and said he feels kind of good about Trump destroying the GOP the way he is. 🙂

– And I think the person who wrote the companion book to ‘Medicine Cards’ said that people who resonate with Lynx-es are rare. – Actually the text describes ‘Lynx People’ as being people who have Lynx spirit guides. If I ever figure out whether anybody or everybody has Spirit Guides hanging around them disguised as Animal Spirits I’ll let you know. –

— Um, that’s probably enough for now, Haben Sie einen guten Tag.

~~~~~ Jim


“Ground Hog Day – 2016”

2016-02-02-"Ground Hog Day & Icebergs""Women For Bernie"— A lot of people were buzzing this morning about how well Bernie Sanders did in the Iowa Caucus yesterday. He started out polling in single digits and ended up in a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton, who is backed by big money and a powerful political machine.

"Iowa Caucuses"— Hillary’s supporters were tweeting up a storm yesterday while Bernie had Michael Moore and a handful of activist celebrities ( including Susan Sarandon ( “Dammit – Janet!” ) and Wil Wheaton? – ( Wesley from Star Trek Next Generation? ) Plus a lot of dedicated grass-roots people. Exit polls cited by the BBC said 84-91% of voters under 30 years old voted for ‘The Bern’

"California Bridge + Stream Scene"— & As for me, I think I’d like to be in a nice warm place like the photo above right now. The person who tweeted it said, “California”? Must be upstate, north of San Francisco?

"Castle In A Waterfall -"— Looks like the inspiration for the Elven City of Rivendel, as portrayed in The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Movies.

"Clear Stream With Bridge and Hills"

— I think my friend, Draelen, knows more about where this photographer/Tweeter is from, I think he told me she’s from Germany – But wow – what a beautiful world we live in. I think somebody tweeted a photo of Leonard Nimoy as Spock with a quote that went something like, [ understatement alert ] “Anybody who would destroy their home planet – is illogical.”

— I spent yesterday doing carpentry stuff, reinforcing the wobbly legs to a computer desk, and then brought an overheating iMac back from its most recent ‘near-death-experience’, caught up with a couple of friends on effbook and twitter, and watched ‘Supergirl’ and ‘X-Files’ before making sure computers were still okay and hadn’t blown up yet and forgot to take one of my medications. ( And No – I’m not one of the people doug otterson cited as needing to self medicate after seeing the photograph of an upright black cat playing a guitar – 😉

— And – I’m still wracking my brains over how to handle difficult passages in a novel that I’m trying to finish.

— Happy Ground Hog Day!

~~~~~ Jim


“Wednesday – ‘Winter Today – Springlike Tomorrow’ – ?”

"Snow Start -"— It just took me two hours to wade through a lot of beautiful and sometimes disturbing tweets. Eek.

"Thomas Jefferson Quote -"

— I was the recording engineer for an interview between Dr John Battista – a Psychiatrist and Green Party Activist in Connecticut – and David Cobb – a Texas Lawyer who was part of a group that had researched the history of corporations in the United States – and that group was fighting against Corporate Fascism – David Cobb, I do believe, ran for President of the USA as the Green Party Candidate in 2004 – After I had followed my heart to Canada and was trying to first become a permanent resident, and later, a dual citizen of the US & Canada. In 2004 I couldn’t leave Canada – unless I wanted to start the long and expensive process of applying for permanent residency all over again.

— & speaking of evil corporations – Canada has ruled that cable teevee providers must offer channels that they currently only offer as part of bundles – and so lower the cost that consumers need to pay to get what they want. Rogers Cable is blitzing the airwaves with propaganda commercials trying to lure customers into falling for their – “Get our packaged bundles now and lock yourself in to wonderful lower prices for three years!” b.s. — And Bell Aliant – who promised us three years of low prices and later informed us that we misinterpreted what they told us – had MTV in our channel line up on Monday, and no MTV was there on Tuesday, when the Shannara Chronicles air. So I guess that proves that Bell is definitely on the side of the demons that the ‘Druid’ and the three young hero types in that series are trying to defeat. Yup, Bell is probably one of the bad guys.

"Michael Moore Tweet -""#StopTPP -"— Your government is lying to you. They want you to voluntarily give up every right and privilege you have. They want to say you voted away your rights. They want to be able to point their fingers at you and say, “They made me do it-” & When they get to Hell, they want to show the devils there that they really were on the side of darkness and deceit, so they can get a job as one of the demons torturing the decent folks they deceived into backing policies and programs that drove other good people into despair and economic slavery.

"Sunrise Over Downtown Fredericton -""If You Believe -""Cool WAterfall -"

— Looks like another place I’d like to visit and stay for a while.

— But I have other real world stuff to attend to, so I better end here – Have a wonderful, spiritually enlightening day –,

~~~~~ Jim


“Winter 2.0? – Microsoft Executives Should Rot In Boiling Pools Of Festering Sewage In Hell -“

"Winter 2.0 -""Cathi @ the Coffee Mill -"

— Tried to pick up a replacement computer yesterday. Got one at the friendly neighbourhood upscale pawn shop / used stuff store. & I got a pretty good buy from somebody who knows what he’s doing. — $175.00 for a Refurbished computer that’s pretty much the same make & model as the one I bought in 2012 — Remember? When the world was supposed to end, I think – at least three times? And that computer, back in 2012, cost five times as much as this one. 

— I got the computer home, put 10 more Gigs of RAM into it, plugged it in, turned it on — it fired up and smiled at me – and to make sure it worked okay for what I need it for ( interactive Multi-Player game design work)  – I loaded a game onto it and played it, got frustrated with inconsistancies in that commercial game and gave up, quit the game, told the computer to shut down. But the computer told me, “You can’t tell me to shut down, I’m busy installing 220 updates and telling the NSA all about everything on this computer, where it is, who you are, where you are – what you dreamed about last night and all sorts of stuff that is none of their bleeping business…” —

— And then, this morning, after snowblowing the driveway clear for the second time — I turned the computer back on and tried to bring the game up and it told me, “Access Denied” / “Please login with administrator privileges and try again.”

— Schnarr! —

— But anyway, stupid me, after trying to reinstall that stupid game half a dozen times this morning and early afternoon, I’m sitting here thinking I just might try again from a different angle here.

— What’s the definition of insanity? — But — But — I am not attempting to try the same thing over and over again with exactly the same procedure — each time I tried something different —

— AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa —

— *** Update *** —

— System restore worked. For a few scary moments I thought the unwanted updates had installed Windows 10 on me — Micro-sh[censored]t is threatening to do that — Which would go along with Jesse Ventura’s warning through twitter a couple hours ago “Fascists have taken over your government -” —

— But the System Restore worked { ! } – (after I told it not to go with its suggestion but to back up to yesterday before the bloody freakin updates hijacked the computer).

— And by the way, It’s not connected to the internet until I manage to make sure I can get legitimate updates and not the bull-chips.

~~~~~ Jim



“Happy Monday – ? Welcome to Another Winter Storm”


Happy Monday

Empty Pockets— Wild and crazy dreams earlier – Between 7:44 and 8:04 am, after just about passing out after my head hit the pillow — going back to bed after putting out the garbage and getting Cathi off to work — I dreamed Cathi was telling a long time friend that she’d been seeing an old flame from way back, off and on since high school, and stringing everybody else in her life along the whole time. In the dream I was shocked and when I looked at the clock I thought I was looking at a ghosty spirit wearing some kind of weird medieval clothes with long wool coats and cloaks and wearing a digital clock around his heart level, which was barely visible through the flowing and wind-blown layers of cloaks. I was very happy to realize that dream was ‘just a dream’ and then wondered if I’d experienced some kind of a ‘not-the-friendliest-spirit-in-this-world’ – projected mind game – that was supposed to get me upset and off-center. Stranger things have happened. ( & now ‘expert’ conspiracy researchers are saying that rogue dark ops groups have the technology to do that??? — yeah, it’s possible )

The Right To Know ...

— Schnarr –,

— & Astrologist & Nostradamus Scholar Dr Luis Turi Told the world last week that there would be nasty Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions on & around February 7th – He was right again.

— more later? –,

— Okay – it’s later —

Zen Corner Salt Lamp"Committee Meeting ...."Jassper - in snow"Jassper + Jedi Dog Tricks"Moe YawningLone Deer2016-02-08_Security Cam Reflections

Moe - Allergic to Morning

– And this is Moe, posing as the poster child for “Whattaya mean, ‘it’s time to get up?’ – I think I’m allergic to ‘morning’ – Pugting up with you humans and your ‘sensibilities’ takes a lot out of a cat with a busy dream life, ya know? –

~~~~~ Jim


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