Saturday, December 30, 2017 —> -18˚C /-1˚F & ‘dark’@ 12:17am in Atlantic Canada —

— I’ve been thinking of doing a retrospective page, uh, sort of a history of web presence? So here we go —>

—> H.J. d’Aerendel’s Blog – —> Link —> http://www.aerendel.org/jdaerendel/

From H.J. D'Aerendel's blog

– Not the latest, but one of my favourites – This blog was slapped together by Hermann J. Van Arden – Somebody Doug Otterson met and talked with about our endeavors here – and – ‘H.J.dA’ – has been with us ever since. –

— H.J. d’Aerendel had a job with a security clearance and didn’t want any of his bosses to find out he had anything to do with a bunch of aging hippies who often posted stuff to each other when we were upset about the latest political nonsense going on in the USA or Canada. So he tried to go with his middle name { James } and then was a bit embarrassed when he learned that I was a ‘Jim’ too, but he didn’t get himself fired and he became ‘H-Jim-d’Aerendel’ and nobody where he worked ever noticed anything at Aerendel dot ca or dot org. So now he’s moved on to a better job and doesn’t care who knows he’s a ‘consultant’ with us. And then he managed to change the blog’s title to “H.J. d’Aerendel – { etc. }” – even if his blog lives in a folder named /jdaerendel/ —> I like the simple design, he only messed with the theme the blog came with to change colours, and then fonts, and it’s one of the fastest loading pages on our server so I use it a lot to check the temperature in both Celcius and Fahrenheit.  { – jrw – }  {{{ He doesn’t post much, but when he does, we notice. }}}

= = = = =

— Pre-DreamWeaver: Completely done in HTML, with dinosaurs jumping up and down to work my abacus – 😉 —> Link —> http://www.angelfire.com/vt/aerendel/index.html

Aerendel at angelfire

– Not my original messy page at Angelfire –

— I’m surprised the above page is still online at Angelfire. My first attempt at a web page was at snet.net { which I don’t believe is around anymore. “SNET” = Southern New England Telephone – a part of Bell, which was decimated after an anti-trust suit went through. They were not very nice about accepting their demise. & when the Bridgeport Big Wigs of the Post Office decided to go with a cheaper telephone company, the delightful dudes at SNET let anybody who called the post office telephone number in their phone books hear the phone ring and then thought they heard somebody pick up the phone and drop it back on its cradle, so they thought that who(m?)ever answered just hung up on them. Cablevision of Southern Connecticut, in a similarly user-unfriendly move, recorded a busy signal for their answering machines as a holiday weekend approached, so callers would almost hear a phone ring and then blare out the busy signal. Corporate Fascism at its worst?

— But anyway, a friend looked at the page I had up on Angelfire somewhere around 1999 and thought it looked like somebody with ADD ate a web page and then threw up. She handed me the basic design above and later asked if might pay her something for her design as she had graduated from her university and was moving to the West Coast of the USA and needed a little bit of money to avoid sleeping in a cardboard box in a rainy city or starving to death before she could take her first giant step into her fledgling career. I had most of anything that looked like content on other pages or sub pages on this web site. The above page is probably exactly as it was on August 13th, 2001. Cathi Harris had suggested I add the warning about ‘supernatural content’ to the description of Dough Otterson’s Novel, most of which was posted there at Angelfire. ( He hadn’t sent me the final chapter yet. )

= = = = =

— This will be sort of a retrospective of web development? Changing at least the way we looked as far as our web presence goes? :

— This is what my pages looked like before I followed my heart to Canada. Built in HTML and then DreamWeaver 🙂 —> Link —> http://www.aerendel.ca/infp.html

MBTI page circa 2003

MBTI – Personality Theory Page from 2003.

— One of the first pages I ‘altered’ after we moved to Arnprior — A page explaining { more or less } the Myers-Briggs take on Personality Theory – expanded from Carl Jung’s ideas/findings/hypotheses on the subject – Both Cathi and I found Personality Theory empowering – as it explains why and how not everybody is ‘hard wired’ to become a Hockey Hero or addicted to trying to be the most popular mean girl in high school. The  humming birds and flags near the top right of this page were animated, and the Wunderground weather applet was telling me that the current temperature in Ottawa a couple minutes ago was -28˚C / -18˚F and the time it displayed was one hour earlier than Atlantic Time. { We’re in New Brunswick, which is one hour ahead of Eastern Time. So If you’re in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York or Ontario, Canada add an hour to whatever time it is there and you’ll get the time it is here. }

= = = = =

— “The World According to: Doug Otterson —> Link —>  http://djotterson.livejournal.com/

Doug Otterson's Live Journal.

Doug Otterson’s ‘Live Journal’

— I’m not sure whether we went with Live Journal before or after we got mixed up with MySpace { Below } But here’s a LiveJournal Account we helped Doug set up and while he was becoming more and more busy with his ‘day job’ and life in general, he did manage to post some stuff there, and it looks like it’s still there.

= = = = =

— MySpace Page from way back when —> https://myspace.com/talerocker

myspace page

– ‘MySpace’ page – altered from the original by people with their heads so far up inside their bums they – oh never mind —>

— I forget exactly when we signed up for myspace pages. Cathi and I were still in Arnprior – heck, we were in Arnprior for ten years plus three weeks or so – But anyway – when MySpace lost its popularity somebody in charge over there decided they needed a new look and this is what happened. I’m pretty sure I can still sign in and post stuff etc. – but I haven’t done that in years. Cathi took the photo of me in the upper left while we  were eating at the Arnprior Truck stop. – That is not a tractor trailer barreling in behind me about to smash through any windows and kill me or anybody else. I think it was actually inside the truck stop with a big ‘For Sale’ sign in front of it.

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