– Dream Catcher –

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- Dream Catcher -

– “Dream Catcher” –

— Another item Draelen scanned late last night – early this morning. This is something I picked up – maybe at a crafts fair? – don’t remember where or when –

— I thought Draelen would appreciate this – Being that he’s the only one of us who knows he has indigenous  roots – I merely grew up believing I was 1/32nd some kind of ‘Native American’ / First Nations – probably Iroquois – maybe Pequot? – Or one of the lesser known New England tribes. We were told that one of our Scottish ancestors – “The second son of a titled family-” { surname “George” }  – came to the ‘new world’, seeking his fortune – settled in Vermont – and one of his sons married a Native American woman – but the last time I asked my grandmother about this she looked irritated, and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about-” – But – seeing as she grew up in the early 1900’s with a very strict father – she may have been denying a ‘truth’ about something that was culturally not acceptable in ‘Polite Society’ back in those days – when everything was black and white { before the development of colour television? } – But then – when I asked my uncle, { My grandmother’s son – } about it – he said that he’d done a little bit of digging and believed that the ‘Native American’ woman was most likely a great aunt, not a great grandmother.

— Dreamcatchers were more widely accepted and wanted by the people I met when I followed my heart to Canada – than I remember them being in Connecticut – { One of my uncle’s self described “Half-Breed” friends had a blood red bumper sticker on his car that read, “Custer died for your sins.”

— This card and the delicate dreamcatcher that came with it was commissioned by Saint Joseph’s Indian School in South Dakota – I’ve never been there, and I have no idea whether there might be any ‘bad blood’ or painful memories associated with that – by members of any tribes, anywhere.

— But I do like the idea of having a dreamcatcher in a window allowing only good dreams to reach anybody sleeping, especially children.

—– Jim { —jrw— }

– From Remembrance Day – 2005 –

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— Draelen knew this was mine when he dug it out of our ‘archives’ box and scanned it :

- "2005, Year of the Veteran" - from Scouts Canada -

– “2005 – Year of the Veteran” – from Scouts Canada. –

— Veterans Day / Remembrance Day in Canada – Somewhere, maybe even in one of my old blogs, Cathi took a photograph of me ‘marching’ in the parade with a troop of cub scouts. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember whether her son, my step son, was marching { More like walking } in the parade with us It was a cold day, might have been raining during the parade to the ‘cenotaph’ – where we stood and looked somber while honor guards from Canadian Armed Forces stood motionless with their heads bowed and their automatic rifles aimed at the ground during the ceremonies. That is an actual patch I was supposed to sew onto my khaki uniform shirt, but I didn’t get around to it before my step son decided he never liked being in the cub scouts and refused to even think about going to another meeting. – He later joined ‘Air Cadets’ for a year or so – Anyway – This qualifies as ‘Archive’ material…

– – – – – Jim { —jrw— }