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“It’s been a couple days since our last update”

August 13 - 2013 Article

"Celtic C" - performing At Scott's Birthday Party -

– ” -Celtic C- performing atour friend, Scott’s, Birthday Party” –

—We did get a break last Saturday. Our friends Scott and Dal had a party that was part Birthday Party for Scott (and another friend) and part just plain have a great time and listen to a Celtic Band they knew.

—Cathi already posted a bunch of photos from their party of the band, their friends and kids enjoying their pool.




“The Adventure Continues”

Cathi Aza Pillow For Moe - Article Header


I took Cathi to the airport this morning. She got on a jet and flew back toward Torrona, (totally weird direction), switched planes to ride in a propeller driven craft for the flight back in the right direction. (She said that at one point they flew into turbulence, the woman behind her screamed.)

Airport - August 16th, 2013 -

– At The Airport – Cathi checking her bags –

"The Adventure Continues - August 16, 2013"

– “The adventure Continues…” –

I made a couple runs to the landfill with junk from the garage. Found time in the middle here to stop and gawk at my image in the security cam…

"Jim- Weird Effects 01"

– “The case for a tripod – I could not hold the camera steady long enough to get a clear shot- but … – the effects look like something I’d expect from Hollywood.” –


"Jim-Weird Effects 002"

– “This one looks like the world is melting as I prepare to teleport off into the future – or past – or just visit a parallel universe -” –


"Moe Assessing The Situation

– ” Moe has taken to showing us how much he likes the idea of moving to a new place – We put the travel crates in order, locked into shape, and Moe said, “Hey thanks-” and moved right in.” –

So, anyway… here we are. Cathi’s off house hunting in a different time stream and we’re left back on earth here in 2013, getting ready for the jump…

~~~~~ Jim



"August 17 - 2013 - Saturday?

— Dog dropped his bone down the cellar stairs yesterday, then looked at it and looked at me with “Don’t just stand there, go get my bone” written between the lines in his silly grin.

— I passed out quickly after taking a bath last night… woke up with pins and needles type allergy headache. ( like pins and needles shot into my brain from where the allergins made first contact… ack )

—Things are normal here, I guess.



“I Don’t Want To Jinx This – But -“

"August 25 - 2013 - Not Jinxed -"


“We’re Here -“

"We're Here -"


“Sunday – Box City Revisited? Aquarium TeeVee Etc. -“

"Sunday-September15th, 2013-"

— We worked on at least getting the floor kit together for our new and needed 10′ by 8′ Steel Shed. (got it at a bargain price the other day). That’s me with the jeep and van in the background.

"Box City"

– “Box City ‘ { Our Living Room } ” –

— This is what we have been waking up to, plodding through and collapsing at night with since last Wednesday. Each box takes an exponentially longer time to get through. And we do feel more and more elated each time we finish one more box.

"Max - peering out a window"

– “Max- Ignoring the boxes & checking out the new neighbourhood-” –

— I’m a bit worried about this guy. He’s 14 years old, and he seems to be losing weight and looks like he’s not quite the same old Max. But he did survive the move and he still appreciates a nice cat friendly window.

"Aquarium TeeVee"

– “The ‘Aquarium TeeVee’ Channel? { Actually —> ‘Scenery Channel’ }” –

— We found this channel either last night or this morning. It comes complete with gurgling water sounds. I’m thinking this should drive the cats nuts when they discover it. { If cats can see the same images we see…? }

"Banging Nails"

– “Almost Finished Banging Nails – into the flooring kit.” –

— Looking South, I’m nearly finished putting the floor together for our new shed. Even our driveway (or “Laneway”?) is pretty. Just after we finished the floor, cluttered it with pieces of frame and covered that with a tarp, we met our Neighbours to the east- up the slight hill, other side of that fence behind me-. The husband up there built that retaining wall with his brother a few decades back, and if it survived the rattling it got this year with heavy tractor trailers shaking the whole neighbourhood each time they hit a good sized pothole- well then dang, that’s a good strong wall. Our neighbour (of the Wellington Ponds) (Middle name Wellington, that’s how the street got its name.) Told me he’d built it the way I was describing what I’d read or seen on a how to television programme- long stones dug into the embankment.

—The people up here are extraordinarily warm and welcoming. It’s not just a rumour. Every once in a while as we’re driving around, Cathi gasps and says, “See- isn’t this beautiful? Don’t you know now why I wanted to come here so badly?” (Yup)

~~~~~ Jim




— 28 days from the day we moved in here, we opened a box that had other stuff piled on top of it to find most of Cathi’s earrings and stuff and halfway down the box was my ortho pedic pillow and a couple other pillows I had relied on to build a ramp so I wouldn’t wake up unable to move…

— And Cathi has not been feeling well the past two days, spent most of Monday sleeping, not able to wake up and stay awake long enough to accomplish anything. And Tuesday she had just enough oomph to lie on the couch and finish reading Stephen King’s latest novel.

— Sigh.

— We have our long distance telephone system connected and will probably be able to call all the people we’ve been cut off from. We’re thinking of changing our virtual phone number from Vermont to Connecticut.

— And- it’s probably going to freeze tonight.

— And the trucks rumbling by may have shaken something loose in our retaining wall that might be able to bring it down in one spot. We may have to take a crash course in shoring up retaining walls.

—Um, until next time…

————— Jim


“Almost Halloween”


"Almost Halloween" header Plus

—A customer at the “Brewed Awareness / Conscious Coffee” booth (behind us in the photo) Saw me taking photographs and asked if we’d like her to take our photo together. So of course we said yes.

—The Northside Market is an interesting place, an upscale Flea Market, open indoors year round. On October 26th there was a costume contest going on and a ‘House of Horrors’ put on by one of the vendors there.

"2nd Shot = almost Halloween"

"Almost Halloween - 3rd Shot"


“NaNoWriMo 2013”



“Happy Birfday Joe Lockery & Strange Day In This Neck Of The Woods-“

"Happy Birfday Joe ... etc."

— Gaaaa- I have to go bye bye to let an “Important Security Update” attack my computer.

— But First—> Are these Security Updates Making our lives & computers More Secure or are they “data-mining” our computers & sending the results to insidious NSA types?



“Windy Rainy Cold Wednesday”


"Windy Rainy Cold..."

— Scandal of the day? Yesterday it was the guy in charge of the Canadian Mint doing immoral and probably illegal stuff to help a former Prime Minister’s family make money. Today? Canadian Security Agency people (CSIS and CSEC) (Ceases and Seasick?) helped the US NSA spy on the G20 representatives who were at the recent Toronna Summit. && More Senate Scandal Schnarr.

— Oh, and Goldman Sacks says the looney will fall against the U$ Dollar some time in 2014.

— Political Accountability versus Legal Accountability? In Question Period, the ‘ringmaster’ (Speaker) has no power to exact a ‘quality’ answer from anybody (read that: the “Prime Minister” ) Answers are coming from a central scripting agency { this may have been a loose quote from Peter Mansbridge }

— sigh,

~~~~~ Jim


“Today’s Headlines”

"Today's Headlines"

— “[New Brunswick Premier] Alward’s drug plan pledge wasn’t a promise – Flemming”

— Sub title: “Politics – Premier said at campaign stop plan would be in place within a year.”


— Radio News (CBC) announced that US corporate managers have been fired for refusing to open their stores (or other places of business?) on Thanksgiving. One guy was interviewed, said he thought it would be making a positive statement for his parent corporation to make a stand in favour of their employees.


— TV News:

— During the floods in Calgary last Summer. After demanding that homeowners leave their homes, RCMP officers went from house to house and seized any firearms they found.

— ((Will somebody cue Spirit singing “1984” as our soundtrack here?))


— Gasland II is on HBO Canada today.

— What we don’t see is

— “How much Natural Gas is being pumped back into the ground in Alaska by oil drillers so as not to drive the price of Natural Gas down?”


— “Who stands to profit from poisoning the water of sovereign individuals all over the US and Canada, and anywhere else they can get away with Fracking?”


— I heard some ‘conspiracy theorists’ claiming that there is a plot afoot to force people to move into urban centres where they can be totally controlled by evil controlling elitist types. Um, could Fracking be one of their tools? Make sure nobody can live safely anywhere they can Frack?

— And are the wild horse roundups out west at least partially due to fracking interests not wanting to deal with wild horses possibly interfering with or damaging their property?

—  Schnarr,  { Frack This! }

~~~~~ Schnarr Face Jim

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