Saturday, Snow, Then Rain, Then Snow Again ? — From “Latest News from Aerendel”

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Saturday, February 20th, 2016, —ƒƒ— +2˚C / +36˚F & raining at the moment in Atlantic Canada @ 1:11 pm  —ƒƒ— Kathy Krafchick’s Birthday ( & Patty Heart’s too) —ƒƒ—

light dusting of snow on trees and stone wall

– Um, I took this photo about an hour ago. It was still snowing then, but lightly. –

— “Yooks Yike another weird weather day in Atlantic Canada” It began with a light snow falling, the Weather Network expects we might get a centimeter – and then they expect rain ( they were right on that ) And then they expect the rain to turn back to snow –  I don’t think they wanted to guess how much snow we might get on the second round of white stuff, but they thought we might get “≅ 10 mm.” [ almost 10 millimeters ] of rain – But they only expected the temperature to reach 0˚C / 32˚F and we’ve already gone past/above and beyond that.

Crow in a tree against a grey (snowing) sky.

Two Crows were scolding me – When I picked up the camera and aimed at them, one flew away. If you can see the crow in this photo we’re both lucky. Yeah, I think I got him – Upper third & Right third of the photograph. I know what I was looking for.

— Yeah, Crow is one of my ‘totem animals’ – but I’m not about to call myself “Jim Crow”, or ‘Jim Mountain Lion” or Owl or Wolf or Turtle or Swan or Skunk – There’s a Dog in the mix too, and I think Possum shows up to protect my inner child by deflecting threats away – You can read all about that in “Medicine Cards” – don’t google it – go to smartpage dot com and protect your privacy –

Dusting of snow on a stone wall.

And This is the part of the stone wall that caught enough of this morning’s dusting to look interesting, at least to me.

— And while I was uploading photos from the camera’s SD card I realized I hadn’t uploaded the couple of photos I took during our latest visit to the north side’s Pizza Delight, ether on Maple Street or St Mary’s (street or road?)

Cathi in our Pizza Delight restaurant.

I might have mentioned this before, Cathi had some modeling experience as a teen-ager And she looks like a slightly different person in almost every photograph I’ve seen of her. I egged her on to pose for this one, Don’t know whether she’s putting on a modeling face of thinking I’ve lost my mind again for asking her to tip her head forward and look up at me. Almost every model I’ve ever talked to wished that professional photographers were a lot more human than they pretend to be.

— Yay? I should quit while I’m ahead –,

~~~~~ Jim

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Friday, December 7th 2007

11:25 PM

Yay, I’m a Citizen!


  • Mood: pretty danged good!
  • Music: Led Zeppelin stuck in my head
  • Weather: Dark and cold, lots of snow out there.
  • Brain Storms: Judge Cockburn swore me in, he looks a bit like Bruce.
I’m a dual citizen now.I was sworn in yesterday in Ottawa and spent way too much time since that trying to get into this blog.(we also sttopped off on the way home and adopted a 5  month old (soon to be huge) Labrador mix puppy who they were calling Jake but who seems to like being a Jasper better than a Jake.)

When Cathi asked the boy today how his day at school was he shrugged, “-eh” when she what people said when he told them we went to see me sworn in as a citizen yesterday he said he didn’t really tell anybody, but he did tell everybody he got a dog.

So I guess all things are right with the universe.

The boy got some goodies from the museum of science while we were killing time. so his acquisition of a piece of galena and a fossilized dinosaur tooth probably rank highest in his dayly achievements, getting the dog is probably second and not going to school is probably at least third, seeing me sworn in as a citizen is probably way down the bottom of the list somewhere.

like I said,

things are right with the universe

———( This was Jim Wellington in “TaleRocker’s Jernil” on Bravenet )-