– From Remembrance Day – 2005 –

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— Draelen knew this was mine when he dug it out of our ‘archives’ box and scanned it :

- "2005, Year of the Veteran" - from Scouts Canada -

– “2005 – Year of the Veteran” – from Scouts Canada. –

— Veterans Day / Remembrance Day in Canada – Somewhere, maybe even in one of my old blogs, Cathi took a photograph of me ‘marching’ in the parade with a troop of cub scouts. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember whether her son, my step son, was marching { More like walking } in the parade with us It was a cold day, might have been raining during the parade to the ‘cenotaph’ – where we stood and looked somber while honor guards from Canadian Armed Forces stood motionless with their heads bowed and their automatic rifles aimed at the ground during the ceremonies. That is an actual patch I was supposed to sew onto my khaki uniform shirt, but I didn’t get around to it before my step son decided he never liked being in the cub scouts and refused to even think about going to another meeting. – He later joined ‘Air Cadets’ for a year or so – Anyway – This qualifies as ‘Archive’ material…

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