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Yes, the harried young mother gave birth to that word. Schnarr. You will hear it a lot around here.

We don’t remember exactly what happened to trigger her response, but she gasped and snorted and said, “Oh Sh—” and noticed the eight year old’s bright eyes waiting for the rest of her word…”Schnarr!” she snorted, with feeling.

The eight year old never doubted for a moment that schnarr had always been a word.

Little did she know, that in that one near slip of her tongue, she’d given birth to a word, a euphemism, a way of thinking and expressing herself (and ourselves)…

But that’s enough of this schnarr- now it’s time to get on with Blogging… here we go.

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We saw a coyote this morning.

On our way to doggie school.

The coyote was slinking through a slight ravine near the side of the Highway (the “417”, limited access high speed through-way).

First coyote I ever saw outside a zoo.

(Next time I’ll tell you about the drum that thumps itself in the eastern corner of our living room.)

But for now, the coyote is today’s adventure.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. (This is our first post?)

Hmmm- This post seems to stay at the top of the list of posts. I’ve got to figure out how that happens.

But so far, Yum!

We’re here and we’re doing something.

yeah. cool, yum

Now let’s get on with it.



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It’s 2019 & The Planet Hasn’t Blown Up Yet {{ Or is this our delusional AfterLife? }}

{ “Ooops” } { I tried to copy one entry and got the rest of the blog with latest entries on top = Eep }

Thursday, July 25th, 2019 – +25˚C / +76˚F —> With quite a few interesting clouds in the otherwise blue sky @ 3:40 pm in Atlantic Canada —

– Looking at our Smoke Tree in its glory from the South West –

—Well, this is schnarr – I spent – I don’t know – several hours the other day trying to find the old password to this her blog { “Free blog” – hosted at –wordpress.com– } and it just told me that if I try to upload more than 1 more MB of photos I will have to start paying WordPress for an upgrade. The also don’t want me to be able to be able to add or do anything else with the plugins. grrrrr-

— But anyway – It’s a Mercury Retch { aka ‘Retrograde’ } and ‘Mon Amour Fou’ is on the West Coast – performing emergency surgery on operations her colleagues who get paid more than she does were too ignorant to be able to fix themselves – This is what happens when an ‘old boys network’ hires and promotes their buddies who are not qualified to fill complicated positions whose legal requirements take six years to learn and when confronted with, “They don’t have any idea what they’re doing-” reply, “They’ll learn” – Remember the old commercials where somebody asks, “Is this any way to run an airline?” { dot dot dot. } – Well those idjits haven’t learned.

— Sigh

-Our Smoke Tree This afternoon @ 12:30 pm –

Thursday, January 17, 2013.


AT the corner of Bell and Madawaska Streets, 12 year Veteran Crossing Guard, Tim, is reportedly retiring soon. Somebody wanted to save money by eliminating this position. But several Town Councillors raised their voices at last Monday’s Town Council meeting. Ted Strike said his daughter was hit by a car at that crossing one day when a crossing guard was sick and nobody replaced him. Lyn Grinstead said her children use that crossing because there is a crossing guard there. Dan Lynch said something to the effect that -kids will always be kids and no matter how many adults warn them that it would be safer to walk one block east and cross at the John Street Light, they’re still going to take the short cut.- Dan Lynch also wondered if grade 12 students who might want to go into law enforcement might volunteer to learn and serve as backup crossing guards as part of their volunteer hours requirement for graduation.


I went to talk to Tim during lunch time on a bitter cold day in January. Yesterday it was +3˚C /+38˚F Today it’s -19˚C with a wind chill more like -27˚C. In the five minutes I stood and talked with him, at least a dozen high schoolers, out on their lunch break, used the crossing. Tim said, “You should see it on a nicer day-”

Traffic in Arnprior used to be a joke. Ten years ago a friend told somebody, “Rush hour in Arnprior, you might see half a dozen cars in twenty minutes…” Now you might spend twenty minutes trying to get a break to turn across traffic out of a parking lot.

Another thing Tim told me, several years ago one of the crossing guards was hit by a car. They were happy to see him when he began working at this job because he’s tall and easy to spot when he’s wearing his Orange jacket or the vest with the reflective orange X.


Four more guys cross the street, moving so quickly that they blocked out the crossing guard in the time it took me to aim and shoot this photo.


9:15 pm — 25 April, 2012 ((42˚F / 6˚C and dark in Arnprior))

** Katherine Albrecht** @ http://www.antichips.com and http://www.spychips.com has been telling us this for years: The “Smart” R.F.ID chips being injected under the skin of our pets, which are mandatory in many places, and politically brow beaten on caring pet owners in many more places (“Don’t you love your pet?”) are causing Cancer and lots of people know this.


Here’s a score card on “Smart” stuff:

Smart meters broadcast your private information to utility companies who can identify the make and model of everything you have plugged in on the circuit the smart meter is monitoring. They can then turn down or turn off many appliances from wherever they are. I heard that several senior citizens were killed in Texas during a heat wave when their local electric company turned down their electricity to the point where it shut off their air conditioning and basically cooked the home bound in their own homes. The Utility’s defense? “It’s the middle of the day, what are they doing home?” — I haven’t had time to check this out.



I’m feeling tired and old. Feels like life sped by and passed me when I stopped to take a pee on the roadside of life or something.

-eh, a little sleep and a new morning might make all the difference.


Moon Flakes

MoonFlakes Photo

Interesting video effect, looks like moon flakes or moon petals

Sunday, 20 March, 2011. Last night’s full moon was the closest it’s been in 18 years. I tried to capture it on a small video camera. The effects were neat. What I saw in the electronic viewfinder was a thick wide halo. What came out here looks like moon flakes or petals flaking off. In all fairness, I realized I was shooting through a bush whose branches haven’t sprouted yet (heck, we’re way up north, somewhere around 45˚N, right around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada).

-The ‘still’ shot/clip from the video looks a little more purple than the actual video did. So the photo changes/looks different every time I do something else with it. (& I haven’t gone near photoshop yet.)

-We reached 50˚F/10˚C – last week and then dipped back into ‘brrrr’ territory. And an ex-military ‘psychic spy’ says that we do not live in one of the safer areas of Canada, but right now it’s about +2˚C/+36˚F & I can’t see any snow lingering outside the window. We’re supposed to get 5-10 cm (uh-between 1 & 4 inches?) of snow tomorrow. But today there’s the teasing possibility of Spring in the air.


Brrrrrrrr- ?

Wednesday, 19 January, 2011. 12˚F/-11˚C @ the Ottawa airport @ 9 am/ -19˚C w/-27˚C wind chill in Petawawa according to the weather network. Arnprior’s in the middle there somewhere, and walking around with about 5 layers of winter clothing on, turn the wrong corner and it feels like you’re naked against a constant wind. And when the naked feeling leaves, you’re sure the damned layers are holding the cold in instead of keeping it out.

Yeah, that’s about right. Maybe I’ll add some kind of photo later.


January 1st, 2011 in Arnprior

The year 2011 bloomed foggy and damp in Arnprior. Connecticut is buried under a blizzard’s wrath, but way up north (here) it is uncharacteristically warm. And rainy.

A flash of intuition (or possibly delusion?) came to me…. This will be the weirdest winter on record. Places that usually get clobbered with snow will seem to miss most of it, but then Mother Nature will decide to be ‘fair’ and no one will escape at least one nearly crippling storm?


I went looking for Comic Press.

I’m still confused.

Writing stories in my head. (that’s less confusing)

And feeling like I’m getting somewhere.

(That’s uplifting…. yup.)


Hey- I did call to wish Joe his Happy Birthday, only two days late.

Um, started the day in a panic to make sure a check that had bounced once was covered. (aleady cost $70.00 in extortion fees, I mean bank fees, No- I really  mean extortion fees…. schnarrrrrr-)

Oh what else?

Sent Lori a link that might lead one or more of them to the Jernilindex page ((( http://www.aerendel.ca/Jernilindex.html ))) where a bunch of thinks like live jernil and archived (spammed to death) blogs etc have been loaded into iframes…

Um, then I printed off 250 business cards for a friend (250 good ones, three pages of ten each got jammed in the printer and I thought we were dead in the water, but nope- I pulled the fragments out and found unused card stock and crossed my fingers and everything worked. (yay!) )

Um, I collapsed for about an hour and got the boy from his daily torture (school), stopped a couple places with boy dying of boredom in the jeep while I learned about Saturday’s ceremony honouring World War II war in the Atlantic Vets, & we’ll be there, setting up at about 9:30 AM it looks like.

Now I’m off to see if I can learn stuff about Comic Press….



Ooops, Cousin-in-law Joe’s Birthday was yesterday….

(& I was super busy with problems with bulletin board at work and stuff….)

But anyway… Happy Birthday,


-I have a book upstairs, it was written by a religious missionary type Chaplain who went up north to Alaska, feeling that the men who would be away from their wives and families for long stretches, working on the Alaskan Oil Pipe Line, would be in very real need of moral and spiritual support.
-The oil company he worked along with up there was so happy to have somebody like him there, encouraging its employees to avoid drinking on the job and stuff like that there, that they made him a sort of officer in their ranks.
-& Knowing this, a supervisor/manager type person invited him to come to a meeting at which a super big shot hot shot supervisor/manager type would be giving a speech.
-That speech began with, “There is no Gas Shortage, there never was a gas shortage, and with what we know now, there never will be any gas shortage.”
–The Chaplain was so shocked when he heard that with his own ears, that he looked into it, came up with actual supportive facts, and wrote the book.
-When senior officials in this well known oil company ‘caught wind’ of the book, steam and smoke billowed out from their ears and they exploded with something like, “Bring me the head of the moron who invited that Chaplain to that meeting!”
-The man who had never been told not to invite the Chaplain, never knew there was any reason why he shouldn’t invite the Chaplain to a high powered meeting of company executives…. got fired.
-He was so thrilled about this that he went out and read the book and called the Chaplain up, & said, “Hey, you got it pretty much right, but there are a few details that you don’t quite have correctly there- and they will try to use that to discredit you, so let me fix that and help you with a bit a re-write.
–So Let me say again:
-There is no gas shortage, There Never Was a Gas Shortage, and there never will be a gas shortage. There is enough oil under Gull Island in Alaska to drive the price of gas down to $1.00 U$ a gallon, or a little more than twenty five cents a litre.
-I don’t want to be anywhere near any oil company executives when an unhappy mob recognizes them as the evil schnarr ice holes that they really are.
—Whatever they got for their souls when they accepted their ‘positions’, it wasn’t enough, and it will not save them.
– Amen- (climbs down from soap box looking very unsatisfied with the state of the world today…)

I did like the look of the photo in the header of this blog’s previous incarnation, but-

And Now I have a slightly altered photo of Moe in this header. (Yum!)

Pretty soon I can sit back and smile and think I actually got something done here….

Yay! Now how do I tell it to keep this colour for the font?



yabutta yabutta….


how do you cut Zees in Canada? Cutting Zeds sounds like way too much work….

It’s Tommy’s Birthday, and Julia’s too.! woa, May is becoming as loaded as March used to be for birfdays….

But, um, how do I tell this thing that I detest this font????  {{ *** uh, we fixed that problem by changing to a different template that has a font I like… You don’t see the font I didn’t like… yay… jrw }}




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