Welcome to July? oops, it’s slipping past us already?

Good Morning – it’s a Monday, July 6th, 2020, my weather app believes it’s +18˚C / +55˚F & overcast @ 5:27 am –

"Belly Dance with Gia" - Poster from 2001?c-

– “Belly Dance with Gia” – poster from 2001? 2002?

— I had a part time job at a Yoga studio while I was helping mom get the old hacienda ready for sale – Gia taught Belly Dancing at that Yoga studio. She liked having me there to scare the creeps away. She liked the idea that I could help get her some publicity thought my ‘connections’ at a public access cable teevee place – But the studio’s owner’s husband was an ice-hole manipulating sonofagun. And he didn’t want me around. But then, when he manipulated his wife into letting me go, I had nothing keeping me in Connecticut and growing reasons to move to Canada.

— I was impressed with Gia’s intelligence and she was impressed with what I’d heard about the history of Belly Dancing as it developed in a  culture where women were treated like possessions and kept from communicating with other women. Some Belly Dancing wordlessly communicated – for instance – demonstrated what happened during child birth –

— I found some twenty year old papers while I was rearranging my office here, and scanned some memories last night – the poster of Gia is one of them. Let’s see if I can get another one in here?

— Nope, the other stuff I scanned is too big to fit in here. And I’m too tired to try to fix that situation.

— Good night-

~~~~~ Jim

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