Monday – Waiting for the 4th major storm in two weeks.

Monday, February 2nd, 2015 -(-23°C / -11°F & cloudy @ 5:30 am here in Atlantic Canada )-  Bitterly cold, waiting for another storm. Lisa S.’s birthday, & Ricky S.’s birthday, & my Cousin Lyn’s birthday, too.


Solar Power Versus Corporate Polluting Nonsense?

— Sitting here, staring into space. Some of my favourite people have birthdays today. And there are 99 people ‘following’ me on twitter? to be honest, some of them will disappear when they realize they’re not about to sell me anything. One guy’s profile says, “Buy followers on Twitter.” Gaaaaa- I don’t follow anybody who probably wouldn’t post stuff I really want to read and/or check out.

— But, anyway, our fourth blizzard in two weeks is supposed to start up this afternoon. I should probably rest up and be ready to clear the driveway again, and again and —

— Should I scream now? Or enjoy the idea that I now have a ‘snow fort’ for a driveway that I would have given anything for as a kid?

~~~~~ Jim

Thursday, Waiting for another shoe to drop?

Thursday, January 29, 2015  – Cousin Joan & 2 relatives & 5 ex-co-workers have a birthday today.

— Funny thing, for a long time today was the day on which I knew the most people celebrating their birthdays, & while Aquarians are not always the easiest people to get along with, I pretty much liked and gravitated toward everybody with today’s birthday.

"Weather Underground" photo and information for January 30th - edited in after the fact on Thursday's post.

“Weather Underground” photo and information for January 30th – edited in after the fact on Thursday’s post.

— We’ve had our two big snow storms within a week and we might be getting another one tomorrow night into Saturday. I’m aching all over from slipping and landing on hard ice twice, once for each storm, during the snow-blowing part. And that’s pretty much what I’m thinkin about. Other, maybe deeper concerns have been relegated to the back burner for now. I’m listening to Baroque music and loving the timbre of the stringed instruments. And that sounds like snowy day stuff.

— The dog and the cats seem to be taking a day off from insisting that I drop everything and deal with their exigencies….

— So, yeah, I guess I feel like the whole world is on hold and I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop here.

— Shrug–,

~~~~~ Jim