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Lead Stories

-Updated- Russia bans food imports from Canada

What’s behind Lake Erie’s algae explosion

-Analysis- The who-you-know ethics around treating Ebola: Kelly Crowe

Ditch the teaspoon when dosing meds to kids, doctors advise parents after errors




Ex-Apple employee Sam Sung auctions off business card for charity

Saskatoon business makes Canada’s largest baseball hat

Cigarette butts can provide green energy, study claims

‘People need to check their facts,’ Don Cherry says of house auction mix-up   { Don Cherry is an extremely well known and quite opinionated man who announces and analyses a lot of hockey games and wears wild and crazy clothing while doing that. }



Most Viewed

Harper government’s legal setbacks suggest strategy of confrontation   { / Harper government steers for a deliberate collision with the courts  — The issue here is ‘Does Stephen Harper and his hand picked team of attack dogs and yes men believe they have a right to force their agenda on Canada via an end run around the Canadian Constitution and the Rights and Privileges of Canadian Citizens?’ (( <— My words, after listening to a few of my favourite Canadians complaining about their Prime Minister. )) A judge struck down a section of a ‘tough on crime’ bill that may have been an attempt to shift the cost of services to victims from government coffers to those convicted of crimes. If the courts were 100% above board and everybody convicted of a crime was actually guilty, I would not have a problem here. Way too many convictions have been overturned by DNA evidence and findings that ‘Expert Witnesses’ were a whole lot less than 100% honest or a whole lot less than 100% correct in the conclusions they had jumped to. One Canadian doctor’s erroneous diagnosis of abuse or neglect in cases of sudden infant deaths had their court system re-investigating hundreds of cases a couple years ago. And Canadians are a lot more honest and ‘nice’ than most other citizens of this world. }

Oscar Pistorius lied repeatedly, prosecutor says in closing argument  /  Oscar Pistorius ‘one of the worst witnesses ever encountered’   { Would it be unethical for a news gathering individual to admit that I don’t trust prosecutors? }

Are sanctions on Russia beginning to bite?   { As reported yesterday, we have reason to believe that we’re only getting half of this story. When a Libertarian reports that he believes that Vladimir Putin has the ethical high ground and is defending his country against a campaign of lies and deceitful propaganda- I’m beginning to wonder what the bleep is going on here. I’m not going to commit to either side being right, myself- I’ll just report what I can. }

Justin Trudeau’s 2011 mosque visit draws fire from Steven Blaney

Elya Munro describes fearful night after being lost playing hide-and-seek   { The nine year old coached her 11-year-old cousin to ‘stay positive’ after they’d been scratched by raspberry bushes and bitten by mosquitos and the 11-year-old seemed to be more scared than the 9-year old (( I had a sense of dread reading the story yesterday. Yes, prayers help.)) }

Roma Pusuma family living in Totonto sanctuary caught in legal bind   { A family of Roma (we used to call them ‘Gypsies’) have been living in a church and claiming sanctuary there for the past 32 months, seeking asylum after they were ordered deported. In what smells to me like a trick by legal authorities, they have been subpoenaed to testify in court at the trial of their former lawyer, who has been accused of misconduct. They are afraid to leave the church. (( Why doesn’t somebody argue to have them appear in court via video? or is this a case of ‘we’re the law, we make the rules, we don’t like you, tough luck-‘? )) }

Dog poisoned in Britania Park dies, inspiring owner’s warning   { A cute as they come shih tzu ate something it found on the ground in an Ottawa park and died the next morning of apparent poisoning. A Vet said, “It’s very important to watch what dogs eat.” }



Local” / “New Brunswick

Codiac RCMP to receive Governor General’s commendation   { Codiac Region RCMP are the ‘Mounties’ who lost 3 of their fellow officers to a ‘rampage’ by a ‘disturbed teen-ager’ a month or two ago. }

Fredericton saves aging York Arena with promise of $3M

Wastewater treatment company seeks to dump 30M litres in N.B.

Jean Léonard Teganya, alleged war criminal, arrested near Canada-U.S. border   { The man ‘-is accused of violating human rights under the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act for his role in the Rwanda genocide.’ U.S. border patrol caught him in Houlton, Maine which shares a border with Richmond Corner, N.B. -which is close to Woodstock, N.B. }




-Updated-  NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden gets 3-year Russian residence permit

Top 2 Khmer Rouge leaders convicted of war crimes 

Liberia declares Ebola emergency amid ’90 days of fear and suffering’

-Updated-  Mediators race against clock to extend Gaza truce

B.C. mine-waste spill could mean $1M fine for Imperial Metals

-Video-  Canadian couple detained in China ‘being well-treated,’ says son

Alberta premier calls on RCMP to investigate predecessor Alison Redford

-Video- Sand Sculptures honour music   { Portugal has one of the largest Sand Sculpture Festivals in the world, with some ‘works’ over 35 feet tall }

-Video- China quake: 88-year-old woman rescued   { She was found alive after 2 days of being trapped in rubble }

Hollywood’s slow summer eats into Cineplex profit

Chrysler on comeback trail, but doubts linger about Fiat merger   { Share holders of Fiat, the majority owner of Chrysler, voted overwhelmingly in favor of merging the two companies, moving corporate HQ to London [England?] and listing its shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Italian law allows dissenting share holders the right to cash out- Which would mean the corporation might have to shell out more than 500 million Euros- which would scuttle the merger. }

Walgreen stock hammered after it drops tax inversion plan   { Walgreen is in trouble with investors for not sleezing their Headquarters out of the U.S.A. in favor of a country that would allow it to keep more of its profits and/or get away with not paying U.S. taxes on as much as they can get away with. What do you suppose would happen if households all declared themselves to be corporations and moved their financial headquarters to tax shelters overseas? }

First Nations Transparency Act holdouts given 120 days to post financial data  { ‘The federal government says First Nations bands have until the end of November to comply with new transparency rules that came into effect last week or risk losing government funding.’ The government wants Chiefs and tribal councils to let everyone know where their money comes from, where it goes and how much of it comes to them and who gets how much of that. {{ Again, if you believe Walter Burien of   CAFR1.com   Almost no federal, state, or municipal government in the U.S. or any of its allies have told the truth about its finances since the end of World War II. Taxes are less than one third of most government’s income and that’s all they the income they admit to. Governments could stop collecting taxes right now and deliver more and better services, but they will not voluntarily do that. }} Canadian Government officials keep hammering on the Tribal Chief out west who received an $800,000.00 bonus for his part in a land sale. I remember hearing about former Prime Ministers and other government officials caught with their hands in cookie jars more to the tune of Millions of dollars. Turn the bloody microscope on the accusers. }



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