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Russian hackers steal 1.2 billion passwords   { Russian Hackers have stolen 1.2 billion user names and passwords in a series of internet heists affecting 420,000 websites, according to a report published Tuesday. The New York Times based its story on the findings of Hold Security, a Milwaukee firm that has a history of uncovering online security breaches }

Tycoon can sue Google over defamatory autocomplete suggestions

‘Capturing that multifaceted woman’: Olivia Wilde’s breastfeeding photo shoot   { There’s a thumbnail with the link of a pleasant looking woman feeding her baby }

Local state of emergency declared after B.C. tailings pond wall collapse   { This story had several links and a bit of history linked with them yesterday }


Ex-Alberta premier Alison Redford resigns as member of legislature

Rosetta spacecraft makes historic rendez-vous with comet   { ‘9:42 am’ the European Union’s comet-chasing spacecraft reached its destination }

Toronto doctors remove teen’s tumor without radiation or surgery   { They used ultrasound }




Adelle and Ryan MacDonald say ‘I do’ on Gros Morne Mountain   { Gros Morne Mountain is the second highest peak on the island of Newfoundland. The couple and 35 friends and relatives hiked 4.5 hours in 27 degree [ that would be about 81°F ] heat ‘with no air conditioners’ to reach the summit, 800 metres above sea level for the ceremony on Saturday morning. }

Woman crashes into firehouse with python wrapped around her neck   { The New York woman was charged with reckless driving and larceny, accused of stealing the snake from a nearby store before she crashed }

Author slams Kardashians as ‘evil’ after 11-year-old loses $120 to Kim’s iPhone game   { A ‘New York Times best-selling author’ used the words “vile scumbag Kardashian pigs” on Twitter and facebook in an attempt to warn parents that her 11-year-old son had spent $120.00 in 2 days without realizing it. }



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Ukraine crisis: Russia could be poised to invade, NATO says   { Yesterday we reported that prophecy expert John Hogue, a frequent guest on Coast to Coast a.m. -radio talk show, had blasted reportage of the Ukraine crisis saying we’re hearing only the half of the story that some manipulative so and so’s want us to hear. He believes that Vladmir Putin is acting a whole lot more reasonably than president Obama and western media are. He also said that there could be a nuclear war in about 3 years that could wipe out nearly all U.S. citizens and residents, and that it would be the fault of U.S. politicians and media whose mind set is stuck believing that the realities that rang true 40 years ago still apply today. I remember stories in the sixties where ill equipped Moroccan horsemen demonstrated their skills on horseback, believing they would have no problem pushing Israelis into the sea. I don’t think those horsemen ever got to Israel to test their theories against really big tanks – or to test their hundred year old rifles against Uzi’s. But I think that’s a decent parallel here.  }

Don Cherry takes to Twitter to vent about house auction mix-up

Australian commuters tip over train to free fellow passenger   { There’s video with this }

2 passenger jets diverted to Halifax airport after emergencies on board   { A United Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey to Brussels, Belgium with 233 passengers aboard a Boeing 777, was diverted to Halifax after a small fire in the rear of the plane was dealt with quickly, but had filled the plane with smoke. About 2 minutes after the United Airlines jet landed, an Air Canada flight from Montreal, heading for Frankfurt, Germany with 165 passengers aboard a Boeing 767, landed due to a medical emergency. }

Susan Fennell, Brampton mayor, broke spending rules 265 times, audit says




Samsung, Apple agree to drop patent lawsuits outside U.S.

Buddha tattoos get Canadian teacher kicked out of Burma   { Burma [ now known as Myanmar ] is experiencing strife between Buddhists and Muslims. The Canadian, who teaches English in Hong Kong, and his girl friend were kicked out of Myanmar/Burma after a local person photographed the tattoos on his legs and posted them on Facebook. }

Japanese scientist embroiled in stem cell scandal found dead   { A Japanese scientist who co-authored high profile research papers which contained falsified results died Tuesday in an apparent suicide }

Green Party president resigns amid controversy over Gaza comments  { Paul Estrin, president of the Green Party of Canada, had posted in a blog that he supported Israel in its military action against Hamas in Gaza. The Green Party’s official policy is one of “engaged neutrality” that calls for both sides to cease hostilities. [ Canadians are sticklers for not appearing to have conflict of interest issues. Government employees can be fired for posting political banners on their private property during elections. This was meant to keep Politicians from forcing federal employees to campaign for them, but it’s been used in ways that we would call violations of free speech down here in the U.S. }

‘No deal’ without removing Gaza blockade, Palestinian delegation says

Fox drops $76B hostile bid for Time Warner

Canada-EU free trade deal clears major hurdle with agreement on final text

Readers decry Wal-Mart’s ‘puritanical’ attitude toward photos   { Yesterday’s story revealed a photo of a baby, wearing pants or pajamas, who was sitting on the floor with what might have been an empty beer bottle in her hands }

Readers say ‘no, thanks’ to Canadian World Cup bid




Take a tour of the Enola Gay, the U.S. plane that bombed Hiroshima   { The pilot of this aircraft, which dropped the bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, was institutionalized due to the trauma he suffered after he flew that mission. }

Bovine trombone serenade   { ‘A farmer performs Lorde’s hit Royals for his cows in Flint Hills, Kansas’ }



Local” / “New Brunswick”

Acadian congress celebrates history across 3 borders

Moncton illegal heavy oil dumb cost city over $54k

Endangered right whales to be tracked using autonomous gliders   { Robotic ‘gliders’ can follow the whales around. }

Eel Ground man dead after car crash   { a 20-year-old man who, according to RCMP officers, ‘was ‘not wearing a seat belt’ died in a car that went into a ditch in the Eel Ground First Nation. The driver and two other passengers survived. }



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