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Strong earthquake kills dozens in southwest China  { Yunnan Province, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck in a remote, mountainous area of this province, killing at least 150 people. A school and other buildings collapsed (Posted at CBC/news at 8:56 am Eastern Savings Time) }


‘There’s nowhere safe in Gaza’: Strike near UN-run school kills 10, official says

“Lead stories”

Nelson Mandela was ‘completely intolerant of dishonesty,’ says former secretary

From Tony Clement to Homer Simpson: Who #StephenHarper follows on Twitter




Carousels and ferris wheels, from New York to Gaza  { This is the only new story under offbeat so far today }



“Most Viewed”

Boonstock festivalgoer dies of suspected drug overdose   { The Boonstock Music Festival relocated from Gibbons, Alberta to Penticton, B.C. for its 10th year. It’s billed as a major music festival and they expect about 8,000 people to show up. }

Ebola outbreak: Kent Brantly, infected U.S. aid worker, walks into Atlanta hospital

Carribbean Carnival parade route stabbing victim in stable condition   { The Caribbean Carnival in Toronto is a HUGE event. People in the parade dance the whole route wearing costumes that often sport twenty feet wingspans and maybe fifteen feet tall headdresses. This is also a good chance for Mayor Rob Ford to get in some cute photo ops with half naked dancers. }

Newborn dies after crash in London, Ont. Costco store killed sister   { 🙁  }

Burlington Skyway crash: Cleanup begins, closure continues




Tropical Storm Bertha unleashes heavy rain, wind on Caribbean

August long weekend 2014: What’s open and what’s closed   { One Canadian told me they really needed a Holiday in August so they created one. I think Saskatchewan (( or one of the western provinces )) is calling this Holiday (( Monday, August 4th )) “Terry Fox Day” }

Kwikwetiem band councillor calls for resignation of Chief Ron Giesbrecht   { I don’t know all the details, but I’m tempted to think that this Chief must be doing a good job of people are trying to generate a huge fuss over the fact that he collected some kind of ‘$800,000.00 Bonus’ for playing an important part in an $8,000,000.00 Land sale }

Toxins from Lake Erie algae suspected of fouling Toledo, Ohio tap water

Ottawa looks to ‘protect taxpayer money’ after chief’s $1M pay   { Like I said yesterday, if politicians really wanted to ‘protect taxpayer money’ they would admit that they do not need to collect taxes, that they have defrauded every single taxpayer since world war two, and that they could stop collecting taxes and deliver much better public services if they all of a sudden had an acute attack of honesty. Again, read CAFR1 dot com ( <—– Link, & be prepared to have to read through a lot of stuff there). }

Cree actor Michelle Thrush heads to Arctic with Greenpeace

Veld, Osheaga promise good parties but few female DJs in rotation   { ‘Veld’ is a music festival in Toronto, ‘Osheaga’ is a music festival in Montreal. ‘Montreal DJ Misstress Barbara explains why there are so few women DJs on deck.’ (( I think a fellow editor/writer for this news blog told me his ex-girl friend was DJ-ing to supplement her income around the time Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was topping the charts )) }



“Must Watch” (( videos on the site ))

CBC News was there: Oka Crisis   { Oka was the site of a land dispute between Police and Mohawks in 1991 }

First World War soldiers’ art   { A rare historical collection of soldiers’ sketches and other art work was reported on last November, & is posted here as a video. “…reveals untold stories from the First World War”  There are currently a lot of reporters talking about the First World War, a couple are calling it another “Hundred Years War” }



“New Brunswick”

Saint John’s 1st cruise ship of the season a ‘relief’ for tourism   { Saint John, New Brunswick often becomes confused for Saint John’s Newfoundland (( Newfoundland and Labrador are lumped together as one province, “N.L.” for short. Although “Newfies” are seen as a whole different subspecies of Canadians ((( “Holy Jumpin-” )))  Donald Sutherland is from St John, N.B.  &  Great Big Sea, the highly popular Celtic/Folk Rock band is from N.L. and its members are more likely to hang out around St John’s than St John. Confused? My job is done here… 😉 }




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