After Much Angst – I ‘built’ a Tree –

Tuesday, July 12th, 201 — 13°C / 56°F Clear & It looks like the sun might rise on Atlantic Canada @5:38 am —

Speed Tree 'built' with sample templates & textures.

My first tree – Um – my first tree that looks like a tree.

It might not look like much, & I’m not 1,000% pleased with the way it looks etc. – not crazy about the ‘ash’ type leaves, don’t love the overall shape of the branches and stuff – [ but they have ‘tools’ that let you mess with the branches, droop them down, warp them – twist them and apply anthropomorphic human characteristics like that to them… but not right now, I’m tired and my brain stopped functioning a couple hours ago. ] I did not do much modifying after loading the templates, textures and colours that come with the application, but there it is. ( I was afraid it would blow up if I tried to do anything more with it.) And I’m sure Nikki would be proud to stand in its shade while she’s planting flowers.

Um, the angst part. I could not get the application to work on my souped up – tuned up computer that can actually connect to the game world and do stuff. — When I finally got the application to load, it could not load any of the sample files it needed to get down to basic tutoring mode. Crashed every time, no matter what I tried to do — The application does, however, load and work fine ( in the bought-it-used for less than two hundred bucks – almost-as-spiffy-as-the-souped-up-tuned-up-world-building computer — but it can’t connect to the game world to save its life. )

But hey – If I have to burn out and feel all my brain cells dropping dead in total confusion, I might as well go deliriously happy because something actually worked –

— Brain dead in Canada —

~~~~~ TaleRocker



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