Almost Halloween?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 — +6˚C / +43˚F — Grey & Damp in Atlantic Canada @ 1:48 pm —

"Stone Lake" with young woman in foreground.

This is a book-cover screenshot for a novel that probably won’t be finished enough to submit to a contest that I needed the novel and book-cover to enter before November 6th. But it’s almost true to the vision I had of the ‘Stone Lake’ that plays a central part in the story.

— I worked this up to submit it as a book cover for a contest, but I probably won’t have finished writing the novel in time to enter that contest after all. The young woman in the shot looks enough like the young woman in the novel, and I really liked the expression I was lucky enough to capture – What you see above is possible only while editing both the character and facial morphing along with turning the fog off inside the editing ‘blade’.

Normal screen shot - cropped.

This is a screenshot with the fog back on and the character morphing and facial morphing turned off.

— This is the ‘normal view’ a player would get, the trigger box below the character would have spells and skills that character would have ready to be clicked on- I’m happy with the way the fog feature colours the forests in the background.

— Other than this, we are waiting for promised upgrades in the world building stuff.

~~~~~ TaleRocker.