“Creation” moves in cycles.

Vast levels of creation – whole universes, entire dimensions and uncountable worlds are born, develop, shine for a while, decline, wither and vanish. Time and space may not be constant. But all of ‘Creation’ –  in all probability – never dies out completely. Sections of ‘Creation’, whole universes – may die out and become ‘un-created’ for a time – but the Intelligent, Wise, Loving Source of all Creation – although it might rest for a while, will always burst back into activity and begin new cycles – possibly without end.

The levels we currently know about – looking at Creation from one of the most dense – and easily deceived levels – include four entire universes – We live in the Material Universe – The smallest, but still incredibly vast – universe we are aware of. The magnetic fields in the Material Universe are so intense and so limiting to our ‘consciousness’ that there are times when our ‘human’ minds can not comprehend anything but the purely physical. The planet you are most likely on as you read this – the ‘Earth’ – hit rock bottom at about 500 AD and began to move into a less dense, less problematic area of this Material Universe at around the year 1,000 AD. One label that might apply to the intellectual and spiritual atmosphere on Planet ‘Earth’ from about 1,000 to 2,000 ( – and something – we have to go through a time of intense growth and chaotic re-organization of most our systems before we reach the next age – ) would be the Age of Electricity – Most people on the Earth can understand that electricity moves through wires, electric currents can affect material objects, cause fires, cause some elements to glow and give off light – can kill, and maybe aid in regenerating health, or even excite the human body’s ability to grow back fingers or other body parts that could have been traumatically cut off. Water can flow through sponges, maybe even seep through porous rock and trees submerged in rivers, lakes or seas and oceans. The next Age would be the age of Magnetism. The average person on a planet that is experiencing the Age of Magnetism would understand that Magnetism can generate, direct, and maybe even control electricity. The age of Magnetism should last considerably longer than a thousand years. If and when the planet makes it to the finest section of the Material Universe, we just might experience another ‘Golden Age’ – The average person on a planet during the Golden Age would understand Spirit the way Magnetic Age people understand Magnetism and Electric Age people understand Electricity and Dark Ages people understand nothing but the physical level of being. People in the Golden Ages understand that Spirit can control Magnetism which can control electricity which can control matter. It takes about 26,000 years to complete one complete up and down cycle. I don’t think the Golden Ages are guaranteed occurences, I don’t know what happens if the population of any given planet prevents that planet from reaching and experiencing their Golden Ages. There have been rumors that the ‘dark side’ has been able to prevent Golden Ages in the past. Dedicated members of the ‘dark side’ are in love with their delusions of control and believe they are much better off if the populations they believe they control do not make it to a Golden Age.


“The ‘consensus reality’ you believe in is based on a complete fabrication.

“The evil-nasty micro-managing sociopaths who dictated the burning of the Great Library at Alexandria and forced the editing and re-writing of the Christian Bible, modified and warped the basic tenets of Islam and edited, warped and mangled the messages behind every true religion that ever leaked into this universe in an effort to maintain total control over everyone, instituting a state of constant slavery to the point where ‘Free Will’ is a joke- do not want you to know they even exist, because if you discover what they’ve been doing for the last couple hundred thousand years, you’d probably go berserk and tear them apart in public.”  — ‘TruthDreamer SeesAfar’



Beyond the Material Universe, or within it, or around it, there is what some have called the “Astral” Universe or the ‘Emotional’ Universe. You probably go there every time you dream. While you are in that universe it ‘feels’ solid. But it is much less dense than the Material Universe. You are much freer while you are there. You can fly while you’re there.

The ‘Astral’/Emotional Universe is much larger than the Material Universe. The size comparison has been described as the Emotional Universe is like a hot air balloon and they Material Universe is the size of that balloon’s basket.


Similarly, beyond, inside and/or around the Emotional/Astral Universe is the ‘Causal’/Intelligent Universe. Intelligence in this sense is a couple octaves above what passes for intelligence on planet Earth in this, the twenty-first century.

Again, the Causal Universe is much finer than the Astral Universe. And, similarly, it is much larger, being like a balloon to the basket sized Astral Universe. People who can live in the Causal Universe are supposed to be able to create objects with their minds. [ ‘Miracles’ are said to be the laws of a higher universe being called into action in the lower universe. ]


Beyond the Causal Universe there is something that has been called ‘The Vast Uncreated” universe. We don’t get much information about that Universe. Other than – “Ya can’t get there from here-” You have to overcome all your physical, emotional and causal Karma before you go beyond the Causal Universe.

And there may be more beyond that. Those who know what’s out there tell us not to dwell on that, it could be counter-productive and we really need to deal with what we’ve got here before we can even try to imagine what lies beyond.

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