It’s ‘The Ides Of March’ – Do you know where your sanity is?

{ Thursday, March 15th, 2018  —> -3˚C / +26˚F @ 5:21 am —> In the dark in Atlantic Canada – & It may be snowing – the day after we had two feet of hard-packed wind-blown heavy wet snow in our driveway and had a heck of a time digging out —> It was actually easier to shovel than push and pull the snow-blower through it. — }

Kameron, the Ottarian.

– Kameron, He really is quite a character, but he gets things done –

This guy showed up just in time for St Patrick’s Day – & for whoever and/or whatever he was in his ‘Real Life’ before he woke up in this parallel dimension, he really seems to be enjoying himself. – Here he is exploring the inland sea – east of DelVahria – and may be trying to look like a stereotypical Leprechaun. He’s even wearing hints of green.

We have been super busy lately. Jim got a new desk and moving stuff around from the old credenza to the new desk – discovered lots of things he thought were lost.

But then, out there in the Aerendel country side, we have a lot to talk about… A LOT!

Laerry in the main cavern South of the Forest Elf lands.

– Laerry – The Half-Elf Ranger-Troubleshooter thinks this cavern might be a hot bed of wild portals. –

There is a Cavern on the old road from Stone Lake to DelVahria that is either haunted, or may be very active with wild portals. Our more easily rattled operatives ask to be posted somewhere else almost as soon as they arrive there. Laerry is one of the toughest Half-Elf Rangers on our team – tough in body, mind and spirit – after witnessing the disappearing trees and the ‘Ghost Castle’ south of the cavern, he spent a lot of time looking around and yesterday he walked through the same exit he’d been in and out of dozens of times and discovered –

Shadow Lands

– The ‘Shadow-lands’ –

Jeff called this landscape the ‘Shadow-Lands’ – The first time Jeff ( a Highe Elf ) stumbled through the entrance/exit at the wrong time and saw this – he wondered what kind of ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ could have killed everything in the land, dried up the rivers and creeks and left not a trace of what happened. When he crossed back through the invisible portal to the dimension he is familiar with, and turned around to stare at the lifeless landscape one more time, & saw, instead, the Forest Elf Valley known as the Keltic Vale – full of life and sunlight – He was both very relieved and very upset – Relieved to know he was not stuck in a land with no food or water – Upset because he was the first one of us to witness the phantom trees and appearing-disappearing village around the ghostly castle that doesn’t stick around long enough for anybody to properly investigate it. And with walking into the ‘Shadow Lands’ – he wondered what the heck else could go wrong, or go crazy on him in the near future.

Sand and gravel on the cavern's floor.

– This is evidence that this cavern may have been at the seashore, and probably subject to tidal ups and downs – Not only is much of the sand and gravel on the cavern’s floor nearly perfectly level – There are sea shells mixed in –

We can probably count on a lot of Rangers and others showing up for an official investigation around this cavern in the near future. And possibly multiple teams investigating multiple angles to the many mysteries that might be centred around this cavern, or this area. To be fair – there have been quite a few claims over the years that many of the crystals carefully extracted from the walls here have ‘supernatural’ qualities.

Me { TaleRocker ) in the middle of a field of blue flowers.

– On the purely positive side – many species of flowers are doing quite well this season. –

Kaeren spent a lot of time checking the soil and looking for organic fertilizer less than two months ago, looks like her efforts have paid off.

Julienne at the boardwalk on the border between Keltic Vale and Delvahria.

– Julienne { seen here sfter cleaning up a lot of weeds around the docks and boardwalk } – has, according to her cousin – “Gone native in a big way.” Here she looks a lot more like an Ottarian Bard than she did when she first arrived. –

Julienne, ( above ) is a Bard – with Métis ancestors – { she was a violin/fiddle prodigy back in the parallel world she came here from } with a flair for the dramatic. When she heard that this reporter had a contraband iPhone – { “No Service – Ever!” but it takes great photos – } she disappeared for five minutes and came back to finish her shift ‘dressed for her close-up’. – Rumours have it that she has her eye on an Ottarian who is at the right age to be looking for a mate.

— I should quit now and send this off. And no, I will not tell you how I keep my iPhone charged in this pre-industrial land, Just don’t look too closely at the solar panel and charger at the top of the guard tower. Oops, you didn’t hear that from me – 😉

– – – – –  TaleRocker

Almost Halloween?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 — +6˚C / +43˚F — Grey & Damp in Atlantic Canada @ 1:48 pm —

"Stone Lake" with young woman in foreground.

This is a book-cover screenshot for a novel that probably won’t be finished enough to submit to a contest that I needed the novel and book-cover to enter before November 6th. But it’s almost true to the vision I had of the ‘Stone Lake’ that plays a central part in the story.

— I worked this up to submit it as a book cover for a contest, but I probably won’t have finished writing the novel in time to enter that contest after all. The young woman in the shot looks enough like the young woman in the novel, and I really liked the expression I was lucky enough to capture – What you see above is possible only while editing both the character and facial morphing along with turning the fog off inside the editing ‘blade’.

Normal screen shot - cropped.

This is a screenshot with the fog back on and the character morphing and facial morphing turned off.

— This is the ‘normal view’ a player would get, the trigger box below the character would have spells and skills that character would have ready to be clicked on- I’m happy with the way the fog feature colours the forests in the background.

— Other than this, we are waiting for promised upgrades in the world building stuff.

~~~~~ TaleRocker.

After Much Angst – I ‘built’ a Tree –

Tuesday, July 12th, 201 — 13°C / 56°F Clear & It looks like the sun might rise on Atlantic Canada @5:38 am —

Speed Tree 'built' with sample templates & textures.

My first tree – Um – my first tree that looks like a tree.

It might not look like much, & I’m not 1,000% pleased with the way it looks etc. – not crazy about the ‘ash’ type leaves, don’t love the overall shape of the branches and stuff – [ but they have ‘tools’ that let you mess with the branches, droop them down, warp them – twist them and apply anthropomorphic human characteristics like that to them… but not right now, I’m tired and my brain stopped functioning a couple hours ago. ] I did not do much modifying after loading the templates, textures and colours that come with the application, but there it is. ( I was afraid it would blow up if I tried to do anything more with it.) And I’m sure Nikki would be proud to stand in its shade while she’s planting flowers.

Um, the angst part. I could not get the application to work on my souped up – tuned up computer that can actually connect to the game world and do stuff. — When I finally got the application to load, it could not load any of the sample files it needed to get down to basic tutoring mode. Crashed every time, no matter what I tried to do — The application does, however, load and work fine ( in the bought-it-used for less than two hundred bucks – almost-as-spiffy-as-the-souped-up-tuned-up-world-building computer — but it can’t connect to the game world to save its life. )

But hey – If I have to burn out and feel all my brain cells dropping dead in total confusion, I might as well go deliriously happy because something actually worked –

— Brain dead in Canada —

~~~~~ TaleRocker