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Sunday, June 19th, 2016 — 20˚C / 67˚F  — Sunny & ‘Clear’ in Atlantic Canada @ 9:11 am —


Jim W. caught off guard – at work editing graphics in September of 2011.

In keeping – both with our, “All we need is another blog—” campaign and, “Jeeze — we really oughtta do this —” – We have started another blog here.

This one should have ‘everything you never believed you wanted to know’ about the Aerendel – Game’s Universe.

We have been working on this since 1989 – the concept has evolved through several ridiculously wimpy platforms and several unpublished novels. — There is a “Game Development Documentation” blog at WordPress dot com. and we just might copy a lot of that over to here. Our ‘Provider’ informs us that we have just under 5 GB left on the server, so we might have to upgrade before we get this all out of our imaginations and ‘down’ in black and white. (Even if we much prefer Indigo text on a not-quite-white background.)

Be warned. A lot of thought has gone into this. And not everything we have to say is purely fictional. We just might re-write your understanding of your own life in the process of describing our inter-active gaming universe.

~~~~~ TaleRocker –


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