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January 10, 2016 –

— Okay – so there I was, minding my own business, going along with the stupid message one of the blogs I manage for a couple less-tech-savvy friends when the blogs begin telling me there’s a brand new security update that I absolutely need to install before the whole freakin universe imploads and kills millions of innocent children and their unconditionally loving pets – So, silly me, I go ahead and do that – some of the updates go smoothly, run without a hiccup, almost completely automatically – and then some need a couple tries and a couple need manual updates. This takes me a couple hours.

— And then – après updating – a cute little message popped up and said I should avoid security problems by clicking ‘here’.

—  I did that & the next weird message said I should “connect with WordPress.”

— Silly me, I clicked that too.

— And. I’ll admit I was slightly tired at the time, [ more like nearly exhausted? ] & when the the next screen finished loading – I found myself hijacked to where  the software wanted me to pick a theme and move on – then pick a domain name at wordpress dot com and in my nearly sleepwalking state – well – here I am trying to explain myself to nobody there –

But anyway, here I am.

— jda —

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