Ancestry DNA And Stuff Like That –

— Early Morning, Monday, August 15th, 2016 – My brother Bob was supposed to be born on this date in 1958.

Jim's Avatar?

A friend ‘crafted’ this in-game Avatar of me inside the on-line game world we’re building. The image is pretty darned close to what I thought I looked like at least 30 years ago.

Map depicting where Wellingtons came from.

An uncle who had done some family research in the 1960’s said our Wellington ancestors came from – or at least left Great Britain from – South Wales. The darker the brown on this map of the lower UK from Ancestry dot com, the more likely it is that Wellington ancestors originated there.

— Last night I began working on this page to try to make it look “inviting” and not too scary for casual visitors.

— I’ve been a writer since early childhood when a grandfather told me in a dream that somebody important where he was thought I could be a pretty good writer and if I said, “Yes-” certain things in this life would change.

— I said, “Yes.”

~~~~~ Jim

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