DNA Ethnicity Results

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DNA Ethnicity Map.

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Great Britain = 33% { England : The ones I know about, Brooks [ was Brooke ] from the Huttersville area of Northern England. [ William and Eliza ( see below ) were my maternal Great Grandparents = My mother’s mother’s parents == Eliza Morgan Brooks (hated the name Eliza) == Somebody joked with me once that the Morgans came over on the second boat after the Mayflower. } { Wales : One Wellington uncle traced us Wellingtons back to Wales, said we departed from Wales to come to the New World. Don’t know whether we were chased out of England first or what. Some Welsh people I met said if we were from Wales the ‘double l’ would have been pronounced something like ‘edge’ without the d sound – it would have sounded like Whezhlingdon – } { Scotland : George = my paternal grandmother was Edith George before she married Robert Carlson Wellington Senior. The legend there was that a second son from a ‘titled’ family came to the new world to seek his fortune. One of his male children married a Native American. I grew up thinking I was 1/32nd Native American. People looked at my father’s photograph and my grandmother’s brother’s photograph and thought they had the look of someone with Native American ancestors. My grandmother was in the room when my youngest uncle was calculating how much Native American blood we would have. He figured he was 1/16th Native American and I would be 1/32nd. Many years later  when I asked my grandmother about our Native American ancestors she said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I believe she was born Edith Grace George, her mother was a Lane, and Edith was the last entry in ‘The Lane Genealogy’ that was quoted by Benny Lane who was a front line clerk in the Bridgeport, Connecticut Motor Vehicle Department Office – the place we had to go to take driver’s license tests, register vehicles, and renew licenses and registrations. I’m not sure where the Lanes came from, but a friend I met through Greg Morse ( another friend – from Nashua, New Hampshire) (And Lizzie Borden‘s mother was a Morse) – was Harvey Richardson, who had Lane Relatives living in I think, Hamden, Connecticut in the 1970’s – who were probably related to Benny and my grandmother. }

Scandinavia = 28%  { Sweden : Carlson: My paternal grandfather, Robert Carlson Wellington Senior – got his middle name from  his mother, Julia Sofia Carlson who emigrated from Sweden. Julia’s siblings last name was spelled Karlsson, Carlsson, and Carlson – all the same generation in the same family. My Great-Great Grandmother, Julia Sofia Carlson’s mother, was born a Nordqvist. }

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