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— I grew up thinking I was 1/32nd Native American – my grandmother, Edith Grace George Wellington, was in the kitchen when my uncle was talking about himself being 1/16th ‘Indian’ and we figured that I would then be 1/32nd. Years later, when I asked my grandmother about our Native American ancestor(s) she said, “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.” – my uncle, Thomas Eli Wellington, later told me that one of our ancestors, named [Something] George – was the second son of a ‘titled’ Scottish family who crossed the Atlantic to seek his fortune. One of his sons married a Native American woman – but my uncle believed at the time he was telling me this, she was an aunt, not a grandmother of ours.

— Clarence George, my Great-Grandfather, was told to move to the city for his health. I think he worked at the Locomobile factory for a time, and had an old wind up starting car that I called ‘the chug-a-boom’. His second wife died on Christmas or Christmas Eve in 1949 – 3 months after I was born. He was so devastated that he wouldn’t change a thing in his house for many years – and then he was invaded by his younger family members, including my father who brought me along, and he looked overwhelmed as they cleaned up everything for him.

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Saturday, August 5th, 2017 —

Scottish Marching Band competition.

– Highland Band Competition at the Highland Games Festival in Fredericton, NB, July 29th, 2017 –

Last Saturday, Cathi and I went to the ‘Highland Games Festival’ in Fredericton, New Brunswick. We walked around and checked a couple Clan And Tartan displays. We found a reference to a possible allegiance to Clan Gunn, in far northern Scotland – but, when checking a link called ‘septs of Clan Gunn’ – clan ‘Georgeson’ was listed. – Probably not anybody who might have been an ancestor of mine.

— There was another ‘hit’ on the surname ‘George’ as belonging to a family or minor clan From the Prestwick area of County Ayr or Ayrshire. This would be southern Scotland, Near Glasgow – where a major airport is now located, an airport that played a major role in World War II.

— If our ‘George’ ancestor came from Prestwick – he may have owed allegiance to Clan Kennedy.

— I have the feeling that I’m getting nowhere fast with this. But ancestry is sending me email messages saying I got 198 possible new hints or leads and I should log in and check them out.

— One page informed me that Carolyn Youngblood Laban is probably my 4th cousin 🙂 – I have been in touch with her, & we do have a lot in common. 🙂

Modern Tartan for Clan Kennedy.

– ‘Modern’ Clan Kennedy Tartan –

Ancient Tartan for Clan Kennedy

– ‘Ancient’ Clan Kennedy Tartan –











— { Hopefully Above } If we are associated with Clan Kennedy which now occupies the region around Prestwick, their ‘Modern’ and ‘Ancient’ tartans should be displayed above –

— { More Later } —

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