Arnprior Weather, December, 2009 -Archives-


Hoar frost on & around the island at the weir in Arnprior.

There was diamond dust in the air & -24 C / -11 F ( -31 C wind chill) -jrw-

-Arnprior, Friday, December 18, 2009.

Brrrrrrrr! (but it was pretty.)

-24˚C /  -11˚F this morning in Arnprior. ((-31˚C / -24˚F wind chill))

So I pretty much froze my fingers off shooting a couple snap shots around town.

I tried to get some video with a flip cam too. I still have to plug that in.

Diamond dust is the frozen particles of moisture in the air when it gets this cold. The diamond dust didn’t show up in this photo, probably just too small and not quite the right angle to catch the sunlight magically lighting up the pixellated diamond dust.

—– T.Talxalot, reporter at large. —–

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