Frustration Engines

Monday, June 15th, 2015 -( 19°C / 66°F – Sunny & Bright in Atlantic Canada @ noon )-

Bridge, clouds, birds, river, grass, trees

Local bridge on a stormy day last summer

— “Your Government” is a frustration engine, designed to convince you that you are helpless without them. I am not coming at this as a rabid conservative. I’m not a libertarian. I do not believe that anyone should be able to kill and eat their neighbours as long as some registered Republican makes a profit on it- I’m a dyed in the wool truth freak, a Spiritual Seeker and one of those whistle blower types who can’t believe that anyone in power in this day and age believes they can get away with half of what they are getting away with. So when we speak truth to power and anyone we believe we’re defending goes ballistic and points at us like there is something fundamentally wrong with us, we go into shock. And in this current “Shoot the Messenger” culture where corporate fascists are lying straight faced right at you, and you’ve been convinced that the reason all automobile manufacturers have to raise their prices above the level of ‘obscene’ – ‘it’s because Ralph Nader blew the whistle on them and now they have to spend your money to make their vehicles safe enough for your cherished children and grandchildren to ride in, and, of course, none of that was ever neccessary-‘ ((( Bull chips! )))

— Research This: : An accountant, someone who spent his life advising others how to invest, told us a couple years ago that taxes comprise about one third of any government’s income. Other income streams, especially since the post World War Two days, make up most of the National, State or Provincial, County or Parish, local and municipal governments’ cash flow. If they are not bringing in twice the amount of money they are telling you that they bring in from taxes – which is the only income stream they allow you to know about-  it’s more like ‘shame on them’ than anything else. What I saw while I was recording and editing local town meetings for the cable teevee company I used to work for was like this: The provincial government told the municipal governments (in a huge Canadian province) that if they didn’t start charging taxes that they hadn’t been charging up to then, and if they didn’t add surcharges to water bills and anything else that applied, the municipalities could kiss their share of federal and provincial revenues goodbye. The mayor apologized to the small audience that watched the broadcasts I was paid to record, produce and broadcast, which meant that if one hundred people saw that on their televisions, that was way above average.

— I could probably rant on all day here, but you’ve all been dumbed down to the point where you might not be able to follow this much-

— sigh,

———- disillusionedly yours,

~~~~~ Jim